The BEST episodes directed by Mamiko Sekiya

Nagi Sanzenin
31 votes

#1 - Nagi Sanzenin

Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 4 - Episode 2

Nagi is playing her fierce video games until Maria instantly unplugs the TV. One morning, Nagi inadvertently awakens early at the Sanzenin Mansion and discovers how the early mornings can be so delighted. She follows a scent of cooking and found Hayate in the kitchen. After eating breakfast, Nagi tries not to get sleepy by doing some exercise which isn’t easy for someone of her lifestyle. At Wataru Tachibana's video store, Nagi purposely rents an R-18 naked DVD mix with a stack of random ones; however, when she presenting it to Shiranui in her tree house Nagi found out she had grabbed an R-18 horror DVD by mistake. Ending up watching the whole film Nagi becomes terrified and begs Hayate to stay by her side all day until she’d fallen asleep, and Hayate whispers her a good dream that suppress her fears. Maria also watches the film and its déjà vu. Shifting back at the Violet Mansion, Nagi confined herself from going to school on a soggy day. Hayate tries to persuade Nagi by using advice to motivate her. Maria lends Nagi some money saying it represents life. This finally inspires Nagi to go to school together with Hayate admitting that morning days are interesting.

Izumi Segawa and Two Others
31 votes

#2 - Izumi Segawa and Two Others

Hayate the Combat Butler - Season 4 - Episode 6

At Hakuou Academy, Risa discusses with Hayate about why people recently been calling them the "idiot trio". Izumi and Miki thrash out then start arguing together with Risa, they decided to find results on who's the smartest of the three by creating an interesting film. Hayate follows Izumi firmly to where she’s recording a plant growing, but accidentally kills it. Next, Miki shows them some eggs she’s waiting to be hatch; however, Hayate corrects her that unfertilized eggs will never hatch. Last, Risa presents a contraption that sets off balloons, but failed to notice them flying away without recording. In the end, it became clear to Hayate that the three are idiots. Thinking about yesterday, the trio are in session alone then again rather study on how to be popular. Hayate comes to check on them, and Risa tries to force him into doing something shameless to Izumi for the cute and blush research. Later, Izumi does cleaning duty as punishment for being careless of the paper that Yukiji gave her to take to the class. She puts on an embarrassing act using Miki's video camera until Shiranui scares her, and then Izumi heads home forgetting to delete the video. The episode ends showing Hayate has taken the memory card from the camera.

Kill the Three Beasts - Second Half
322 votes

#3 - Kill the Three Beasts - Second Half

Akame ga Kill! - Season 1 - Episode 8

Liver and Bulat engage in a battle, while Tatsumi fights Nyau. Liver unleashes his Teigu, Black Marlin, which manipulates and controls preexisting liquid, and lands some attacks on Bulat, causing the latter's Incursio armor to gradually lose strength. Liver notices Bulat's determination despite this growing disadvantage and uses a special attack that finally wears out Incursio. Now without Incursio, Bulat decides to engage Liver in a sword fight. Liver tries recruiting Bulat to Esdeath's army, but he refuses, realizing that his former general's views have changed. The two fight, and both eventually wound each other. Mortally wounded, Liver reveals before dying that the reason he joined Esdeath is simply because he admired her. Though victorious, Bulat finds that his wounds are poisoned from a last-resort attack inflicted by Liver. He subsequently entrusts his Incursio to Tatsumi so the latter could use it against Nyau, who taunts Tatsumi and doesn't believe he will be compatible with the Imperial Arm. However, Tatsumi proves to be compatible with Bulat's Incursio, and with it, he kills Nyau. Despite Tatsumi's victory, Bulat succumbs to his wounds, and Tatsumi mourns for his mentor. Elsewhere, a girl, Kurome, is informed that she has been chosen to be a part of a new group, and she believes this could be a chance to see her sister again.

Who Are You?
60 votes

#4 - Who Are You?

Fruits Basket (2019) - Season 2 - Episode 10

What’s better than winding down the summer with some fireworks? Tohru and the Somas plan to do just that as their trip comes to a close.

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Chibita and Oden / Jyushimatsu Falls in Love
21 votes

#5 - Chibita and Oden / Jyushimatsu Falls in Love

Mr. Osomatsu - Season 1 - Episode 9

While discussing his career plans, Karamatsu somehow winds up as Chibita's apprentice at his oden stand.

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Shall We Go and Get You Changed?
65 votes

#6 - Shall We Go and Get You Changed?

Fruits Basket (2019) - Season 2 - Episode 3

After Ayame drops by Shigure's house, Yuki decides to visit Ayame's shop for the first time together with Tohru.

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Weekly Drama Serial - Sanematsu-san: Episode 9 / UMA Expedition Team / The Choromatsu Incident
6 votes

#7 - Weekly Drama Serial - Sanematsu-san: Episode 9 / UMA Expedition Team / The Choromatsu Incident

Mr. Osomatsu - Season 2 - Episode 14

Sanematsu wakes up in Osomatsu's world as the seventh Matsuno brother. After spending several weeks of happiness with the siblings, Sanematsu eventually realises it was all a delusion he had been experiencing after ending up in a car accident. Jyushimatsu, Iyami, and Hatabou go on an expedition to find a Super Mongolian Death Worm. Choromatsu changes up his image by dying his hair brown, making it hard for his brothers to tell him that it's doesn't actually make him look cool.

The Late Night Himatsuya / BANANA / NEET Correctional Facility
5 votes

#8 - The Late Night Himatsuya / BANANA / NEET Correctional Facility

Mr. Osomatsu - Season 2 - Episode 21

The brothers get rowdy while getting drunk at a restaurant. Unemployed office lady Totomi ends up taking a job at a strange establishment that offers some peculiar services. After being visited by a salesman, Matsuyo contemplates sending off one of her sons to a NEET correctional facility, asking Choromatsu to help her decide which one to send away.

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Girlymatsu-san / Iyami's Counterattack
15 votes

#9 - Girlymatsu-san / Iyami's Counterattack

Mr. Osomatsu - Season 1 - Episode 18

Wanting to become the main protagonist of the franchise again, Iyami holds a bizarre kart race to determine who the protagonist of Osomatsu-san will be.

Matsuzou and Matsuyo
8 votes

#10 - Matsuzou and Matsuyo

Mr. Osomatsu - Season 2 - Episode 4

Noticing Matsuzou acting strangely, the siblings discover that he is worried that there's not enough spark in his marriage with Matsuyo. Feeling he should return to a more innocent time, the boys give Matsuzou a masterlcass in being a virgin, albeit with no success. Matsuzou inevitably resorts to getting a love potion from Dekapan, but ultimately decides against using it, managing to sort things out with Matsuyo by himself.

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Kerosene / Dayon Tribe
15 votes

#11 - Kerosene / Dayon Tribe

Mr. Osomatsu - Season 1 - Episode 23

When the family heater runs out of kerosene, the brothers find themselves in an underground village populated by a tribe of Dayon people.

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Todomatsu and the Five Demons / Four / Going North
17 votes

#12 - Todomatsu and the Five Demons / Four / Going North

Mr. Osomatsu - Season 1 - Episode 7

Todomatsu faces the biggest threat to his social life when his brothers show up at his workplace just as his co-workers are about to invite him to a mixer.

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