The Best Episodes Directed by Maki Odaira

Tale of the God Slayer

#1 - Tale of the God Slayer

Campione! Season 1 - Episode 13

The connection between Athena and the mysterious figure is revealed along with the figure's identity. Godou rushes off with Athena while the others stay behind to try to buy enough time for the Authorities Godou used up battling Ama no Murakumo to recharge. Fortunately, thanks to Godou, Erica has an ace that'll let her fight almost at the level of a Campione. If Godou can't defeat his new opponent, then Princess Alice's prediction of the world enveloped by the Starless Night (which was mistakenly attributed to Athena) will come to pass. He'll need the help of all five girls to achieve victory.

star 8.82
57 votes
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Prison Lock and Grimoire Security

#2 - Prison Lock and Grimoire Security

Trinity Seven Season 1 - Episode 2

After Arin following Arata the whole day, he stops her to question what she was doing. Arin told the reason for following him is that she will be the Demon Lord's wife. Serina, Lilith and Levy, together with Arata, were suddenly trapped in his room by a seal placed on the room. While trying to break the seal, all of the girls start having the urge to go to the bathroom, which ensues panic. Running out of ideas, the group tricks the grimoire into telling where the seal was. Arin confesses to placing the seal and explains the reason for trapping Arata and the three girls in the room, before proceeding to use her spells to break the grimoire's control over Arata's power, creating the Black Sun Phenomenon, which is a Breakdown Phenomenon. Grimoire Security members Mira and Akio arrive and then proceed to attack Arata after a short conversation after learning he is the cause of the Breakdown Phenomenon.

star 8.11
121 votes
Improvement by Memory

#3 - Improvement by Memory

Baby Steps Season 1 - Episode 12

After defeating Miyagawa, Eiichirō returns to STC for some training that will make him better in 1 day. Eiichirō is teamed up with a Coach Mike from Florida who specializes in pyschological training. Mike is envious of Eiichirō's notes and points out his notes will help him recall his shots faster, and that he only has 20 seconds to recall his best memories. Eiichirō is able to master this basic training of Mike, and in round 4 he defeats the 16-seed Terashima with relative ease. A broken string forces him to go to the tennis shop where he meets his quarterfinal opponent, 3-seed Iwasa Hiromi. Hiromi doesn't seem to have any interest in Eiichirō. After Hiromi leaves, the shop owner explains that Hiromi doesn't get to know his opponents in advance. Instead he learns and draws an image of them while they're playing on the court. Eiichirō is confused by this and wonders how someone can draw pictures while playing.

star 7.60
20 votes
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Methodical and Unorganized

#4 - Methodical and Unorganized

Baby Steps Season 1 - Episode 2

Eiichiro is unable to answer Natsu when she asks him what he enjoys doing most. He becomes interested in tennis and returns to STC for another free trial. This time, he meets Egawa Takuma, an upperclassman who's friendly with Natsu. For some reason, he acts hostile towards Eiichiro, which is very intimidating. As Takuma watches, Natsu teaches Eiichiro how to hit the ball.

star 7.50
26 votes
Start With a Roar

#5 - Start With a Roar

Baby Steps Season 2 - Episode 10

Araya and Eiichirō begin their match in the Kanagawa Prefectural Final. At first both are holding serve and the score is at 3-3. However Coach Aoi realizes Eiichirō doesn't have the knowledge on how to deal with left handers since he's only played Araya once. Araya starts to target Eiichirō's backhand. To counter Eiichirō is forced to continually adjust his speed, making his center shots an easy target for Araya. Araya gets the first break and goes on to win set 1 6-3. However Eiichirō begins to return Araya's shots as the first set ends, making Araya realize Eiichirō is growing as fast as Ike previously did. Both realize they have to find a way to get massive breaks if they are to have any chance of winning.

star 7.50
12 votes
The World and the Wall

#6 - The World and the Wall

Baby Steps Season 2 - Episode 1

Eiichirō arrives in Florida, and Coach Mike introduces him to Marcia, an upcoming junior whose older brother just made the Pro's. Marcia and Eiichirō play a match, and Marcia decides Eiichirō must be training for the French Open because of his slow play style. Eiichirō is introduced to his new dorm mates, among which are Alex O'Brien, the older brother of Marcia. The next morning at breakfast Eiichirō is welcomed by Ike Souji, and his dorm mates begin to see him as a rival since Ike acknowledged him. Eiichirō's dorm mates are introduced to his 39 notebooks of tennis. Eiichirō and Alex are announced as a match for day one, but Alex refuses since Eiichirō isn't a Pro. Ike arrives and promises Eiichirō's dorm mates that anyone that can beat Eiichirō will be able to play him in the next two weeks. Eiichirō plays Alex in his first official match at the Florida Tennis Academy. During the day he learns about the video cameras showing his technique and the resources of the many coaches available.

star 7.45
20 votes
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Meat Buns and Yakisoba

#7 - Meat Buns and Yakisoba

Baby Steps Season 1 - Episode 20

Eiichirō participates in a tournament after 3 months of hellish training. He learns about active rest while participating in the tournament and makes it to the final. Terashima is his opponent. Eiichirō shocks Terashima with how his game has changed and manages to win 6-1, 6-0. In all of his matches the closest game was 6-2. After the match Coach Miura informs Eiichirō he will have a week off before they do another 3 weeks of hellish training. He informs Eiichirō that this type of training will continue for the rest of the year, with him eventually getting down to only two days of rest inbetween. With a week off, Eiichirō helps his school perform their yearly cultural festival, a festival which ends up serving only to bring him and Natsu a little closer.

star 7.41
22 votes