The Best Episodes Directed by Mads Kamp Thulstrup

Episode 8

#1 - Episode 8

Bedrag Season 2 - Episode 8

Claudia is feeding the police information about Christensen, but fails to give them any concrete evidence. Mads and Alf press her to lure him into a trap. Their co-operation brings up the Energreen scandal again, and Claudia tells them what she knows about Sanders' escape route, information which puts them on the trail of the Swede. Meanwhile, the Swede meant what he said to Nicky who now reports directly to Christensen, while the Swede himself prepares his exit from the dirty games.

star 7.75
52 votes
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Episode 4

#2 - Episode 4

Arvingerne Season 2 - Episode 4

Emil returns from Thailand, Frederik battles with his inner demons and Signe is forced to contemplate her way of life at Grønnegaard.

star 7.63
16 votes
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Episode 4

#3 - Episode 4

Bedrag Season 2 - Episode 4

Mads and Alf unravel the corrupt practices at Nova Bank, not realising that their boss Nanna is reporting their findings to Nova's chairman, the very man they are trying to bring down. Amanda struggles with her demons as Absalon Bank faces a critical vote from its shareholders. The Swede tries to influence this vote and gives Nicky a dirty job to do.

star 7.57
56 votes
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Episode 3

#4 - Episode 3

Bedrag Season 2 - Episode 3

Nicky and Bimse's friendship is tested when Bimse is questioned about the assault on a police officer. The fraud squad uncovers some unsavoury practices at Nova Bank, and Alf and Mads investigate a bank manager who is living well above his means. Claudia tries to get herself a contract of employment to satisfy her parole officer. Kristina and Mads have a big decision to make.

star 7.44
57 votes
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Episode 7

#5 - Episode 7

Bedrag Season 2 - Episode 7

After his failed assignment, Nicky has fallen out of favour with the Swede and is tipped over the edge when he can't get answers from him. At the Fraud Squad, Mads is more impatient than ever to get evidence against Christensen. Against his boss's advice, he heads over to Absalon Bank and sees something that will be important for the investigation - Claudia.

star 7.41
56 votes
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Episode 5

#6 - Episode 5

Arvingerne Season 2 - Episode 5

Emil and Gro cast their eyes over Veronika's artworks, Frederik's mental state deteriorates and Signe's problems mount on the farm

star 7.20
15 votes
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