The BEST episodes directed by Louis Choquette

140 votes

#1 - Tomorrow

19-2 (2014) - Season 4 - Episode 8

The squad works during a full moon; Suarez and Beatrice receive unexpected news; the squad works to prevent a tragedy.

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134 votes

#2 - Wake

19-2 (2014) - Season 4 - Episode 7

Ben's troubles become public; Nick faces a crisis; Dulac gets in over his head.

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Episode 4
45 votes

#3 - Episode 4

Mafiosa - Season 1 - Episode 4

Sandra measures the difficulty of exercising his role as clan leader when Jean-Michel asks him for permission to eliminate an embarrassing witness, a man who risks harming one of the members of the clan by testifying in court. .. A criminal fire devastated an old building in the port belonging to the Paoli family, which rents the apartments at a ridiculously low price to ordinary people. Sandra discovers that behind the fire is a false real estate developer who seeks to build a luxury complex on the port. He is determined to force the Paoli ... Carmen, daughter of Jean-Michel, is abducted on the way to the school. The family is crank: who is behind this kidnapping?

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150 votes

#4 - Disorder

19-2 (2014) - Season 2 - Episode 2

In the aftermath of the school shooting, the squad copes with the trauma as it affects them in ways they never expected.

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132 votes

#5 - Flowers

19-2 (2014) - Season 4 - Episode 5

The patrollers of 19 struggle to find their footing. Nick realizes what he wants. Dulac loses control.

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Episode 3
75 votes

#6 - Episode 3

Mafiosa - Season 1 - Episode 3

Sandra shows her clandestine distillery to Charly Scaglia, an old friend of the family. Although he has a lot of tenderness for the young woman, he remains uncompromising in business ... Sandra collects a young girl tracked down by her pimps. She asks Jean-Michel to go up the chain. When she learns that the Leandri, another branch of the family, are involved in prostitution, Sandra is caught between the horror of the girl's destiny and her role as clan leader: avoiding a fratricidal war with The Leandri ...

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138 votes

#7 - Sons

19-2 (2014) - Season 4 - Episode 6

Ben faces consequences; Nick's new romance gets complicated; Dulac crosses a line; Audrey thinks about the future.

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Episode 2
84 votes

#8 - Episode 2

Mafiosa - Season 1 - Episode 2

Sandra took over as head of the clan. She takes the opportunity to bring home her mother, interned for years. The latter is mutic, schizophrenic ... Zamponi, a local elected official, proposes to Sandra and Jean-Michel a "coup": the theft of the jewels of the Empress Joséphine, exposed on the island. The case is dangerous, if not impossible, which is very pleasing to the brother and sister ... Rocca does not release his surveillance on the Paoli, especially since we have just found a certain Gio Sperandei, murdered in his car . Gio was among those who had refused to see Sandra reach the head of the clan. Rocca suspects the Paoli of being revenged ...

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Episode 1
116 votes

#9 - Episode 1

Mafiosa - Season 1 - Episode 1

In Corsica, after the murder of François Paoli, leader of one of the main clans of the island, a real and pitiless clan war is coming. Corsica, today. Lawyer at the Bastia bar, Sandra Paoli is the niece of François Paoli, a feared and respected clan chief of the island of beauty. Without really taking part in his uncle's affairs, she sometimes defends him when he needs it. One day, when they meet in a restaurant, Francois is assassinated: he pushes his last breath into Sandra's arms. Commissioner Roca of the judicial police and an American agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration are on the teeth: François Paoli has no direct descendant, the war of the clans is therefore open and promises to be ruthless ...

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