The Best Episodes Directed by Louie Del Carmen

Zippleback Down

#1 - Zippleback Down

Dragons Season 2 - Episode 9

While searching for traps, Tuffnut, Barf and Belch get trapped themselves... and a forest fire is approaching.

star 8.28
197 votes
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How to Pick Your Dragon

#2 - How to Pick Your Dragon

Dragons Season 1 - Episode 7

Stoick is in need of learning how to ride a dragon, and he quickly insists on riding Toothless all the time. Meanwhile, a mysterious dragon has been attacking fishing ships.

star 8.16
272 votes
The Night and the Fury

#3 - The Night and the Fury

Dragons Season 2 - Episode 3

The kids go on a dragon survival-training mission to Dragon Island, where they encounter Dagur, the Berserker Chief, who has become obsessed with hunting the Night Fury.

star 8.14
218 votes

#4 - Twinsanity

Dragons Season 1 - Episode 15

Dagur the Deranged visits Berk to renew a peace treaty between the Berserkers and Berk, and the dragons are put into hiding to dispel rumours that Berk is training a dragon army. But when Ruffnut and Tuffnut begin to fight, their dragon, Barf and Belch, is left out of control. The Viking youths must bring the twins back together to control their dragon and avoid provoking Dagur to war.

star 8.13
211 votes
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What Flies Beneath

#5 - What Flies Beneath

Dragons Season 1 - Episode 14

A rogue dragon: a Whispering Death, shows up in Berk, tearing up the village. He's on a mission to find Toothless and settle a score. Despite Hiccup's efforts to help, Toothless insists on facing the dragon alone. But unlike their past battle, Toothless's inability to fly may prove to be his undoing.

star 8.12
218 votes
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A Tale of Two Dragons

#6 - A Tale of Two Dragons

Dragons Season 2 - Episode 15

Hookfang and Stormfly quarrel while the town prepares for the harvest.

star 8.07
171 votes
Heather Report (1)

#7 - Heather Report (1)

Dragons Season 1 - Episode 10

The teens of Berk find a mysterious girl named Heather on Thor's Beach. While Hiccup and the other teens openly welcome the newcomer, Astrid's jealousy turns to suspicion when she notices Heather is taking an unusual interest in the Book of Dragons.

star 8.07
233 votes
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Fright of Passage

#8 - Fright of Passage

Dragons Season 2 - Episode 6

Hiccup must help Astrid face her fear of the terrifying Flightmare, a ghostly dragon that seemingly "froze" her uncle with fear, shaming her family name. With Fishlegs' help, they discover that there's more to the Flightmare than meets the eye

star 8.04
198 votes
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Bing! Bam! Boom!

#9 - Bing! Bam! Boom!

Dragons Season 2 - Episode 18

When three adolescent Thunderdrums attack the village, only Stoick's Thornado can bring chaos to order.

star 7.93
164 votes
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The Flight Stuff

#10 - The Flight Stuff

Dragons Season 2 - Episode 12

Snotlout becomes convinced he is dying, and leaves Hookfang to Gustav. But when he "miraculously" recovers, Snotlout takes his dragon back, and Gustav decides to get a dragon of his own and join the academy... whether they want him or not.

star 7.85
170 votes
The Terrible Twos

#11 - The Terrible Twos

Dragons Season 1 - Episode 4

Hiccup finds an injured baby dragon. Toothless does not warm up to the energetic newcomer and the baby's angry mother arrives looking for her lost son.

star 7.82
325 votes