The Best Episodes Directed by Lisa Clarke

Episode 6

#1 - Episode 6

Call the Midwife Season 5 - Episode 6

Poplar is rocked by a series of violent attacks on women, and a prostitute is too ashamed to report what she knows - but her actions lead to a dangerous man roaming the streets, with devastating consequences for the residents of Nonnatus House. A mother tries to keep her daughter's pregnancy a secret to avoid gossip, putting her life in danger. The Turners go on a long overdue holiday, but the weather ruins their plans.

star 8.14
404 votes
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Episode 6

#2 - Episode 6

Sanditon Season 1 - Episode 6

Charlotte and Sidney find themselves at loggerheads but must work together in an attempt to rescue Miss Lambe. Tom tries to save Sanditon and his marriage, while Edward and Clara enter into a scandalous pact to finally get their hands on Lady Denham's inheritance.

star 7.98
128 votes
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Episode 5

#3 - Episode 5

Sanditon Season 1 - Episode 5

Tensions between Tom and his labourers erupt during the Sanditon cricket match. Charlotte and Sidney continue to clash, resulting in Miss Lambe being placed in terrible danger, while Lord Babington offers Esther a glimpse of a better future.

star 7.70
121 votes
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Episode 4

#4 - Episode 4

Sanditon Season 1 - Episode 4

The arrival of Miss Lambe's forbidden love causes Charlotte to question her opinion of Sidney. Clara witnesses a moment between Esther and Sir Edward that raises her suspicions about their relationship, with devastating consequences for Esther.

star 7.68
130 votes
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Heart Versus Duty

#5 - Heart Versus Duty

The Spanish Princess Season 1 - Episode 5

Catherine is faced with a dilemma - marry King Henry Tudor and immediately become Queen of England - or find a way to refuse and hold out for Harry.

star 7.64
148 votes
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A Polite Kidnapping

#6 - A Polite Kidnapping

The Spanish Princess Season 1 - Episode 6

The English throne seems within Catherine's reach, but an unfortunate twist of fate means that her future now lies in the hands of her unstable older sister.

star 7.55
142 votes
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