The Best Episodes Directed by Lena Dunham

Two Plane Rides

#1 - Two Plane Rides

Girls Season 3 - Episode 12

Hannah receives some news; Marnie divulges a secret to Shoshanna; Jessa's boss asks her for a favor.

star 7.74
909 votes
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All I Ever Wanted

#2 - All I Ever Wanted

Girls Season 6 - Episode 1

Riding a wave of newfound career success, Hannah gets an assignment to write a story about a female surf camp in the Hamptons, where she meets Paul-Louis, an uncomplicated waterski instructor. Hoping to break her old patterns post-divorce, Marnie tells Ray he needs to spend more time at his own place, but Adam and Jessa’s intensity drives him out of the apartment.

star 7.58
1135 votes
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Wedding Day

#3 - Wedding Day

Girls Season 5 - Episode 1

Marnie attempts to organize her upstate wedding to Desi. Shoshanna has to try and carry out Marnie's wishes. Fran is involved in an awkward moment with Adam.

star 7.56
927 votes
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Hostage Situation

#4 - Hostage Situation

Girls Season 6 - Episode 2

Hannah provides cover for Marnie’s secret weekender to Poughkeepsie, which she hopes will help clarify an old chapter in her life. Shoshanna enlists Elijah to be her plus-one at a networking event for young professional women, where Jessa’s antics lead Shosh to reevaluate her post-college friendships.

star 7.52
1051 votes
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All Adventurous Women Do

#5 - All Adventurous Women Do

Girls Season 1 - Episode 3

Hannah meets up with her erstwhile college flame to find out how she contracted HPV, uncovering much more in the process. Marnie's art-gallery boss introduces her to a cocky artist who piques her interest. Jessa gets a babysitting gig.

star 7.51
1777 votes
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Truth or Dare

#6 - Truth or Dare

Girls Season 3 - Episode 2

Hannah, Shoshanna and Adam take a road trip; Marnie moves into her own place; Hannah seeks inspiration to meet her editor's deadline.

star 7.50
1056 votes
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Females Only

#7 - Females Only

Girls Season 3 - Episode 1

Shoshanna tries to balance her time at college between sex and studying, while Marnie must accept she and Charlie are through. Also, Adam and Hannah and host a dinner party.

star 7.50
1066 votes
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#8 - Triggering

Girls Season 4 - Episode 2

Hannah moves into a new place and is thrilled with the amount of space she can afford, but struggles with life as a grad student when her fellow workshop writers don't give her the feedback she expected.

star 7.49
685 votes
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Home Birth

#9 - Home Birth

Girls Season 4 - Episode 10

Hannah, Adam and Jessa try to convince Caroline and Laird to forgo their planned home birth; Shoshanna is presented with a unique job opportunity; Ray tells Desi what he really thinks about him.

star 7.46
732 votes
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#10 - Iowa

Girls Season 4 - Episode 1

Hannah has one last dinner in New York with her parents and Adam before packing up to leave for the Iowa Writers' Workshop. Meanwhile, Marnie and Desi play a jazz-brunch gig for a tough crowd at a downtown restaurant; Shoshanna's annoyed by her parents after getting her diploma; and Jessa clashes with Beedie's daughter over her caretaker status.

star 7.43
704 votes
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The Return

#11 - The Return

Girls Season 1 - Episode 6

Hannah visits her parents in Michigan for their 30th anniversary, and winds up going on a date to a fund-raiser for a local family who suffered a tragic loss.

star 7.33
1556 votes
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She Did

#12 - She Did

Girls Season 1 - Episode 10

Hannah begins questioning her romantic relationship with Adam. Marnie decides to embrace her free-spirited nature during a mystery party that Jessa is hosting. Shoshanna benefits from her unique personality and characteristics.

star 7.32
1464 votes
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#13 - Together

Girls Season 2 - Episode 10

In the Season 2 finale, Hannah attempts to write her book in one day so her publisher doesn't sue her. Meanwhile, Ray tries to impress Shoshanna with a bold career move; and Marnie gets the wrong idea about Charlie.

star 7.31
1049 votes
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Good Man

#14 - Good Man

Girls Season 5 - Episode 2

An erratic roommate causes Fran to move in with Hannah. Hannah receives an urgent call from her father.

star 7.30
812 votes
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Vagina Panic

#15 - Vagina Panic

Girls Season 1 - Episode 2

Hannah reveals her AIDS phobia when she realizes Adam might not be monogamous. Marnie lives in denial of her growing boredom with her long-term boyfriend. Jessa avoids Marnie's meticulously planned day at a womenʼs health clinic, where Shoshanna confesses a humiliating secret.

star 7.27
1997 votes
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On All Fours

#16 - On All Fours

Girls Season 2 - Episode 9

Hannah's deadline worries and pressure from her publisher weigh heavily on her mind; Adam and his new girlfriend have a misunderstanding; Shoshanna avoids Ray at Charlie's work party; Marnie makes a move toward her future.

star 7.24
1098 votes
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I Get Ideas

#17 - I Get Ideas

Girls Season 2 - Episode 2

Hannah gets unsolicited musical attention from heartbroken Adam and displeasing opinions on her writing from Sandy. Elijah questions his sexuality; Marnie makes a career compromise when her curatorial dreams are crushed; Jessa revels in married life; Shoshanna and Ray make magic; and Elijah and Marnie harbor a secret.

star 7.22
1208 votes
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It's About Time

#18 - It's About Time

Girls Season 2 - Episode 1

Hannah throws a housewarming party with brand-new roommate Elijah, but it’s hard to move on when she’s still playing nurse to Adam. Marnie gets bad news at work and a visit from her mom; Shoshanna avoids Ray at the party; and sun-kissed Jessa returns from her honeymoon.

star 7.20
1433 votes
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#19 - Induction

Industry Season 1 - Episode 1

Five young graduates do whatever it takes to make themselves indispensable at preeminent London investment bank Pierpoint & Co. As hungry outsider Harper grapples with a decision that will gravely affect her future at the bank, she and party-boy Robert take very different approaches to their first few weeks in the bank. Meanwhile, Yasmin braves the unchecked disrespect of her superiors and Hari’s unhealthy work habits raise companywide red flags.

star 7.15
173 votes
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#20 - Pilot

Girls Season 1 - Episode 1

Struggling writer Hannah gets cut off financially; free-spirited friend Jessa returns to NYC and moves in with her unsuspecting cousin Shoshanna; Type-A roommate Marnie hosts a welcome-back dinner.

star 7.12
2827 votes
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