The BEST episodes directed by Kyuma Oshita

An Amazing Sinister Rumor
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#1 - An Amazing Sinister Rumor

Kaleido Star - Season 1 - Episode 16

Manami, Sora's old friend, visits Kaleido Stage while on the way to Boston. Throughout the day, Manami overhears various backstage discussions and observes Sora's regular day schedule. During practice the following day, Yuri takes Sora out to lunch and offers her a job outside Kaleido Stage. He reveals his intent on creating a new circus to rival Kaleido Stage. In addition, Kaleido Stage workers leave in droves, which cancels further performances. After the last Arabian Nights show, Yuri makes his separation official, and Manami departs feeling satisfied about Sora's choices. In order to keep Kaleido Stage in operation, Mia submits ideas for the next show, and Kalos orders its one week preparation.

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