The BEST episodes directed by Kyle Weber

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#1 - Grand-Mahjong

Fresh Off the Boat - Season 5 - Episode 13

It’s Chinese New Year and the Lees, Elaine, Julius and son, Horace, are back. Elaine tries to give Jessica tips on building a better relationship with Grandma Huang. Meanwhile, inspired by a Lee family tradition, Louis challenges Emery to a wrestling match to start the new year; and Eddie goes all in betting his red envelope money on who will be the winner.

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Mommy and Me
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#2 - Mommy and Me

Fresh Off the Boat - Season 6 - Episode 13

Fresh off of a parenting brag to Honey, Jessica finds herself overwhelmed by a heartbroken Evan who wants to spend more time with her. Meanwhile, Emery announces his newfound veganism and faces the wrath of The Burger Boys – Louis and Eddie.

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