The BEST episodes directed by Kunihisa Sugishima

Forever Four
162 votes

#1 - Forever Four

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 36

Kamille infiltrates the base and finds Four. Jerid finds them and follows but ends up being overpowered by Kamille. Amuro and Char continue to attack the base while Jerid steals a Mobile Suit. Four is being controlled to protect Jamitov's shuttle, and Kamille tries to defeat Four in the Psyco Gundam as Jerid continues his pursuit. Four got killed by Jerid while attempting to save Kamille.

Mirai Captured
109 votes

#2 - Mirai Captured

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 18

Four sneaks off the Garuda to track down the (to her) unknown pilot of the Mark-II who touched her mind so deeply. Amuro escorts Mirai and the children aboard a cruise ship that will take them to relative safety until the Kalaba can find a way to reunite them with Bright on the Ahgama. Four comes ashore near the marina and notices Camille waiting for Amuro. After hearing Amuro's name called, she hitches a ride with Camille to get a line on the Mark-II pilot. Mirai and the children are kidnapped while Camille and Four are driving around Hong Kong. The Titans will release them for the surrender of the Audomura, but Amuro trades himself instead. Camille goes to the rescue in the Mark-II, surprising the submerged Marine Hizack (MS-06M) ambushers by coming in underwater himself.

Father and Son
111 votes

#3 - Father and Son

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 5

The captured Mark-II 02 and 03 are partly dismantled for repairs. Franklin offers a few suggestions, and then grabs a laser torch and forces one of the workers to get him into Quattro's Rick Dias. He escapes from the Ahgama, hoping both to redeem himself in the eyes of the EUG and earn a great reward for himself and his mistress with the capture of a piece of AEUG's best military hardware. Quattro gives chase in the Mark-II 01, followed closely by Camille in the one-armed Mark-II 03 -- its left arm is still being repaired. The Mark-IIs and Rick Dias are attacked by the Alexandria, which is unaware of Franklin's escape. Quattro's Mark-II 01 is disabled as Camille arrives on the scene. Camille gets the drop on his father's Rick Dias, but is unwilling to shoot him. Franklin doesn't share his son's reservations and empties his magazines in a vain attempt to hit Camille's wildly dodging Mark-II. A shot from the Alexandria settles the matter, blowing a hole through the Rick Dias, which explodes just as Franklin is bailing out. Camille has lost both his parents to Titan ruthless, watching them die just a few feet away, unable to save them. Back on the Ahgama, Quattro tries to console Camille by telling him about Char Aznable, who acted entirely on his own and kept his feelings to himself until he'd avenged the deaths of his parents. Camille is unconvinced, but Emma Sheen and Reccoa Londo notice the change in Quattro's character.

Shuttle Launch
80 votes

#4 - Shuttle Launch

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 13

Amuro Rei is under house arrest at a great mansion in Cheyenne, Wyoming, when he is visited by former White Base crewmember Frau Bau -- now married to Hyato Kobayashi -- who is on her way to Japan with her adopted children Katsu, Retsu and Kicka. Katsu is contemptuous of Amuro's pacifist refusal to take part in EUG space operations. Quattro and Hyato prepare to transport the AEUG forces back to the Ahgama from Kennedy Space Center. Kai leaves a note for Hyato stating his certainty that Quattro is really Char Aznable. When Hyato confronts Quattro with the note, he denies it. Camille challenges the denial, but Quattro calmly replies "I am Quattro NOW." Appori commands one of the shuttles. Just before launch, Braun Burtark attacks the Space Center in the Titan variable Mobile Armor Asshimar (NRX-004), destroying one shuttle. The AEUG forces counterattack, but Roberto's Rick Dias takes a fatal hit defending Appori's shuttle from Braun's last-ditch assault. The Asshimar breaks off the attack and retreats as Appori's shuttle lifts off.

Scirocco Rises
75 votes

#5 - Scirocco Rises

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 46

With the Axis-Titans alliance on the ropes (what with Hamaan having double-crossed the Titans, captured the colony laser, and smashed the asteroid Axis into the Gate of Zedan), the leaders of both sides (Jamitov, Hamaan and Scirocco) meet aboard Hamaan's flagship to see if they can't work things out. Meanwhile, Katsu sneaks aboard the ship with the hare-brained notion that he's going to whack Scirocco and win Sara's love. He meets up with Char (still hanging out aboard Hamaan's ship), who improves on Katsu's plan by breaking into the conference room and trying to kill *everyone* involved. As luck would have it, Scirocco has meanwhile pulled a gun on Hamaan; Char breaks in, draws a bead on Scirocco, Sara senses the threat and fires her mobile suit's beam guns through the ship and into the conference room. Total chaos ensues, and everyone flees; Scirocco finds himself alone in the room with Jamitov, and shoots him just for kicks. Then he flees the Axis flagship, telling the Titans fleet that Hamaan had Jamitov whacked. The Titans open fire on the ship and destroy it. Now that everybody's outside in their mobile suits, Hamaan and Scirocco face off in one of those newtype staring matches. Reccoa and Sara, watching from the sidelines, decide to take out Hamaan while she's distracted - but Katsu has the same idea in regards Scirocco, and comes zooming in to shoot him in the back. Sara takes the hit, saving her purple-haired Humbert Humbert.

Crisis at Side Two
76 votes

#6 - Crisis at Side Two

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 29

Radish orbits the Moon over Von Braun City as Ahgama goes on alone to Side 2, where a minor revolt is in progress and a Titan raid is expected at any time. Quattro takes the Type-100 to Von Braun City to brief AEUG's backers on his mission to Earth. Bright gets word that the Alexandria carries the same G-3 nerve gas used on Bunch 30. Camille is teased for hanging around waiting for Reccoa and goes to see Fa, who has been given charge of the refugee children Shinta and Qum now that Reccoa has returned. Jared briefs his troops on their mission at Bunch 25 (Side 2) -- they will indeed be using G-3. The mayor of Bunch 25 is having second thoughts now that the Titan force is known to be on the way. The Alexandria approaches the colony disguised as an asteroid. The Ahgama opens fire on it and launches Camille in Z-Gundam and Reccoa in the Methuss as the Titan Hizacks attach the G-3 canister to Bunch 25's hull. Jared's Gabthley goes after Z-Gundam, taking the battle into the colony. Katsu, in a Nemo, prevents Moira's Gabthley from destroying Z-Gundam. Reccoa destroys the G-3 canister and the Titan forces withdraw. The Ahgama docks with the colony and Bright lectures the mayor on the futility of trying to deal with the Titans.

The Awakened One
14 votes

#7 - The Awakened One

Nabari no Ou - Season 1 - Episode 1

Miharu Rokujou is asked by his classmate, Kouichi, to join the school nindou club. After refusing, Miharu is asked by his English teacher, Kumohira, to join the club. Although the two look like a student and teacher, there's more to Kouichi and Kumohira then meets the eye.

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Moon Attack
75 votes

#8 - Moon Attack

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 23

The Titans begin Operation Apollo to take control of Von Braun City. Quattro, Henken and Katsu leave the city in a space cruiser to prepare for the expected attack. Scirocco gives his troops their final mission briefing and leads the fleet from the Dogoth Gear. Quattro in the Type-100 and Camille in Z-Gundam engage the Titan Mobile Suits near the lunar surface while the Ahgama is attacked by the Titan fleet. Fa reluctantly enters the battle and Camille backs her up. Quattro's damaged Type-100 almost destroys Jared's Gabthley, but Moira rescues him. Scirocco very selectively launches his troops as the Dogoth Gear descends unopposed toward Von Braun City, having diverted the defenders away from his true target: the spaceport. Later, Jamaican reprimands Scirocco for his unorthodox tactics, even though they were totally successful. Scirocco's apology is sincere on the surface, but he clearly won't forget this incident. Fa is ashamed of her panic during the battle, all the more so because everyone insists on crediting it to her youth and inexperience.

78 votes

#9 - Awakening

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 41

Rosamia refuses to see the doctor until Shinta and Qum convince her by example that there's nothing to fear. Aboard the Dogoth Gear, Basque orders Reccoa to prove her new loyalties by leading an attack on Bunch 21 (Side 2). Reccoa's Messala and the pair of Hizacks with the G-3 nerve gas bomb are detected by the colony and intercepted by a squad of Nemos. Camille in Z-Gundam and Emma in the Mark-II take off to join them, but Quattro stays behind to keep an eye on Rozamia. Using the children as a diversion, Rosamia takes a Nemo (which she derisively calls "A simple machine!") and chases after her "brother" with Quattro close behind in the Type-100. Meanwhile, the G-3 is released into Bunch 21 with deadly effect. Camille senses the deaths of the eight million inhabitants. Battle is joined. Camille sees Reccoa in the Messala, but is accosted by Rosamia before he can confront her. Camille and Rosamia enter Bunch 21 through a breach in the hull. Rosamia witnesses the mass murder as Camille exacts a measure of revenge by blasting the Hizacks. Quattro confronts Reccoa, but can't bring himself to stop her. Rosamia, like Four, falls victim to her programming and suddenly sees Camille as the Enemy. Emma keeps Rosamia from killing Camille, who stops Emma from killing Rosamia. Reccoa and Rosamia escape, leaving Camille and Quattro to reflect on the consequences of their actions.

We Don't Need Tomorrow
7 votes

#10 - We Don't Need Tomorrow

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 21

Taking control of the Vital Guarder, Ikumi shows how serious he truly is when it comes to his demand of peace. Meanwhile, aboard the Ryvius, Fina takes drastic steps to cut off Kouji's past.

8 votes

#11 - Greed

Nabari no Ou - Season 1 - Episode 5

Finally back in Banten, Miharu, Kouichi and Raimei destroy Banten's ninja skill books. Later, trouble arises when Miharu's teacher and former Kairoushuu member Masami Yamase appears. Kouichi and Raimei come to his rescue, but when Raimei finds out that he knows of a person she's after, can she kill him?

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Surprise Attack
7 votes

#12 - Surprise Attack

Nabari no Ou - Season 1 - Episode 3

Miharu and the others arrive when the Fuuma village is under attack. Although the group takes out a couple of the enemy ninja, they are easily defeated by the strongest of the group. Will Miharu have to use his hijutsu to save himself and everyone else?

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Deforming World
7 votes

#13 - Deforming World

Infinite Ryvius - Season 1 - Episode 16

Thanks to Stein's technical wizardry, the crew has mutinied against Airs Blue & co., leaving Kouji Aiba in a state of confusion. No less confused is Juli Bahana, newly-elected Captain of the Ryvius. Her first attempt at reform, a proposal to scrap the unlimited food-points system for select members of the crew, is unanimously rejected. Juli predicts that it will foster resentment among the crew, and she's right! She agrees to Stein's suggestion that the Ryvius keep going past Saturn, and use probes to contact various colonies and outposts directly; unfortunately, this effort fails, thanks to the Orbital Security Bureau. Next, she asks Kouji to be her liason with the Lift-Ship; this decision backfires, thanks to Yuki Aiba's irrational hatred of his elder brother.

A New Bond
81 votes

#14 - A New Bond

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 9

Reccoa is captured just after landing in the Amazon. She is rescued by Kai Shiden, who piloted the Guncannon (RX-77) during the One Year War, but is now a war correspondent working with AEUG. Kei tells Reccoa that the Titans are moving their HQ out of Jabrow and together they plot to capture a base radio station and transmit this information to the Ahgama. Camille is spending most of his spare time fixing Haro, so much so that he's late for a command staff meeting. Won Lee is outraged by Camille's tardiness and backtalk and "disciplines" the boy by beating him up. Camille recovers in the men's locker room where Quattro, Appori and Roberto are getting ready to test the new Anaheim Electronics Type-100 (MSN-100). Quattro is planning a raid on Granada to capture supplies and the New Salamis-type battleship being built there. Camille joins him in the Mark-II 03. Aboard the Alexandria, Basque's personal aide Jamaican Daningan is also inspecting the new Marasai (RMS-108), which are also built by Anaheim Electronics. Corcoran spots the AEUG Mobile Suits on the lunar surface while monitoring Ammon and orders an attack on the Ahgama with a squad of Hizacks. Emma goes out in the Rick Dias to defend the Ahgama. Quattro and Camille take control of Grenada in a quick battle. Camille's Newtype powers alert him to Emma's predicament. He returns to Ammon just in time to save Emma and turn the tide of battle against the Titans. Reccoa and Kai infiltrate the Titan HQ in Jabrow.

Duty Declared
9 votes

#15 - Duty Declared

Nabari no Ou - Season 1 - Episode 4

After chasing Yoite off, Kotarou has the remaining Fuuma ninja treat the wounded while he makes up causes of death for the dead. Thanks to the Fuuma ninja, Miharu's group is treated of their injuries and even Kumohira is saved. Later, after everyone has gathered before Kotarou, Miharu learns of the past of the Shinrabanshou and what will happen to the user if it is removed.

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Raimei Arrives
8 votes

#16 - Raimei Arrives

Nabari no Ou - Season 1 - Episode 2

Now a part of the nindou club, Miharu continues his indifferent ways and doesn't really participate in training. Much to Kouichi's and Kumohira's disappointment. When a girl samurai named Raimei Shimizu comes to see if Miharu would be a good ruler of Nabari, she finds it hard to believe that Miharu is the one she is looking for.

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