The Best Episodes Directed by Kiyotaka Ohata

Isaac and Miria Unintentionally Spread Happiness Around Them

#1 - Isaac and Miria Unintentionally Spread Happiness Around Them

Baccano! Season 1 - Episode 8

1931 on board the Flying Pussyfoot, Issac and Miria realize that they forgot to get Ennis a souvenir and Jacuzzi, Nice, Donny and Nick decide to search for the Rail Tracer. New York in 1930, whilst Eve crying over her missing brother she overhears Isaac and Miria's supposedly "quiet" conversation and goes out to investigate. After a while Eve begins to enjoy their company and even tells them about her brother Dallas, so in their way of helping Isaac and Miria decide to rob the Genoard family assets. On the Flying Pussyfoot, Jacuzzi and co. discover that their friends are missing so he instructions them to split up into 2 groups to search for them.

star 8.95
156 votes
Entrance Exams Study Camp!

#2 - Entrance Exams Study Camp!

Azumanga Daioh Season 1 - Episode 22

106 - It's Nice Osaka admires Kagura's summer tan. Also, the girls plan another trip to Chiyo's beach house. Plus, Sakaki and Kaorin risk death as the Yukari-mobile returns! 107 - Tricked The girls have some fun on the beach before getting down to studying. 108 - Miss Kurosawa Night falls, and the girls hit the books, sort of. Plus, Nyamo faces her bete noire, much to Yukari's delight. 109 - An Attempt Kaorin tries to capture the elusive Sakaki-chan on camera. Plus, Osaka wakes Yukari. 110 - It's Not Over Yet School is back in session. The girls' minds? Not so much.

star 8.39
69 votes
Graham Specter's Love and Peace

#3 - Graham Specter's Love and Peace

Baccano! Season 1 - Episode 14

It's 1932 and Firo arrives to check up on Isaac and Miria, to see that they are having some fun with some friends playing dominos. Elsewhere in New York a mechanic named Graham Spector is infuriated that someone has recently injured Ladd Russo and begins to reminisce of the time they first met. In 1931, Elmer C. Albatross visits fellow immortal Huey Laforet, in prison and Huey ask him for a favor involving his daughter Chane. Rachel meets Czeslaw, who decides to tell her about the events that took place on the Flying Pussyfoot.

star 8.14
167 votes
We're Second Year Students!

#4 - We're Second Year Students!

Azumanga Daioh Season 1 - Episode 10

46 - Draft Picks The girls move on to their second year of high school. But with classes being reshuffled, will the girls friendship be able to hold up? 47 - Class Shuffle The girls find out which class they will be in for second year. Plus, the return of Sakaki's "rival," Kagura...! 48 - Wolf Kagura walks home with Sakaki, but the two girls are not as well-matched as Kagura believes. 49 - Putting on Senior Airs When some freshman girls accost Chiyo for being so cute, Chiyo feels it's time to start standing up for herself. 50 - Marco Kagura witnesses Sakaki's true nature when Yukari brings an abandoned kitten to class.

star 7.99
77 votes
Summer Break

#5 - Summer Break

Azumanga Daioh Season 1 - Episode 5

21, "Summer Break" Summer Break arrives. Nyamo visits Yukari at home to instill some motivation in her. 22, "Welcome to Chiyo's Room" Yomi, Tomo, and Osaka go to visit Chiyo at her home... and are surprised by what they find! 23, "Invitation" The girls head to Chiyo's Family's summer home to enjoy their vacation together at the beach. Also, Chiyo and Osaka learn the true meaning of horror, courtesy of... the Yukari-mobile!!! O_o 24, "Someone With Experience, Speak" The group tries to pass the evening with scary stories and fireworks, with mixed results. 25, "Done For" The group returns home as Summer Break comes to an end. Also, Kaorin gets the shock of her life!

star 7.98
107 votes