The Best Episodes Directed by Kevin Parks

Trial and Error

#1 - Trial and Error

Supernatural Season 8 - Episode 14

Kevin deciphers the tablet and figures out how to close the gates of Hell. He tells Sam and Dean that according to the tablet one person must face a series of three tests designed by God. The first one – kill a hellhound. Sam and Dean argue over who should complete the trials.

star 8.04
3309 votes
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Bad Boys

#2 - Bad Boys

Supernatural Season 9 - Episode 7

Dean gets a call from an old friend named Sonny asking for help with a ghost. Sonny runs a home for delinquent boys, and Dean was sent there for stealing food when he was younger. Sam is stunned he never knew this about his brother and asks for more information, but Dean dodges his questions. Another murder occurs while Sam and Dean are at the house, so they scramble to find the culprit before anyone else dies. Meanwhile, Dean looks up an old girlfriend and recalls his time at the house.

star 7.90
3027 votes
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