The Best Episodes Directed by Keiko Oyamada

Until Dawn

#1 - Until Dawn

At The Mercy of The Sky Season 1 - Episode 4

The president of the astronomy club organizes the stargazing camp, but before they go, Hime becomes agitated that Mihoshi is all over Saku, and she yells out asking what she thinks of him. Mihoshi replies that she loves him, but follows it up saying that she loves everyone else too. After they arrive near a lake in norther Japan, they find the literature club also came for a camp, and while they get to stay in a large resort-type building, the astronomy club members are left to stay in a run down place. Mihoshi cleans it up and the members take a nap so as to wake up at night for stargazing. Saku and Hime are still concerned about what happened earlier, but they later clear it up between each other. The astronomy club spends the entire night stargazing and watch the sunrise.

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