The Best Episodes Directed by Kei Oikawa

It's Getting Fun

#1 - It's Getting Fun

Minami-Ke Season 3 - Episode 5

Chiaki is down in the dumps at the upcoming stewardship of the pool and decides to enliven things by challenging everybody to a game of tag with the »it« person having the garden hose. Makoto stealing the hose and Chiaki's retaliation sparks a three-way water fight with Uchida and Yoshino that obfuscates the issue of Chiaki not being able to swim and that the compensatory computation thereof backfiring on Chiaki. The next arc is a snapshot of Kana's computations of the intermediate school social ambiance in terms of a outing to a public pool followed by the computation crash wrought upon Fujioka regarding appropriate male contact with females and the aftermath thereof. Touma demonstrates her perspective on the issue only to find that male-to-male contact is much more straightforward and has greater latitude.

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34 votes
The Young Girl With Glasses / A Good, Good Fort / Eyes of the Rabbit

#2 - The Young Girl With Glasses / A Good, Good Fort / Eyes of the Rabbit

Joshiraku Season 1 - Episode 4

As Gankyō exhibits some violent behavior, the girls discuss the stereotypes that come when a girl wears glasses. Later, as Kukuru gets trainsick, the girls try to come up with various ailments for her. Afterwards, on the night of a full moon, the girls sit and discuss moon-related topics before being attacked by a large rabbit.

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Start of the Year

#3 - Start of the Year

Minami-Ke Season 3 - Episode 1

A euphoric moment of Haruka securing Chiaki's kimono gives way to frustration that Kana is oversleeping along with the consequent compensatory frenzy thereof that does not seem to bother Uchida who (at the cost of her micro-economy) has been enjoying herself at the festival. The fortune that Uchida purchases with Kana's money only amplifies this fact; unfortunately, Uchida takes the fortune too seriously and overlooks that realizing a fortune takes effort on her part. The next arc features Chiaki contrasting fried noodles and their instant-cup brethern with Touma who has no idea what Chiaki is telling her until Haruka returns home with Kana and prepares some tea that Takeru enjoys using old leaves rather than the ones from the first harvest. The arc that follows thereafter details the home visit the school nurse regarding Chiaki who is none too thrilled with the prospect and that Haruka refuses to intercede as Chiaki's guardian. Between Takeru's obliviousness and the school nurse's flirting along with Kana watching the whole thing, poor Chiaki is absolutely mortified. The final arc details Takeru availing a superstition that points to Kana pulling her usual pranks and a fact that has been demonstrated all throughout.

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Me, Too

#4 - Me, Too

Minami-Ke Season 3 - Episode 2

Touma pays the Minami sisters a visit with an unknown payload whose revelation Chiaki objects in Haruka's absence. Though she inhibits herself for the time being, Kana begins to succumb to avarice when Fujioka comes for a visit. What follows is an exercise in game theory in which Kana leads Chiaki through an enigmatic scenario to obfuscate her volition for having the entire payload to herself since Haruka's estimated arrival time is an unknown variable. Kana's only mistake is that she forgets to consider all the players. The next arc features Haruka and Chiaki being rather vague and indirect about the supermarket and the route thereof as well as a neighborhood dog giving way to Chiaki encountering a shopping list that she suspects that Kana tampered with. The arc thereafter details Hayami comparing notes with Maki regarding Hosaka before she gets the idea to wield Hosaka's computations as her plaything. Hosaka tries befriending Maki and Atsuko but is puzzled when they swiftly flee. The final arc features Haruka taking notes from a cooking show about the preparation of curry while detecting the necessity of visiting the supermarket. Chiaki taking on this stewardship with the very notes that Haruka was taking earlier ends up inspiring Hosaka and herself an extra spicy curry.

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The Order That Must Exist

#5 - The Order That Must Exist

Minami-Ke Season 3 - Episode 4

In spite of being the reason for Touma's earlier »Hands off!!!« repulsion, Kana decides that Touma is getting out of hand while making the same mistake with Chiaki at dinner. Haruka swiftly answers the dominance question between Kana and Chiaki right before Touma arrives again with a slideshow of her family government. Kana gives Touma a photograph to show Natsuki that causes a computation crash. The next arc depicts the Minami brothers discussing what to give Touma for her birthday and revealing that Natsuki is the second-generation Banchou that has gotten into a misunderstanding with one of his classmates Hitomi who is fishing for insight regarding maturity and thinks that she can determine Natsuki's thoughts via eye contact.

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Even If It's a Fight

#6 - Even If It's a Fight

Minami-Ke Season 3 - Episode 3

Touma's ecstasy during the homebound commute is quickly extinguished by Natsuki helping himself to the snack consecrated for that purpose. Thereafter, Touma's sudden arrival on Chiaki's doorstep gives way to the revelation that Touma has an ongoing passive-aggressive dynamic with her brothers and paints a dysphoric snapshot of Touma's family. The next arc details how the Minami sisters deal with an abundance of apples. The arc concludes with the Minami brothers prosecuting protracted and complex computations regarding the utilization of the apple Touma brought back with her. The arc that follows thereafter details Haruka conferring culinary counsel upon Natsuki while Kana and Chiaki discuss Haruka and Natsuki first as individuals and then as a romantic couple. Chiaki dismisses the prospect before directing Kana to finish the curry Haruka is making. Unfortunately, the culinary protocols for both Haruka's curry and Natsuki's cookies get interchanged with dysphoric consequences. The final arc is related to the first and details the conflagration of Touma confronting Natsuki who repels his brothers' attempts to come to their sister's aid. In an attempt to guide her through guarding against this kind of misunderstanding, Kana demonstrates to Touma a form of Japanese script that looks a lot like arithmetic.

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