The BEST episodes directed by Kazuma Satou

The Mysterious Lady
66 votes

#1 - The Mysterious Lady

IS: Infinite Stratos - Season 2 - Episode 4

Reiko unleases Arachne revealing herself to be Lady Autumn from Phantom Task. After detaining Ichika, Reiko reveals that it was Phantom Task who captured Ichika during the Second Mondo Grosso while she forcibly attempts to take Byakushiki. Upon arrival, Tatenashi is seemingly killed while Cecilia and Rin engage BT Second, Silent Zephyrus. Revealing the speared Tatenashi to be a water-based copy, Tatenashi along with her IS, Mysterious Lady, engages Lady Autumn. As Ichika pursues Lady Autumn, he is intercepted by Silent Zephyrus who successfully deters him, Houki, Charlotte, and Laura allowing Lady Autumn and herself to escape. Maya briefs Chifuyu on Phantom Task revealing that Silent Zephyrus was the second Blue Tears stolen from England while Chifuyu reveals that Tatenashi's true objective was to train and guard Ichika. Unknown where, Autumn berates a woman resembling Chifuyu for her interference while Squall intervenes simply addressing the other as "M". As M awaits her revenge while staring at a locket containing the photo of Chifuyu, Tatenashi reveals to Ichika her purpose of protection. Tatenashi also reveals what Ichika's crown really meant as the stays with him.

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The (Moon) Sways by the Poolside
65 votes

#2 - The (Moon) Sways by the Poolside

A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives - Season 1 - Episode 3

Taito is torn between having lunch with Saitohimea or eating the meal that Haruka prepared. Luckily, he is saved by a call from Gekkou as insects have invaded the school and school has been cancelled for the day. It turns out that the school is situated in a place where portals from multiple dimension intersect and that the military are in charge of the area but no one over 18 can get into the area because of a barrier. Mirai is disappointed that swim classes were cancelled due to the bugs, and forces the others to join her at the pool but Gekkou walks off to the Student Council room. Mirai reveals to Taito how she was forced to contract with Gekkou. At the Student Council Room, Gekkou meets a messenger from the Tenma. The sky turns black, and the moon starts to glow while it starts to rain red liquid.

The Story of Losing Your Way in Today
15 votes

#3 - The Story of Losing Your Way in Today

Amanchu! - Season 1 - Episode 10

Futaba and Hikari invite Ai to hang out with them as they go shopping for logbooks and swimsuits. Afterwards, the girls go to the beach, where Futaba tells Kino about all the things she has learned since meeting Hikari. Futaba expresses her concerns about whether she can become a suitable buddy for Hikari, though Hikari expresses that she's had times when she lost her way as well, saying that it is a chance to have more fun. Afterwards, Futaba finally manages to pass the pool course, allowing her to move on to the Open Diver course with everyone.

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Worst Promise & Best Memory
10 votes

#4 - Worst Promise & Best Memory

Hamatora - Season 2 - Episode 8

Momoka invites Hajime to her limousine under the promise she knows about her forgotten past. Nice becomes nervous when deducing Hajime left with is Momoka and decides to search for her. Momoka explains to Hajime that she has a power that nullyfies Minimums which resulted in Murasaki being her first victim and the rest suffering from sideffect. Momoka guides Hajime to a basement where she is attacked by berserker people whose musculature was increased. Hajime recognizes them as test experiments performed by Facultas. Hajime was the only one who was not affected by the experiments and remained locked in a cell until a young Nice met her. Upon realizing Hajime's state, Nice invited her to the outside world. After the flashback, Koneko leaks Hajime's location to Nice who goes to search for her alongside his friends. Hajime then remembers how during her escape from Facultas Nice was shot which causes her to unleash her berserker Minimum. Art identifies it as the Nihilist Minimum capable of eradicating other Minimums just as Nice comes to retrieve her.

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The Story of the End of Rain / The Story of the Beginning of Summer
14 votes

#5 - The Story of the End of Rain / The Story of the Beginning of Summer

Amanchu! - Season 1 - Episode 7

On a rainy day, Mato decides to follow Hikari as she boards a train, discovering that her only reason for doing so was to witness some blooming hydrangeas for a brief instant. Later, on a particularly hot day, Mato has the club play red light green light as punishment for skipping on their exam studies.

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The Star Whale in the Sky Sea
6 votes

#6 - The Star Whale in the Sky Sea

Dog Days - Season 3 - Episode 9

Upon learning that something is amiss with the Sky Priestess, Sharu seeks for the Heroes' aid and departs with them to the insides of the Star Whale, a massive flying deity where she resides.

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First Mission
38 votes

#7 - First Mission

Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA - Season 1 - Episode 10

Aria is injured in a gun battle and taken to the hospital. Meanwhile, after Kyochikutou declares that no one will have to get hurt if Akari surrenders to her advances, Akari tries to send Nonoka to stay with their aunt in Nagano.

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