The Best Episodes Directed by Kazuki Fusegi


#1 - Barrage

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 1 - Episode 25

As the JMSDF's Special Forces Unit rounds up the remaining members of Section 9, Daisuke Aramaki meets with the Minister of Justice to make one last appeal to the government to salvage his team. Section 9 may be down, but certainly not out. They have help in the form of their "think-tanks", otherwise known as the Tachikomas. Public Security will make one final push to save itself from extinction.

star 8.72
104 votes
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Chain Reaction

#2 - Chain Reaction

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 2 - Episode 19

Despite close scrutiny by the authorities, the Dejima refugees declare their independence. Kuze is suspected to be the mastermind behind this new resistance and Section 9 is sent to detain him. The Major hacks into the refugee cyberbrain hub and easily locates Kuze. When the team rushes to capture him, however, they find themselves in the middle of a trap.

star 8.01
74 votes
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Not Equal

#3 - Not Equal

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 1 - Episode 13

While tracking the New World Brigade, an anti-cyberization group, to an unused radiation scrubber facility off Okinawa, the Japanese Maritime Safety Agency took pictures that show Eka Tokura, the kidnapped daughter of a cyber-technology company CEO. However, the girl had been abducted over 16 years ago when she had been 10 years old. In the recent photos, she looks just as she did on the day she was taken. For reasons unknown, contact with the Maritime Safety Agency's reconnaissance team has been lost. Section 9 heads to the facility to locate the unit and find out why Eka Tokura was there.

star 7.95
121 votes
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Missing Hearts

#4 - Missing Hearts

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Season 1 - Episode 8

Motoko is asked by her friend Kurutan to investigate a strange scenario. A six-year old girl's life was saved by an immediate heart transplant. When her parents tried to send their gratitude to the donor, the donor's parents filed a police report since they never gave permission for the donation. What's more, the investigating officer has now been hospitalized after an accident. There is more to this case then meets the eye and Motoko and her colleagues must find out who's behind these apparent illegal organ donations.

star 7.79
126 votes
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