The BEST episodes directed by Kazuhiro Soeta

Guerrillas in the Jungle
292 votes

#1 - Guerrillas in the Jungle

Black Lagoon - Season 1 - Episode 12

Rock is being interrogated by Takenaka about the papers but he remains silent as Takenaka tries to use some Japanese diplomacy. Meanwhile Revy, Shenhua, and Legarch go on a rescue mission for Rock by sneaking into the base, that is, until Revy decides she would rather blast her way through. Revy and Shenhua must fight the troops and make their escape to a demilitarized zone, while Ibraha continues to question Takenaka’s loyalty to the mission.

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Kaizaki Arata (27), Unemployed
138 votes

#2 - Kaizaki Arata (27), Unemployed

ReLIFE - Season 1 - Episode 1

Kaizaki Arata is twenty-seven years old and doesn't have a steady job. His parents even threaten to stop sending him money, but that's when he he meets Yoake Ryo, who has a tantalizing offer for him.

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Lock 'n' Load Revolution
321 votes

#3 - Lock 'n' Load Revolution

Black Lagoon - Season 1 - Episode 11

The Black Lagoon has to transport some of Mr. Chan's papers he tries to hide from terrorists. It doesn't take the terrorists long to track down the Black Lagoon. Even worse, they manage to capture a crew member!

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