The BEST episodes directed by Karn Fahlen

Unwanted (1)
43 votes

#1 - Unwanted (1)

Stockholm Requiem - Season 1 - Episode 1

After an accident, the musician and studied lawyer and criminologist Fredrika Bergman to the Stockholm police in the team for serious crimes. Together with her team leader Alex Recht and the policeman Peder Rydh, Fredrika is set on the first day for the case of a missing girl - which is not easy for the young woman. She finds comfort in her partner Spencer. When five-year-old Lilian disappears without a trace at Stockholm Central Station, everything points to an abduction. Fredrika and her colleagues Alex Recht and Peder Rydh work around the clock to find the girl alive. When the second child is kidnapped, everyone is aware: It is a serial offender. The team starts a race against time.

Episode 4
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#2 - Episode 4

Bonus Family - Season 1 - Episode 4

Plagued by back pain, Martin asks Lisa and Patrik to keep the kids during his week -- but drops Eddie off at their house with an unwelcome new pet.

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