The Best Episodes Directed by Karl Zwicky

Episode 37

#1 - Episode 37

Heartbreak High Season 1 - Episode 37

Nick refuses to believe that his relationship with Jodie is over. Deloraine's office is trashed and Rivers is quickly picked as the likely suspect. Rose gives birth to her daughter in dramatic fashion at school. Rocco gets Jodie a job singing backup for a band that is about to set off on an

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2 votes
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Episode 38

#2 - Episode 38

Heartbreak High Season 1 - Episode 38

Nick sets out to win Jodie back before she leaves for the States. To no avail, Roberto tries to get Nick to drop out of his forthcoming professional bout. After his talk with Yola, Rose's father agrees to let Jack be involved in his daughter's life.

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2 votes
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Episode 103

#3 - Episode 103

Heartbreak High Season 5 - Episode 12

Katerina talks Melanie into holding a party in order to gain popularity. Melanie who is holding a torch for Ryan, hopes it will bring him closer to her. She spends up big on credit cards and initially the cost seems worth it. However, when Melanie's father's video camera gets broken she can't afford to get it fixed, Melanie realises that she has spent way beyond her means. And she is dismayed when Ryan tries to give back the expensive gold pendant she bought for him. Melanie learns you can't buy friends. Ryan decides to live and work with his father. Jeff says that they will need to mortgage the land Ryan's grandfather left him to expand the business. Ryan is shocked at this revelation concluding that his father came back for the money and not for him. When he accuses his father of this, Jeff is hurt and urges him to forget the business, keep the money, but Ryan realises he values his friends in Hartley and decides to stay. Charlie gets hauled up to play beach volleyball opposite D

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Episode 12

#4 - Episode 12

Heartbreak High Season 1 - Episode 12

Yola's attempt to advise a pregnant Nicole causes a professional crisis when the girl's condition is revealed. Rose spots Christina and Phil cavorting on the beach. On their first date, Rivers takes Chaka to an expensive restaurant.

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7 votes
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Episode 19

#5 - Episode 19

Heartbreak High Season 1 - Episode 19

While trying to earn some extra money, Rivers unknowingly buys some stolen car parts through Con, then refuses to name his supplier when the police charge him.

star 8.60
5 votes
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No More Mr Nice Guy

#6 - No More Mr Nice Guy

McLeod's Daughters Season 2 - Episode 21

On the eve of the Gungellan Show, Claire and Tess are shocked to learn Drovers Run is being reposessed... but there's a greater surprise to come; Claire has an announcement. Becky is happy that Brick is finally coming home, only to be face a dissapointment... again.

star 8.20
86 votes
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We're So Screwed (2): Hot to Katratzi

#7 - We're So Screwed (2): Hot to Katratzi

Farscape Season 4 - Episode 20

Moya arrives at Katratzi. Crichton attends the peace talks between the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers ...with a nuclear bomb.

star 8.12
687 votes
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Old Beginnings

#8 - Old Beginnings

McLeod's Daughters Season 3 - Episode 18

Claire is having a naming ceremony for Charlotte Prudence McLeod with her friends and family when Peter arrives. Claire has written to him after the birth, telling him he is a father. Peter is justifiably angry. Not only did Claire and Alex lie to him as to who was the father, but Claire did not advise him until after the birth. Without Claire's knowledge Becky and Jodi leave the sheep on Harry Ryan's property for the night. But during the night they are sheared and the is wool stolen. Becky and Jodi investigate only to find that it's Craig who owes money from gambling.

star 8.03
115 votes
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A House of Cards

#9 - A House of Cards

McLeod's Daughters Season 3 - Episode 9

A thirtieth wedding anniversary is no protection for Liz when Harry, suspicious about Claire's baby, discovers an even bigger lie. Liz is preparing for her thirtieth wedding anniversary lunch, and Harry, still very much in love, has given her a beautiful strand of pearls. But it soon all starts unravelling. Brick's sister arrives and is unhappy at the thought of Becky moving on. Becky assures her she hasn't forgotten about him, but notes she's still into Jake.

star 8.00
113 votes
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Episode 102

#10 - Episode 102

Heartbreak High Season 5 - Episode 11

There is trouble in the Scheppers' household when Ryan and Anita's estranged dad, Jeff, arrives. He has brought a gift for Anita, and seems to want to patch things up with her. Anita is pleased at her father's renewed attention, but is in for a disappointment when it seems Jeff is more interested in his relationship with his son Ryan who feels his father abandoned him. Will the Scheppers family be able to patch up its differences? Drazic borrows Charlie's car and smashes into the back of Les Bailey's car. When Les blows his stack and wants to catch the culprits, Charlie is keen to turn himself and Drazic in. Needless to say, Drazic thinks this is a dud idea and threatens to kill Charlie if he reveals the truth. Will Charlie stand up for himself and risk getting his lights punched? Over at the Shark Pool, Melanie is filling in for Declan. Katerina is taking advantage of Melanie's inexperience by making her do all the horrible jobs in the place. At first Melanie obeys Katerina's every

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1 votes
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#11 - Gone

Beastmaster Season 2 - Episode 10

The BeastMaster intervenes to save a rare Tasmanian tiger from extinction, while Voden attempts to manipulate Dar into helping him expand his empire.

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1 votes
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Fifth Element

#12 - Fifth Element

Beastmaster Season 2 - Episode 16

Dar and Tao must save the world from destruction when the evil Annubis is accidentally released from his rock prison.

star 8.00
3 votes
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Every Breath You Take

#13 - Every Breath You Take

McLeod's Daughters Season 4 - Episode 17

An innocent flirtation turns into something more dangerous for Kate as Stevie and Alex finally realise their dream of starting a rodeo school.

star 7.98
115 votes
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The Ties That Bind

#14 - The Ties That Bind

McLeod's Daughters Season 3 - Episode 23

When Claire and Alex hit the big smoke, a long lost father is found, and a hidden passion is finally ignited.

star 7.97
115 votes
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#15 - Reunion

City Homicide Season 4 - Episode 15

Jennifer and Nick are sent to investigate the murder of a young family, unaware they know the victims. Uncovering much more than mass murder, this investigation will shake the Homicide team to its very core. With national security at stake, Jennifer and Nick are ordered undercover by Federal Intelligence. During the course of this dangerous assignment, their relationship is reheated. Will they risk everything to pursue their feelings?

star 7.95
62 votes
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#16 - Turbulence

McLeod's Daughters Season 3 - Episode 30

Tess and Stevie continue to clash this week, and all the competitive ill-fellings come to the surface when a private investigator turns up at Drover's Run. Tess accepts Stevie's explanations at first (something about witnessing a rodeo accident up north), but gets suspicious again when Stevie is caught packing her bags. Still refusing to reveal the truth, she offers her resignation and Tess accepts with more than a little relief. As Stevie loads up her car, Jodi, Meg and Tess discover little Charlotte has been bitten by a redback spider. Fearing for Charlotte's life, Tess accepts a ride from Stevie to the hospital, but it turns out to be far from a straightforward trip. With the private investigator in hot pursuit, things get worse when Charlotte has a heat-induced fit. It looks like they are not going to make it to the hospital in time so Stevie steals a plane to speed the trip up. Charlotte's young life is in the balance and Tess is terrified that she is going to lose the one link sh

star 7.94
118 votes
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Future Perfect

#17 - Future Perfect

McLeod's Daughters Season 2 - Episode 22

Peter puts an astonishing proposition to Claire which will change her life. Claire is unsure of herself following the discovery of her pregnancy and finds herself considering a proposal from Peter but events take a dramatic turn.

star 7.93
123 votes
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Fairy Tale, Ending

#18 - Fairy Tale, Ending

McLeod's Daughters Season 3 - Episode 1

Claire is finally released from hospital and driven home by 'father-to-be' Alex. Her first day back does not go as smoothly as the doctor would have intended and Claire realises that some things may have to change. She must also contend with the effects of the lie about Alex being the baby's father.

star 7.92
123 votes
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Twice Bitten

#19 - Twice Bitten

McLeod's Daughters Season 4 - Episode 32

Tensions are rife with Kane now living in the cottage with Stevie and Sally staying in the big house with Nick and Tess. Stevie struggles to trust Kane when it appears as though he might be reverting to old ways. Tess struggles with the revelation of Nick's impending fatherhood, which is compounded by the family's reaction to the new arrival.

star 7.85
119 votes
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Women and Children

#20 - Women and Children

The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season 3 - Episode 6

A murder in the hospital leads Blake into a maze of sexual politics and revenge.

star 7.79
113 votes
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The End Game

#21 - The End Game

The Lost World Season 3 - Episode 12

Ambushed in the jungle, Roxton narrowly escapes with his life only to learn that he has apparently cheated death once too often. The Grim Reaper, in the guise of a dark seductress - is determined to add his soul to her collection. Transported to her domain - a bleak and desolate wasteland - Roxton must face a series of challenges if he hopes to get out alive. And to make the game more interesting, Death raises the stakes by putting the lives of his friends on the line as well. Confronted by shifting rules and deception, Roxton cannot hope to win. At every turn, Death torments and goads him, encouraging him to abandon his friends to save himself. Round one goes to Death, rounds two and three as well, and with growing horror, Roxton loses Challenger, Veronica, and finally his beloved Marguerite to Death's netherworld inferno.

star 7.73
67 votes
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One Step at a Time

#22 - One Step at a Time

McLeod's Daughters Season 3 - Episode 24

With Claire and Alex still in Melbourne with Charlotte, enjoying their new found love, Tess tries to deal with a pressing health matter alone.

star 7.69
116 votes
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You Can Leave Your Hat On

#23 - You Can Leave Your Hat On

McLeod's Daughters Season 2 - Episode 15

When Jodi's cooking gives five young men food poisoning, the women of Drovers must convince the Killarney men to put on a strip show. At the same time, Claire and Alex's business partnership gets off to a rocky start, whilst Nick and Tess form a partnership of their own.

star 7.67
91 votes
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A New Life

#24 - A New Life

Fat Tony & Co. Season 1 - Episode 6

Tony fights sea-sickness as he sails from Perth to Athens to avoid capture by the police. Tony’s pregnant girlfriend is followed by police as she travels through Europe to meet him. The police manhunt finally gets a break-through.

star 7.62
76 votes
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Steer Trek

#25 - Steer Trek

McLeod's Daughters Season 2 - Episode 13

Droving cattle on a stock route, Nick and Tess's feelings for each other become stronger, until Nick discovers he has unexpected competition. With Becky in charge, she is committed to keeping Drovers running smoothly and showing Claire she can do it.

star 7.56
64 votes
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A Night to Remember

#26 - A Night to Remember

The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season 3 - Episode 5

When a famous actress is murdered at a charity event at the Colonist's Club, it really does become a 'Night to Remember' as Blake tries to find the killer with very little to help him.

star 7.50
111 votes
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Stripped Bare

#27 - Stripped Bare

McLeod's Daughters Season 2 - Episode 16

Professional thieves clean out both Drover's Run and Wilgul, exposing some of the fault lines in the women's relationships.

star 7.41
88 votes
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Where's Tony?

#28 - Where's Tony?

Fat Tony & Co. Season 1 - Episode 5

After skipping bail, Tony hatches a risky plan to flee Australia and start a new life in Greece. With Tony on the run, the fight is on for control of his drug empire. The police face a wall of silence in their search for Fat Tony.

star 7.39
107 votes
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The Long Goodbye

#29 - The Long Goodbye

McLeod's Daughters Season 3 - Episode 29

Claire's death has everyone is dealing with it in their own way. Tess tries to keep her emotions in check, unable to deal with her grief and burdened by survivor's guilt. A surprise visitor at Drovers Run helps Tess when she needs it most.

star 7.36
87 votes
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Time of Your Life

#30 - Time of Your Life

City Homicide Season 3 - Episode 8

The squad investigates the discovery of a backpacker's body found in a discarded freezer, and relationships are tested when Detective Superintendent Bernice Waverley returns.

star 7.35
93 votes
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Love Interrupted

#31 - Love Interrupted

McLeod's Daughters Season 4 - Episode 31

Nick and Tess discover the honeymoon is well and truely over when Nick's ex-girlfriend, Sally Clements, returns with a revelation that might threaten the newlywed Nick and Tess's happiness. Stevie is also shocked to discover who her secret admirer is...will she be able to resist his charms?

star 7.31
89 votes
Little Big Man

#32 - Little Big Man

City Homicide Season 3 - Episode 7

When a disgraced jockey is found dead, Homicide infiltrates the racing world. Was the shame of cheating too much? Odds on where there's horseracing and illegal activities, there's Homicide's old foe Max McKenzie.

star 7.30
93 votes
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Three Little Words

#33 - Three Little Words

McLeod's Daughters Season 3 - Episode 10

As Harry and Alex battle each other, Tess finds it hard to resist her attraction to Dave the vet.

star 7.27
90 votes
Brave J

#34 - Brave J

McLeod's Daughters Season 2 - Episode 14

Claire's attempts to get her life and business back in order are complicated by Peter's surprise return.

star 7.26
58 votes
Better The Devil You Know

#35 - Better The Devil You Know

McLeod's Daughters Season 3 - Episode 2

Claire and Alex's lie about the baby causes a major upset between the sisters. Jodi is back, but wants to continue travelling. Becky does not give up hope for Brick. Claire eventually tells Liz the truth.

star 7.24
123 votes
A Slight Interruption

#36 - A Slight Interruption

McLeod's Daughters Season 3 - Episode 17

It's been a week since Baby McLeod was born, but she remains nameless. Claire isn't too worried - she'll know the right name when she thinks of it. But she is suffering a bad case of cabin fever as she struggles to balance running Drover's with motherhood.

star 7.20
116 votes
My Brother's Keeper

#37 - My Brother's Keeper

McLeod's Daughters Season 4 - Episode 18

Stevie falls for the charismatic Kane, while Alex's growing friendship with him creates estrangement between the Ryan brothers.

star 7.13
117 votes

#38 - Undercover

City Homicide Season 4 - Episode 16

Holed-up in a secret location, Detectives Jennifer Mapplethorpe and Nick Buchanan have been transformed into Trish and Wesley Claybourne, gun-runners for a terrorist organisation.

star 7.02
60 votes
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Episode 27

#39 - Episode 27

Heartbreak High Season 1 - Episode 27

Steve, angry after learning that he was adopted, is caught stealing from his employer and the police are called. Danielle and Jodie fight over Nick. George quits his job at the factory.

star 7.00
2 votes
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Episode 28

#40 - Episode 28

Heartbreak High Season 1 - Episode 28

Steve wants to keep a stray dog that he befriends but Deloraine and Rivers have other ideas. Stella invites Katerina to go with her to Greece.

star 7.00
2 votes
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Episode 89

#41 - Episode 89

Heartbreak High Season 4 - Episode 24

Bolton goes to great lengths to prevent the closing of his uncle's bowling alley but receives little help from his friends. Dani and Declan win the school elections and want no part in Bolton's plan to create a school bowling programme and instead, Declan proposes fencing as an alternative sport for the school. Katerina accuses Stassy of stealing a lottery ticket the group bought in hopes of giving the prize money to Bolton's uncle and challenges her to a dual during Declan's fencing exhibition. June sits in on Ronnie's blind date with Roger, a real "blue algae" of a guy. When Bolton learns from his uncle that the Hartley Council is taking money from a developer interested in redeveloping his uncle's property, Bolton informs Dyson who convinces Roger to obtain the evidence needed to reveal the Council's corruption and save the bowling alley. A 50's gala is held at the bowling alley to celebrate. Matt decides to move in with Stassy at the warehouse.

star 7.00
1 votes
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Episode 7131

#42 - Episode 7131

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 91

An intriguing newcomer gets under Colby’s skin. Ziggy fires up about Dean’s secret. Tensions between Ben and Justin come to a head.

star 7.00
1 votes
Episode 7132

#43 - Episode 7132

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 92

Ziggy confronts Dean over a suspicious discovery. Colby gets to know the newcomer. Tori is excited about the scan. Ben tries to get his head around an outrageous surfboard order.

star 7.00
1 votes
Episode 7151

#44 - Episode 7151

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 111

Justin finally discovers the root cause of Ava’s anger. Dean struggles with his Rick dilemma. Ben attempts to fulfil one of Maggie’s life dreams.

star 7.00
1 votes
Episode 7152

#45 - Episode 7152

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 112

Mackenzie is angered as Rick calls her bluff – who will have the last laugh? Dean struggles to relax in Rick’s company on the yacht. Justin and Leah work together to help Ava through her difficulties at home.

star 7.00
1 votes
Episode 7153

#46 - Episode 7153

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 113

Jasmine and Robbo are touched when Colby organises a surprise party before the wedding. Ryder quits his job at the juice bar upon receiving a better offer from Mackenzie.

star 7.00
1 votes
Episode 7206

#47 - Episode 7206

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 166

Desperate for answers, Robbo struggles with the fallout of Jasmine’s kidnapping. Roo’s plan to help Maggie and Ben reconnect backfires spectacularly. Can Dr Alex save Scott’s life?

star 7.00
1 votes
Episode 7209

#48 - Episode 7209

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 169

Irene’s future hangs in the balance as the verdict is delivered. Dean accuses Karen of faking it when she melts down at work. Raffy has been accepted into the medical trial.

star 7.00
1 votes
Episode 7210

#49 - Episode 7210

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 170

Maggie is struggling with the growing divide between her and Ben. Raffy gets ready to start her medical trial. Dean realises he’s made a huge mistake with Karen.

star 7.00
1 votes
Episode 11

#50 - Episode 11

Heartbreak High Season 1 - Episode 11

Phil confides a secret about his past to Rose, who has a crush on him. Stella quits as the Poulos's housekeeper after getting in an argument with George in which he questions her decision to leave her failed marriage. Steve and Rivers are forced to work together when they are given the task of cleaning up the school yard when Deloraine catches them fighting.

star 6.67
3 votes
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Episode 140

#51 - Episode 140

Heartbreak High Season 6 - Episode 10

Nikki is furious when Kurt continuously puts his love for the environment ahead of her. However, he reveals the cause of his fanaticism: a seal at the Aquarium is on the brink of death because it swallowed a plastic bag, and Nikki and Kurt decide they will have to find a compromise between their private lives and their love for the environment. Ryan tries to impress Nikki with his record company contacts but, when they let him down, he is left to pay. Anita takes Sarah under her wing, including her in all dates with Drazic. Draz, annoyed by their constant threesomes, sabotages Sarah's promise to Kath to be home early and Sarah is grounded for a month. Draz is not in Anita's good books. Mai is being stalked by a new boy at school but all is not what it seems and Mai gets caught up in a potentially dangerous situation.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 7134

#52 - Episode 7134

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 94

Bella stumbles in her schoolwork, and Irene wonders whether she’s a lost cause. Justin’s desperate to stop Mason doing something stupid. John is unaware of how much his absence hurts those around him.

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0 votes
Episode 7135

#53 - Episode 7135

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 95

Bella makes a friend. Marilyn is feeling neglected but will John learn from his mistakes? Ben suspects Dean of foul play.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 7186

#54 - Episode 7186

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 146

Bella goes to drastic measures to avoid dealing with her pain. Maggie confronts Ben about his depression. Ryder’s party gets out of hand after he buckles to peer pressure.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 7187

#55 - Episode 7187

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 147

Ryder babysits Bella and tries to hide from Colby, but things quickly get out of hand. Colby and Mackenzie struggle to take it slow. Irene’s future is suddenly thrown into question.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 7188

#56 - Episode 7188

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 148

Will Dean repair things with Mackenzie and ask for his job back? An overwhelmed Irene questions what to do without Bella’s testimony in court. Jasmine and Robbo are going stir crazy in the motel.

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0 votes
Episode 7189

#57 - Episode 7189

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 149

Robbo and Jasmine agree on a new normal. The bad news for Raffy continues. Ben’s erratic behaviour continues.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 7190

#58 - Episode 7190

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 150

Ben’s life hits rock bottom. Raffy lashes out at those who care. Robbo goes to extreme lengths to appease the bad guys.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 7207

#59 - Episode 7207

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 167

Can Robbo claw his way back from rock bottom in time to save Jasmine? Irene makes a bold decision about her future. Roo turns to Alf for help with her matchmaking mess.

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode 7208

#60 - Episode 7208

Home and Away Season 32 - Episode 168

Robbo and Colby race to find Jasmine. Irene is supported by her friends as she enjoys her last day as a free woman. Willow panics about her future when Irene gives her a sombre reality check.

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0 votes