The Best Episodes Directed by Kôichi Mashimo

A Woman Who Lies

#1 - A Woman Who Lies

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 8

Nadie receives a gunshot wound when going out buying food. In desperation, Ellis uses her power to remove the bullet from Nadie's body. This event is witnessed by the son of a powerful mafia boss, who proceeds to take her in, hoping to talk her into healing his father's sickness. Eventually Ellis finds out that the best thing she can do for the old man is to tell him a white lie.

star 9.85
27 votes
A Man Who Works

#2 - A Man Who Works

El Cazador de la Bruja Season 1 - Episode 7

The girls arrive at a fairly luxurious hotel in hope that they can get some decent sleep without interruptions. There they run into Lirio, who is waiting for Ricardo. In the meantime, Ricardo is instructed by Rosenberg to teach L.A. a lesson about controlling his obsession with Ellis.

star 9.78
27 votes
Kite's Bracelet

#3 - Kite's Bracelet

.hack Season 2 - Episode 2

Shu-go and Rena encounter Mireille, a Wavemaster intent on collecting rare items. At her invitation, the two participate in an event that has them figShugo logs in, and Rena immediately scolds him for being late. During this scolding, Mireille shows up ready to join the party and go out on an adventure. Instead of politely turning Mireille down, Rena grabs Shugo's hand and uses a Speed Charm and makes a run for it.When Rena and Shugo stop, they realize that there was a special event going on today involving trying to make the Cherry Blossoms bloom. Shugo is really interested in getting over to the field and winning a rare item, but Rena suggests that the field might be tough and they could use a wavemaster. Luckily Mireille just happens to be around and ready to lend a helping hand. At the field, Mireille does her best to try to get the trees to bloom, by casting healing spells. Realizing that doesn't work she wanders off thinking that a rare item might help. Shugo takes this t

star 9.73
29 votes
Wings of Phoenix

#4 - Wings of Phoenix

.hack Season 2 - Episode 3

Late one night in the world, a reddish-brown haired girl asks another girl named Hotaru for a favor. She is going to be logged off for 3 days, and was hoping Hotaru would watch her Grunty. Although Hotaru knows nothing about raising Grunty's, she accepts.The next day, Shugo learns that since his bracelet is such a high level, his level must be higher in order to use it properly. Rena, Mireille, and Ouka convince Shugo that they should go train in an intermediate level area. This will help him level up faster and hopefully be able to control the powers of the bracelet. Balmung and Reki get together to talk about the Kite and Blackrose contest. CC Corp claims that they did not authorize the contest and that they know nothing about it. Balmung thinks that either they truly know nothing about it, or that they are refusing to talk. Balmung tells Reki to report is as a number one emergency claim. Hopefully then someone will decide to talk.On the field, Ouka, Mireille, and Rena te

star 9.73
29 votes
The Night of Tanabata

#5 - The Night of Tanabata

.hack Season 2 - Episode 4

The episode starts with Sanjuro training Shugo about how to fight the monsters in ""The World"" When they are done, they teleport back to the city where Rena is waiting for them, and she tells Shugo the he has spent a lot of time playing with Sanjuro lately. Shugo replies that they were not playing they were training. Sanjuro chimes in and says that a warrior needs to train. Rena replies that Shugo is not a warrior and that she is feeling neglected that they should spend more time together.In Mac Anu, the Shugo and Rena learn about the Festival of the Weaver Maiden that will be held later that day. In the field Distant Azure River, where the festival of Tanabata is scheduled to take place, Shugo is already there waiting for the others to arrive. When Mireille shows up, she is wearing a rare yukata that she received as a rare item from a very tough battle. Shortly after, Hotaru, Ouka and Rena teleport in and they, too, are wearing yukatas. According to Tanabata tradition, everyone

star 9.73
29 votes
A Legendary Hero

#6 - A Legendary Hero

.hack Season 2 - Episode 1

A boy named Kunisaki Shugo checks his email to find that he has won a contest that allows him to play The World as the legendary .hacker Kite. Shugo calls up his twin sister to tell her the good news and she informs him that she too has won the contest and that her character will be remodeled after the character Blackrose (also a legendary .hacker). Shugo mentions that he never entered in any contest and that he does not even have the software to play the game. That is when Rena informs Shugo that she entered him in the contest and that just incase one of them won, she installed the world on his computer.When he logs in, he meets up with his twin sister Rena and they decide to go to a field. On the field, Rena and Shugo watch as a Level 1 class monster appears in front of them. Shugo attacks, but is easily knocked to the ground by the monster. Rena performs Calamity Cut to take out the monster and then she offers her brother a healing potion. After being reprimanded by Rena, Sh

star 8.53
58 votes
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#7 - Catastrophe

.hack Season 1 - Episode 25

The players leave the Net Slum and separate for a bit, but meet up again in the Church and safeguard Subaru and Tsukasa. Sora is sent after them by Morgana and is given help by her to defeat them. A great battle ensues, and Tsukasa decides to fight back and not run anymore. Maha starts to disobey Morgana, and is hit by one of her creations. Subaru, Tsukasa, and Mimiru are transported to an unknown destination.

star 8.42
58 votes
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#8 - Return

.hack Season 1 - Episode 26

The Finale! Tsukasa, Subaru and Mimiru are separated in a special field, and encounter alternate versions of each other. After realizing the trickery, they are transported to Morganna's realm where they find Aura. Despite Morganna's protests, Tsukasa wakes Aura and they escape to NetSlum, only to to trapped by Skeith. Helba, taking extreme measures, deletes the field, and Tsukasa is finally able to log out.

star 8.39
58 votes
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#9 - Tempest

.hack Season 1 - Episode 20

First, Tsukasa takes Subaru to the place where the sleeping girl lays, only to find she isn't there. Then, Bear decides that the ""Key of the Twilight"" issue should be resolved. He calls BT, Crim, Subaru and Mimiru together to discuss what they should do. Meanwhile, Sora and BT are forming an alliance to find the Key first, apparently for selfish reasons. They enlist the help of Silver Knight, but only intend to use him as a pawn. They are probably after the forces that still follow him. Their plan is to take all the information BT will obtain from ""Bear's Party"", and then use it to try to get to the key first. Their logic is that they can move faster than Bear and co. Tsukasa returns to where the sleeping girl was. Suddenly he is picked up and held over the bed. He appears to be in pain. He asks if he is being punished for bringing Subaru, and a voice answers yes. He is raised over the bed, then a sort of explosion, then implosion occurs with Tsukasa as the epicenter. Then

star 8.31
116 votes

#10 - Party

.hack Season 1 - Episode 11

Bear, Mimiru, and Tsukasa form a party in an attempt to complete a rare item quest. During the adventure, Tsukasa starts to get closer to Bear and Mimiru and eventually he learns to not rely on his guardian for protection but on his fellow party members.

star 8.30
116 votes
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#11 - Castle

.hack Season 1 - Episode 14

Crim and BT go to a mysterious castle to search for the Key, followed by Sora. Thanks to the code that Helba gave them, Bear, Tsukasa, and Mimiru also reach the castle. But traps line the way, and there seems to be an evil atmosphere to the place.

star 8.02
116 votes
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#12 - Depth

.hack Season 1 - Episode 16

Tsukasa suffering from his attack awakes in Aura's domain, he seems to be fine and learns he cannot die in this place, but will come back. The other players know not of what happened to Tsukasa, but want to find him. Tsukasa meets up with Subaru and they have a small talk where she reassured him of his situation. Mimiru recalls Tsukasa's reaction to something the broken man said and wants to find him to know what.

star 8.02
116 votes
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#13 - Captured

.hack Season 1 - Episode 5

In a desert region, a male long arm is running through the area shouting that he is back. Tsukasa is sitting alone in the dungeon, when the male long arm introduces himself as Crim and asks if Tsukasa needs any help. Tsukasa denies Crim’s help and teleports out of the area. Back in the root town, Mimiru waits for Bear to arrive, when he does, she asks him why are there wanted posters out for Tsukasa’s arrest if this is a game. Bear explains that there are rules, and that Tsukasa broke them. In a field with dark clouds, BT waits for Sora to arrive. When he does, she tells him she wants to exchange some information with them. He replies by saying unless the information he receives is of equal value, then it is not a trade. She tells him that she has a plan to lure Tsukasa out of hiding. As Subaru and Silver Knight walk about the city, Sora appears and asks them if they have found a way to lure him out. Sora says that he has a plan and proceeds to ask if they are interested. She te

star 8.00
116 votes
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#14 - Epitaph

.hack Season 1 - Episode 9

A girl meets Tsukasa and tells him that she will be out of town for a little while and that she would like him to help take care of her Grunty. While taking care of the Grunty it eventually becomes sick and the only cure is a hard to find purple cherry. While Tsukasa is searching for the cherry all the other characters are discussing the Key of the Twilight. Sora mentions that he may know someone that might be able to help them in their search...the great hacker Helba.

star 7.95
116 votes

#15 - Compensation

.hack Season 1 - Episode 10

After denying his son money for a new car, Bear talks to B.T. and she suggestions that the reason he is so protective of Mimiru and of Tsukasa in ""The World"" is because he feels that he isn't being a good father. By looking out for them, he is providing the fatherly role which he can't provide to his own son. Meanwhile, Subaru tells Silver Knight to contact her immediately if anybody wants to talk to her. Silver Knight agrees, but when Tsukasa wants to contact Subaru, Silver Knight tells him that she doesn't want to see him. Not much later we see Tsukasa sulking on the Bridge in Mac Anu. When Subaru seems him, she leaves the boat and tries to get closer, Tsukasa teleports away before Subaru could ever reach her and she returns to her boat with a saddened look on her face. All the while, BT and Crim continue to search for clues regarding The Key of the Twilight.

star 7.95
116 votes

#16 - Conflict

.hack Season 1 - Episode 17

BT is wandering around the world looking for someone to rely on but can't find anybody. She goes to Crim to see if he would like to meet in the real world, but he turns her down. BT later gets called by Subaru, but instead of helping Subaru out, BT ends up insulting and putting her down. BT later goes with these two guys on a treasure hunt, but it turns out they tricked her and only want to kill her for her experience. BT ends up getting saved by Tsukasa, and Tsukasa and BT end up bonding with each other.

star 7.82
116 votes
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#17 - Promise

.hack Season 1 - Episode 8

Mimiru determined to meet with Tsukasa, sends him an email stating that she will wait for him in Dun Loreig. As she waits she is confident that he will show up. Even when Sora appears to help her pass the time.

star 7.80
116 votes
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#18 - Entanglement

.hack Season 1 - Episode 12

The episode starts out in the real world with a man standing over the coma victim debating whether or not the plug should be pulled on life support. In the game, Mimiru talks to Tsukasa about how she wishes she could trade items in The World for real world items. Shen proceeds to talk about a handbag that she would like to get from Shimakita and Tsukasa inquires if it was the store at the southern exit? Mimiru is a bit surprised and asks him if he is from Tokyo. In Tsukasa's secret place, large thorny vines entangle Aura. As he tries to free Aura, the vines tighten their hold around her. It seems the harder he tries to free Aura, the thicker the vines grow back. The mysterious voice asks Tsukas if he knows the story of the Little Mermaid. He then realizes that as long as he stays there, Aura will be fine. However if he leaves the world, Aura may be hurt.

star 7.80
116 votes
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#19 - Reason

.hack Season 1 - Episode 7

Mimiru meets up with a new character named A-20 who pushes Mimiru to her limits. While exploring a dungeon with A-20, Mimiru looks for a reason to stay in touch with Tsukasa even though the two of them had a fight.

star 7.77
116 votes
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#20 - Wanted

.hack Season 1 - Episode 4

Mimiru teleports into the main area, and she overhears some players talking about a person who can summon a monster and have it attack monster for you Back in the city Subaru and Silver Knight have met up with Bear, she tells him she has checked the log. She tells him that if they log is correct that Tsukasa has been on for the last 10 days. Tsukasa is again alone with the little floating girl, and he asks what will happen when she awakens. Finally the voice speaks to him and tells him something wonderful will happen when she awakes. ""You and I, and he, the three of us will be able to live on peacefully, undisturbed by anyone else. In a world devoid of any harm or discomfort."" Tsukasa says that there are no worlds like that In the real world, a grown man stands in the rain and tries to light a cigarette, as the man walks down the rainy street, we can see a hospital in the background. In a forest area Bear sits alone waiting for Mimiru. When she appears, she tells him how horrible

star 7.76
145 votes
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#21 - Encounter

.hack Season 1 - Episode 6

In a root town, Mimiru, Bear and BT are all together talking about the events that just took place. Mimiru asks BT why she set up Tsukasa to be captured. BT says she heard the information from another source and it must have somehow gotten to the Crimson Knights. Bear point out that should focus on what is going on right now and Mimiru replies that they should rescue Tsukasa. In the prison where Tsukasa is being held captive, Subaru approaches saying she wishes to speak with him alone. The knights reluctantly agree. When Subaru sees Tsukasa, he is sitting alone in a dark room. Subaru apologizes for everything that has happened to him and all she wanted was to speak to him. While she is talking, Tsukasa sees a bug fly by and says that it smells nice. Subaru is surprised he can smell inside a game. Tsukasa replies that he can also feel pain. Tsukasa asks Subaru if she thinks he is lying and she tells him no. She asks him what he intends to do now and that as long as he abides

star 7.75
116 votes
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Twilight Eye

#22 - Twilight Eye

.hack Season 1 - Episode 13

Everyone is getting anxious about finding the Key of the Twilight and with Tsuaksa gradually becoming more involved in wanting to log out of the world, they feel that now is the best time to act. However no one knows exactly where to go. However Sora mentions that he is able to contact the great hacker Helba. After contacting Helba, he says that she wishes to talk to Bear and that he wishes to meet him. Bear sets off to the dungeon described by Helba and when Bear gets to the bottom dungeon, Helba teleports in and relays the message that she might be able to help find the key of the twilight. After their visit, Bear, Mimiru, and Tsuaksa get ready to head to find the Key of the Twilight, however, it seems that Crim and BT are also heading off on the same adventure. At the church where Tsukasa often hides out, and Crim are talking. Crim wonders how they can open the Twilight Eye. BT smiles and then proceeds to use her magic on the field. As she casts the spell, the clouds part and

star 7.75
116 votes
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#23 - Recollection

.hack Season 1 - Episode 19

We learn about the past of Subaru and how she founded the Scarlet Knights. Later, Subaru is wandering the world and word of her disbanding the Knights has spread. She is attacked by another character, and comes to find Tsukasa badly beaten. They bond even closer and we see a glimpse of the real life Subaru.

star 7.75
116 votes

#24 - Despair

.hack Season 1 - Episode 21

The episode opens with Mimiru and Bear waiting in Dun Loireag for Subaru. Mimiru wonders why Subaru is late, and Bear says she is most likely looking for Tsukasa. Subaru arrives, and Bear asks if she was able to meet with Tsukasa. She responds that she hasn't been able to contact him and is worried it is her fault. Bear says that beating herself up won't do any good , and that they have to start looking for him. Subaru says she will look for him by herself. Mimiru says that they have all ready looked everywhere he could be. Subaru says they haven't looked where the sleeping girl (Aura) was. There is a brief flashback to when Tsukasa took Subaru there and Aura was missing. Mimiru says they need Tsukasa's power to get there. Subaru says she will use the message boards to try to find someone that knows something about the place. They all agree to search for Tsukasa. Subaru leaves to talk with B.T. , and Mimiru comments on how tired Subaru looks. Tsukasa is shown leaning against the bed. H

star 7.75
116 votes
The Eve

#25 - The Eve

.hack Season 1 - Episode 23

All the players are coming together to meet Helba, and go through her special gate, even Tsukasa. He meets up with Crim beforehand and is scared to go. The gate appears and one by one they go through- save Subaru who is determined for Tsukasa to show up.

star 7.73
87 votes
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#26 - Declaration

.hack Season 1 - Episode 18

Silver Knight and the other Crimson Knights want to go after Sora, for being a player killer. Subaru is against it saying that is not the purpose of the Crimson Knights. They go back and forth about the purpose of the Knights, and finally Silver Knight tells Subaru he had contacted the system admids and they wrote back to Subaru. After rethinking a lot of what the Knights have become Subaru decides to disband them.

star 7.47
116 votes
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Role Play

#27 - Role Play

.hack Season 1 - Episode 1

The show starts with a wavemaster (named Tsukasa) lying on the ground, when he gets up, he is unsure of his surroundings. Soon a female heavy blade introduces herself as Mimiru and comments on the fact that very rarely do you see a wavemaster working alone. She assumes that he is very strong. As she looks at his staff, he teleports out of the area. Back in the field, Tsukasa is sitting alone against a well. He talks to himself saying that he did not know what he was doing, or where he was in fact. From the horizon three knights approach and they are investigating the fact that he was seen with a character that looked like a cat. Instead of supplying the warriors with information the wavemaster teleports out of the area. Now in Mac Anu (the city of water) a young female heavy axeman (named Subaru) is talking to one of the Crimson Knights. They are discussing recent issues in ""The World"" and problems that keep arising. As she moves down toward the center of the boat, they pass Tsu

star 7.40
202 votes
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#28 - Folklore

.hack Season 1 - Episode 3

In Mac Anu, Subaru meets with Silver Knight to discuss what has been happening with Tsukasa in “The World”. She tells him that they are not system moderators and that they are just players. Subaru then says that they will resume the conversation later, but first she must meet someone. In another area, BT asks Bear how it is possible for Tsukasa to move freely between the fields and have a guardian protect him. The only explanation Bear can think of is that Tsukasa has somehow risen above the system. BT then suggests that Bear should meet Tsukasa in real life, but Bear replies that if he can’t log out here, he must be in pretty bad shape out there. BT suggests that Tsukasa might not be a normal player, but merely a character developed by CC Corp. In another field, Subaru meets with Sora and he wants to discuss the Key of the Twilight. Subaru says that does not exit and begins to leave. Sora then draws his weapon and forces her to stop. Eventually Subaru returns to the city follo

star 7.36
145 votes

#29 - Phantom

.hack Season 1 - Episode 22

Bear, Mimiru and Subaru are planning on returning to the broken man and encounter another unbeatable monster, yet are saved by an old friend of Subaru's. We hear more of Morgana's intentions. Our hero's learn more from the broken man, and Tsukasa starts to show signs of coming to. Sora discovers the realm of Morgana and gains knowledge from her.

star 7.25
116 votes
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#30 - Guardian

.hack Season 1 - Episode 2

In a field, Tsukasa runs into Bear (the guy he met at the spring of myst). Bear asks him if he has read the message boards. Tsukasa just shrugs him off and proceeds to leave the area. Mimiru meets up with Bear and tells him that he might be in trouble with the knights and that they should look out for him. Bear agrees and says he will call Mimiru if he knows anything. A female wavemaster named BT is now in a desert region being chased by someone, when she is cornered he jumps her asks for her member address. When she says no, he proceeds to kill her. Tsukasa now alone again in an open desert filed contemplates on what he should do, when Maho appears floating above him. Tsukasa wants to get away from everywhere but he knows that there is no place for him to go. Maho nods and then speaks to him, prompting him to say, ""is there really such a place?"" Tsukasa is now in a dimly lit dungeon, and he is being followed by Sora (the person who player killed BT). When Tsukasa meets a dead

star 7.17
174 votes
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Net Slum

#31 - Net Slum

.hack Season 1 - Episode 24

The other players are in a new realm, a place where old and lost data is kept. Subaru's waiting pays off and Tsukasa finally appears and they go through the gate. Our players learn a lot from Helba, and start to formulate a plan on what to do next. Subaru and Tsukasa bond more, and learn more about each other. They figure out that the enemy is after Subaru and they need to protect her, a battle ensues. Tsukasa makes the decision that the does want to log out.

star 6.42
58 votes