The Best Episodes Directed by Jun Takada

Call Me By My Given Name

#1 - Call Me By My Given Name

Good Luck Girl! Season 1 - Episode 8

Noticing Ichiko doesn't seem to get along with the other girls, Ranmaru tries being friendly with her, but her pride rejects her offer. The next day, a zealous classmate named Akane Tenge and her gang kidnap Ichiko and take her to the old school building with a plan to put her in her place. Ranmaru arrives to rescue her but as Ichiko manages to sneak away, the building collapses with Ranmaru inside it. As Ichiko becomes conflicted over whether to save Ranmaru or not, she recalls when she was younger when her best friend turned against her over a boy, which has haunted her to this day. Telling her to get over her cowardness, Momiji extracts some of Ichiko's Fortune, which Ichiko gives to Ranmaru, allowing her to escape. After the incident, Ichiko lets Ranmaru use one of Momiji's gadgets to learn about her past trauma, which caused her to have a fear of getting close to others. After hearing her story, Ranmaru makes a promise to never betray Ichiko and the two become friends on a first name basis.

star 9.31
52 votes
Who's the Flat One Now? Huh? Huh!? Huh!!?

#2 - Who's the Flat One Now? Huh? Huh!? Huh!!?

Good Luck Girl! Season 1 - Episode 5

Momiji uses an Ageing Box on Ichiko in an attempt to turn her into an old lady, but it instead turns her into a little kid. As Ichiko escapes from Momiji, she encounters one of Keita's sisters, Mika. As Ichiko spends time with Mika in order to avoid Momiji, she encounters Bob and Momou, who tell her she needs to find another Ageing Box to turn her back to her normal age, and manages to get them to search for it. Ichiko then goes over to Keita's home and requests to sleep over whilst trying to keep her identity a secret. The next day, Momiji follows Ichiko as she goes with Keita's family on a picnic and manages to capture her once she's seperated from the others. As Keita tries to search for her, he falls down a cliffside.

star 8.68
81 votes
Motoharu's Sister / Mitsuo's Worries / Manga / Balconies / Convenience Store / Towers / Cakes / Horoscopes / 100 / Ramen / Skirts

#3 - Motoharu's Sister / Mitsuo's Worries / Manga / Balconies / Convenience Store / Towers / Cakes / Horoscopes / 100 / Ramen / Skirts

Daily Lives of High School Boys Season 1 - Episode 8

In this episode, see high school boys converse with their sister, console their friend, critique their friend's fan comic, talk to the girl across the balcony, go to the convenience store, help a girl, eat cake, discuss horoscopes, and deal with bugs.

star 7.41
29 votes
Summer Plans / The Beach House / Hot Spring Balls / The Radio DJ / Summer Memories / The Train to School / Uniform and Boyfriend

#4 - Summer Plans / The Beach House / Hot Spring Balls / The Radio DJ / Summer Memories / The Train to School / Uniform and Boyfriend

Daily Lives of High School Boys Season 1 - Episode 3

In this episode, see high school boys make plans for summer, go to the beach, play table tennis, pretend to host a radio talk show, create great summer memories, and become obsessed with a girl.

star 7.31
35 votes
Trash Day / Clock Tower / Birds Flying over the Walls

#5 - Trash Day / Clock Tower / Birds Flying over the Walls

Haibane Renmei Season 1 - Episode 4

Kana tells Rakka not to feed the crows, because they are the only creatures who can leave the city, and if they get too comfortable, they might stop doing so. To explore her own job options, Rakka accompanies Kana to work in a clock tower in the center of town. This, she learns, is the highest point in the city, but the walls around it are higher still.

star 7.23
107 votes
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Well / Rebirth / Riddle

#6 - Well / Rebirth / Riddle

Haibane Renmei Season 1 - Episode 9

Rakka realizes that the crow that died in the well represents someone who cared about her in her old life. The Toga find and rescue her from the well. Hearing a noise, she touches the wall. The Communicator leads her home and they talk about the bird, her wings, and a riddle he calls the Circle of Sin. Arriving home, Rakka becomes ill from having touched the wall.

star 7.08
49 votes
That’s Why I Trust You

#7 - That’s Why I Trust You

ISLAND Season 1 - Episode 5

“I don’t have time to spare!” Sara yells hurriedly. She has a hypothesis as to why Setsuna came back in time and that he and she are destined to be together, but Rinne confronts him with a dark truth. Crimson flames lick the heavens, bringing an end to a bloody history.

star 7.04
24 votes
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Take It to the Max

#8 - Take It to the Max

Beyblade Season 1 - Episode 3

Tyson and Kenny meet Max, the new kid in town, just before a puppy is washed away to a waterfall. Tyson attempts to save him, but fails. Max then tries, and succeeds. Max and Tyson battle in Max's dad's shop, but Max wins, due to his defensive-type Beyblade. Stanley A Dickenson (the Chairman of the Beyblade Battle Association) then arrives and informs them of the Beyblade Battle Tournament, and they are all looking forward to it. Kenny and Tyson argue over Tyson's cockiness that his Bey need not be improved. Tyson then attempts to control the Dragoon, and succeeds, while Kenny is watching through the window. They then become friends again.

star 6.83
47 votes
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Bladin' In the Streets

#9 - Bladin' In the Streets

Beyblade Season 1 - Episode 8

As Tyson, Kai, Max, Kenny and Ray fly to Hong Kong to prepare for the Asian Tournament, Kai "quits" the team and walks into the streets. The rest of the team try to follow him and fail when they hear a Bey spinning, and find a back-alley Beyblader challenging them to a battle. Tyson battles and manages to just defeat him, when another Beyblade knocks Dragoon out of the stadium and nearly hits Ray (Kai then reappears and knocks Dragoon out of his way), belonging to a boy named Kevin.

star 6.70
43 votes
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Going for the Gold

#10 - Going for the Gold

Beyblade Season 1 - Episode 15

The finals are about to begin in the Asian Qualifying Tournament with the winning team advancing to the World BeyBlade Championships. In the first round, Max goes against Gary from the White Tigers in a best of three battle. The first round goes without a hitch as Max easily takes care of his opponent and with the win, Max becomes a little overconfident. Meanwhile, Gary loses it and as his rage intensifies, so does the strength of his Galzzy Bit Beast. In the second round Gary surprises Max his blade's new found power and after Max puts up a respectable defense, Max finally falls prey to Gary's Galzzy. Now the Bladebreakers realise they're not as quite tough as they think they are and when they enter the ring for the final round, they try a new strategy. But Gary has other plans and makes quick work of defeating his inferior opponent handing a first round loss to our heroes.

star 6.09
11 votes
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Blading with the Stars

#11 - Blading with the Stars

Beyblade Season 1 - Episode 22

A charity event in the Heartland of America gives the Bladebreakers a taste of the All Starz's prowess. Featuring celebrities in a three-on-three contest against young Beybladers of note, Emily of the All Starz, bullies her way to an easy win. It's not until Emily knocks out her own opponent, loses the second match and is on her way to throwing the whole competition, that Max teaches her what teamwork is all about.

star 5.75
8 votes
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Losing Kai

#12 - Losing Kai

Beyblade Season 1 - Episode 44

Determined to avenge the All-Starz's devastating defeat, the White Tigers face Kai in the Tournament. One by one, they fall before the power of Black Dranzer and watch, horrified, as their Bit Beasts are absorbed into Kai's Beyblade. The Bladebreakers storm the abbey in a desperate attempt to free their teammate. Tyson stumbles into Biovolt's secret lab and learns the truth about Kai's past from a gloating Boris. Tyson refuses to give up on his friend until Kai hands over his old Dranzer Beyblade and tells him to leave. Will the Bladebreakers survive the loss of their most powerful member?

star 5.75
8 votes
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Hot Battle in a Cold Town

#13 - Hot Battle in a Cold Town

Beyblade Season 1 - Episode 40

The Bladebreakers arrive in Moscow on a brisk winter's day in anticipation of the World Beyblading final tournament. As they search for their hotel in the chilly city, they happen upon Boris, a strange man who claims to be the head of a rather eerie Beyblading training center. With the charm of an old world count, Boris invites them to lunch and them brings them to the training facility where they meet the next generation of Beybladers. It's here where Boris decides that one of his pupils should test his blading skills against Tyson. Our heroes are led into a rather stark, castle-like chamber which houses nothing more than a Beystadium and here Tyson takes on a young kid named Alexander. At first the battle is in favour of Alexander, but Tyson quickly turns the tide with Kai's help and wins with his patented Phantom Hurricane Attack. After the match, Alexander's Beyblade is crushed under Boris' foot and the young lad is dragged off in disgrace much to the confusion of the Bladebreakers who quickly leave. At the end of the episode, Kai vows to return and seek retribution.

star 5.50
8 votes
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