The BEST episodes directed by Jun Hirabayashi

Cinderella Four
138 votes

#1 - Cinderella Four

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 19

The mayor of Hong Kong, caught between the two warring powers, orders the Audomura to leave before the city loses its neutrality. Camille sneaks away to look for Four, who now carries a Titan homing device. Camille and Four are attracted by their Newtype affinity. Four has no memory of her life before the enhancement treatment at the Institute, where she was the fourth subject: Murasame #4 (MRX-004). Wooda attacks Hong Kong in Psycho Gundam, but lacks the Newtype power to control it properly. Amuro takes the Mark-II against it, but Psycho Gundam simply can't be stopped with physical force. Four is attuned to Psycho Gundam and uses her power to regain control of it while Amuro picks up Camille. As Camille drops Amuro off and takes over the Mark-II, Four realizes that he is the Enemy she's been seeking. She is confused by her affinity with Camille, which she tries to reject, and memories of her former life, which return in painful flashes. Camille tries to talk her out of it, but Four is maddened by her inner conflicts and attacks with increasing savagery until Amuro gets Camille to retreat. The battle ends in a draw. The Audomura leaves Hong Kong to prevent any more attacks on the city.

Storm Over Kilimanjaro
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#2 - Storm Over Kilimanjaro

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 35

The Radish leaves the Ahgama with La Vie en Rose. Petty quarrels ensue aboard Ahgama: Shinta and Qum break Haro, Camille is too busy writing reports for Bright to be bothered fixing it at first and snubs Quattro on his way to repair it later, Fa is upset with Camille for his childish actions toward Quattro since Reccoa's loss. Quattro and Bright meet to discuss an assault on the new Titan base atop Kilimanjaro. The Kalaba will attack it with Dijeh (MSK-008) and Dodai Sub Flight Units (flying sleds) while the Ahgama supplies orbital and aerial reconnaissance and high-altitude air support. As the Ahgama departs, Won Lee stays behind at La Vie en Rose. During the mission briefing, Camille interrupts Quattro with an angry outburst about Reccoa. Fa shuts him up, prompting him to walk out. Alone in the corridor, he has a vision of Four that mellows him enough to apologize to Fa later. Near Earth, Yazan attacks the Ahgama with the Barzam (RMS-154) developed at Kilimanjaro. Yazan cripples Quattro's Type-100, sending it plunging into the atmosphere, but Camille uses Z-Gundam in Wave Rider mode as a re-entry shield.

Casualties of War
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#3 - Casualties of War

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 49

While the Agama makes its way back to the rest of the AEUGO fleet, the Titans and Axis have both shown up to try and wrest back control of the colony laser. A vicious three-way battle begins, with AEUGO, Hamaan's Axis and Scirocco's Titans throwing all their forces into the fray. Thus begins the Great Character Purge. Emma and Katsu dock to form the Super Gundam and fend off Yazan's Hambrabi trio; Katsu insists on sticking around to fight in his puny cockpit capsule, and Yazan chases him into an asteroid. A furious Emma blows away Yazan's wingmen, but the enemy ace sneaks up behind her and blasts the Gundam's back. Like an idiot, Henken maneuvers the Radish into the fight to try and cover Emma - cover a mobile suit with a battleship! - and Yazan doesn't even break a sweat as he shoots the Radish to pieces. One very funny moment: Scirocco and Reccoa charge into battle, facing about a hundred Axis mobile suits. Suddenly there's a blaze of light, as Char - sitting on the sidelines - toasts the Axis forces with his mega bazooka launcher, leaving Scirocco all dressed up with nobody to fight. Meanwhile, the Agama contingent finally arrives. Camille is intercepted by Jerid, but shrugs him off with little effort; Jerid's crippled mobile suit spins off and plows into the wreck of the Radish, blowing whatever's left of the ship and its crew into space dust. Emma, her Gundam repaired, sets out to duel Reccoa. The two former friends strike, and Emma scores a dead hit. Emma recklessly gets out to inspect the wreck of Reccoa's mobile suit and see if she's still alive; Yazan, lurking nearby, opens fire, hits the wrecked mobile suit, and it explodes. Emma takes a hunk of burning shrapnel in the gut. Camille hulks out, chops up Yazan's mobile suit (though the fiend himself escapes), and collects Emma's dying body.

Colony Drop
75 votes

#4 - Colony Drop

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 25

Hizack approaches the Ahgama under a flag of truce. Scirocco, humiliated by Jamaican's reprimand, has sent Sara to betray Jamaican's plan to push the deserted Side 4 out of its orbit and crash it into Von Braun City. Camille learns that Scirocco has been behind all the recent attacks. Sara is put under house-arrest and held hostage in the event that this is a trap. The Ahgama and Radish set out to intercept the falling space colony while Won Lee warns the mayor of Von Braun City -- the Titans are the real threat. Sara plays on Katsu's trust to recover her Hizack and escape. Emma activates one of Side 4's attitude jets, which alters the space colony's trajectory enough to miss Von Braun City.

Coming from the Heavens
78 votes

#5 - Coming from the Heavens

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 45

Haman declares that Axis will defeat the Titans at Zedan's Gate. Having seen Axis' superior forces, Jamitov writes the Titan base off and orders the EUG forces to evacuate. Scirocco sends Reccoa in the Pallas Athene (PMX-100) to rescue Sara. Aboard the Ahgama, Katsu watches Sara on the monitor and broods over the circumstances that have made them enemies. Camille's attempt to set him at ease only upsets him further. Reccoa observes from an asteroid as the Ahgama sets up for a barrage of Zedan's Gate. As the Ahgama Mobile Suits launch their attack, she makes hers. Camille senses her presence and tries to stop her, but he's too far away. Even so, he tries to warn her off via their Newtype affinity. Reccoa's attack allows Sara to escape and get to her Mobile Suit. Katsu senses her escape and goes after her while Fa battles Reccoa. They end up grounded near the Titan base, where they talk briefly about Reccoa's defection. Katsu catches up to Sara, but is attacked by Jared. Appori tries to help Katsu, but gets between them and is killed. Appori's death triggers Camille's berserker rage. The overwhelming AEUGO and Axis forces soon destroy Zedan's Gate, but Jared manages to escape with Reccoa and Sara.

Jerid's Desperate Attack
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#6 - Jerid's Desperate Attack

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 30

Quattro and Won Lee wait at Von Braun City to discuss using the former Zion stronghold as a central base for AEUG with Melanie Hugh Carbine. Yazan leads a Mobile Suit strike force against the Ahgama and Z-Gundam. Moira counsels Jared to curb his obsession with vengeance -- against Yazan as well as Camille. Bright reprimands Camille and Fa for letting the children get into the Mobile Suit launch bay. Jared and Moira wait in ambush in the remains of a derelict colony while Yazan and the rest of the Titan force herds the Ahgama their way. A Titan fleet is detected by the Ahgama's radar just as it launches its own Mobile Suit force and both the Ahgama and the Radish retreat toward the abandoned colony. Camille and Fa turn back to defend the ships while Emma and Appori lead the AEUG counterforce against Yazan. Jared and Moira spring their trap, focusing on the Ahgama. Z-Gundam squares off against Jared's Gabthley while Fa's Mark-II keeps Moira's Gabthley at bay. Camille retreats into the colony to draw Jared away from the Ahgama. Fa sees Haro floating near a breach in the Ahgama's hull and goes after it to make sure the children are okay. Camille goes to help her and almost gets her killed by Jared and Moira. As Fa is wounded by their crossfire, Camille's Newtype power explodes in a burst of rage, destroying half the Titan Mobile Suits. A mental warning from Emma saves Camille from Jared's Mega Cannon. Camille counters with the Mega Bazooka, but Moira shields Jared with her Gabthley, taking the full force of the blast herself. Jared attacks the Ahgama in a mindless rage, only to have his Gabthley shot to pieces by Emma. Yazan accepts that the plan has failed and retreats. Jared sees an apparition of Moira as his drifts into deep space in his wrecked Gabthley. Bright thanks Emma for saving the Ahgama, but she credits Camille. Fa is recognized for her devotion to the children.

Activation of Gryps
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#7 - Activation of Gryps

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Season 1 - Episode 40

The Ahgama prepares to attack Grips 2 before the Colony Laser can be deployed. Rosamia, like her predecessor Four, displays wild mood swings and headaches, behaving childishly much of the time. She especially displays a childish fear of doctors, which makes Emma suspicious. At Grips 2, Reccoa is enchanted by Scirocco, who gives her the Messala to lead a squad of Barzams against the Ahgama. Camille recognizes the Messala, which was last piloted by Sara. He and Emma are shocked to learn that it's now piloted by Reccoa, who is unhappy about changing sides but certain of Scirocco's success. Z-Gundam pins the Messala against an asteroid and Camille tries to talk to Reccoa, but she rejects him and escapes. Basque fires the Colony Laser at Side 2, destroying Bunch 18 the same way Giren Zabi destroyed the Peace Conference during the One Year War.