The BEST episodes directed by Julian Higgins

Still Treads the Shadow
107 votes

#1 - Still Treads the Shadow

Star Trek Continues - Season 1 - Episode 8

The Enterprise discovers a lost starship... with an unlikely passenger. FAN NOTE: This is a follow up episode to "The Tholian Web" (s3e09) from the original series.

Come Not Between the Dragons
115 votes

#2 - Come Not Between the Dragons

Star Trek Continues - Season 1 - Episode 6

A troubled creature pierces the Enterprise hull, pitting the crew against a pursuer that threatens to tear them apart.

Blowing the Whistle
5136 votes

#3 - Blowing the Whistle

House - Season 8 - Episode 15

The team treats an Army veteran charged with treason after he leaked classified information. But the patient's life is put at risk when he refuses treatment unless he and his brother are given information about their late father, a war veteran, which raises questions about loyalty to one's family and country. Meanwhile, Adams suspects House may be sick, so she recruits Wilson and the other team members to plan an intervention and investigate his illness.

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