The BEST episodes directed by Josh Pate

Full Hearts
820 votes

#1 - Full Hearts

Friday Night Lights - Season 1 - Episode 9

Smash continues to go the extreme to improve his performance. Rumors begin to spread about Tim and Lyla's relationship. Julie and Matt attempt to go out on a date but it is cursed from the beginning.The Panthers are in much anticipation for their upcoming game against the Gatling High.

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Ryde or Die
118 votes

#2 - Ryde or Die

Fastlane - Season 1 - Episode 5

Van and Deaq are in the middle of a shoot out in Aquarius's club because Aquarius didn't want to sell Ecstasy out of his club and the dealer shot up the place. They decide to open a hip Hollywood nightclub to trap the dealer in a bust. When the investigation encounters problems, Billie gets involved because she and the dealer share a past together.

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Episode 01
339 votes

#3 - Episode 01

Surface - Season 1 - Episode 1

Oceanographer Laura Daughtery discovers an unknown life form and unearths a vast government cover-up. Across the globe, something mysterious lurks in the seas.

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Gone Native
92 votes

#4 - Gone Native

Fastlane - Season 1 - Episode 3

Van and Deaq are sent in to bring down a Russian gun runner and more importantly his overseas contact. While trying to get close to the Russian and his sister, they find out that they are not he only agency targeting him. An ATF agent has also gotten close and now they must find out if he is truly after the gun runners or if he is beginning to have an agenda of his own. Van and Deaq must decide which side of the law he’s on before a big shipment of secret weapons arrives in the U.S.

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Slippery Slope
117 votes

#5 - Slippery Slope

Fastlane - Season 1 - Episode 16

Van’s old friend and flame, Cassidy Shaw, hasn’t started a new law abiding life and has found herself in trouble after taking something from a reputed mob boss. Van and Deaq must take a trip out of town and apprehend her before the person sent to kill her gets to her first. On top of everything else, the assassin sent after Cassidy is none other than Sophia Jones who has history with Van as well.

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Things Done Changed
92 votes

#6 - Things Done Changed

Fastlane - Season 1 - Episode 4

Rosaria, a special woman from Deaq’s past, comes to Deaq in hopes of getting his help in trying to leave her gangster husband, Alton, who has threatened to kill her if she leaves him. After Van and Billie agree to help, they decide to try to get onto his crew by posing as Rosaria’s cousin and his friend. They then set up a plan to make a bust of Alton and his crew before the heist of a casino.

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