The Best Episodes Directed by Josh Heald


#1 - Counterbalance

Cobra Kai Season 1 - Episode 5

Daniel tries to strike a shady deal to undermine Johnny’s dojo. Meanwhile, Johnny expands his enrollment ranks in the dojo. Miguel puts his karate practice into reality as Samantha faces rejection in school.

star 7.98
2024 votes
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#2 - Quiver

Cobra Kai Season 1 - Episode 6

Johnny’s dojo class attracts a group of misfits while his son Robby, who harbors ulterior motives, lands a new job. Samantha makes a new friend in science class. Daniel inspires interest in karate from an unlikely person.

star 7.90
1986 votes
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Take a Right

#3 - Take a Right

Cobra Kai Season 2 - Episode 6

Daniel’s students are given a lesson in overcoming their grudges. Johnny spends some time away from the dojo, while Kreese exerts his influence.

star 7.86
1329 votes
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All In

#4 - All In

Cobra Kai Season 2 - Episode 5

Daniel struggles to help a new student learn. Miguel makes a new connection, while Johnny tries to repair a relationship. Tensions between the two dojos build to a breaking point.

star 7.78
1339 votes
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