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Ep. #1

#1 - Ep. #1

Days of Our Lives Season 1 - Episode 1

The first ever episode of Days of Our Lives opens with Julie and some of her friends entering Bartlett's department store. They slowly walk to a display case and take a fur out of the case. The shop has been the victim of robberies in the recent weeks and security wasn't taking any chances. As Julie and her friends are about to leave, security stops them... *Hourglass opening* Julie and her friends are in the police station being questioned. However instead of Julie giving her real last name (Olsen) she lies and says that her last name is Horton. Picture fades to a house number plate that reads "Dr. Thomas Horton." Inside Alice is looking over picture frames on the mantle, remembering all of her children. Her and Tom discuss that that the house has gotten much quieter since their children have moved out, much to Alice's dismay. Tom reminds her that they have much to look forward to...Marie's wedding to Tony Merritt. Cue for Marie and Tony's entrance along with Mickey. They go over plan

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Wednesday, November 10, 1965

#2 - Wednesday, November 10, 1965

Days of Our Lives Season 1 - Episode 3

Ben argues with Mickie about how to handle Julie. Addie and Ben pick up Julie from Tom's. Meanwhile, Tony flies to Boston.

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01.05.96 - Friday

#3 - 01.05.96 - Friday

General Hospital Season 33 - Episode 2

Tony tells Ned that Jason went into neurogenic shock & there's a slim chance he'll make a full recovery. Ned berates AJ for confiding in Kevin about the accident. Jason finally opens his eyes. Robin tells Brenda about Jason's accident & also that she knows about Sonny's engagement. Brenda tells Robin that Sonny still loves her & must have made a deal with Lily's dad. Sonny gives Lily an engagement ring & they make love. Damian surveys Dorman's lakehouse. Mac plans to go to Miami with Karen. Katherine goes to the Outback after a noise frightens her. Lucy sees her arrive, but doesn't see Damian chloroform & abduct her.

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04.17.02 - Wednesday (10,000th Broadcast)

#4 - 04.17.02 - Wednesday (10,000th Broadcast)

General Hospital Season 39 - Episode 76

Preview:Scott and Luke share an experience. Recap:It's the 10,000th episode of "General Hospital." Audrey's friends and colleagues surprise her with a celebration commemorating her 10,000th day at the hospital. Recalling the first time she walked through the hospital's doors, a beaming Audrey thanks everyone for making her feel so at home throughout all the years. Later, Alan presents his old friend with a special pin to honor her decades of dedicated service. On their way up to the party, Scott and Luke find themselves stuck in an elevator along with a pregnant woman in labor. Hearing about the stuck elevator, Alan walks everyone over to a nearby computer terminal and boasts how he can solve this problem with the push of a button. As he pushes, the lights go out, bringing sighs of frustration from Monica and the others. Zander catches Maxie eavesdropping on his conversation with Monica. Luke and Scott help Phoebe deliver a healthy baby girl just as the elevator goes back in service. M

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09.20.02 - Friday

#5 - 09.20.02 - Friday

General Hospital Season 39 - Episode 187

Preview:Zander confronts Elizabeth about her plans to remain hidden. Recap:

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12.02.02 - Monday

#6 - 12.02.02 - Monday

General Hospital Season 39 - Episode 237

Preview: Jax angrily confronts Skye about accusing Brenda of murder. Recap: Courtney blames herself for Jason's most recent legal trouble but he assures her she has no reason to feel guilty and that his brother would do anything to see him locked up. A hysterical Alexis lashes out at Sonny as baby Kristina takes a sudden turn for the worse and they take her away. At the police station, Scott suggests to Brenda that she claim self-defense and confess to killing Alcazar. Jason explains to Courtney about the accident which left him brain damaged and how Sonny was the only one who treated him like a normal person. Thus giving him his life back. When Brenda continues to stonewall, Scott plays hard ball and reminds his suspect how she publicly threatened to murder Luis and she angrily informs Scott and Taggert of everything Luis had done to her. Offering to pay the call girl for her time, Luke brings Summer back to the blues club, then clears out the rest of the patrons on a whim. Dr. Navarr

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12.17.02 - Tuesday

#7 - 12.17.02 - Tuesday

General Hospital Season 39 - Episode 248

Preview: Carly hires Courtney to work at her new nightclub.

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