The Best Episodes Directed by Jonathan Watson

The Lost Apostle

#1 - The Lost Apostle

Preacher Season 4 - Episode 6

Tulip and Cass track Jesse and the Saint of Killers, while Starr searches for the missing messiah.

star 7.73
981 votes
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Return of the Present

#2 - Return of the Present

Future Man Season 3 - Episode 8

The universe is about to end. For real this time.

star 7.71
456 votes
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Bleak City

#3 - Bleak City

Preacher Season 4 - Episode 5

Tulip reunites with Cassidy and Eugene finds Jesse; the Grail's agenda threatens to unwind.

star 7.62
988 votes
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There Will Be Borscht

#4 - There Will Be Borscht

Future Man Season 3 - Episode 2

Josh puts his faith in The Voice. Wolf basks in his element. Tiger struggles to adapt.

star 7.54
484 votes
The Precipice of Yesterday

#5 - The Precipice of Yesterday

Future Man Season 3 - Episode 1

Josh, Tiger and Wolf are forced to compete in the Diecathlon, but a complication arises that puts them at odds with each other.

star 7.52
519 votes
Trapper's Delight

#6 - Trapper's Delight

Future Man Season 3 - Episode 3

Josh’s crisis of faith comes to a head. Tiger connects with her killer instincts. Wolf struggles to lay low.

star 7.42
476 votes
Countdown to a Prologue

#7 - Countdown to a Prologue

Future Man Season 2 - Episode 1

Josh is kidnapped by Athena, a member of a secret terrorist organization called The Pointed Circle. His mission to save the world didn’t work. Stu Camillo, now in power, created the cure, and humanity is more divided than ever. Oh, and it’s the year 2162.

star 7.38
1032 votes
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The Outlaw Wild Sam Bladden

#8 - The Outlaw Wild Sam Bladden

Future Man Season 3 - Episode 4

Tiger and Wolf come to terms with their true selves. Josh is forced to confront what and who he truly believes.

star 7.37
478 votes
J1: Judgment Day

#9 - J1: Judgment Day

Future Man Season 2 - Episode 5

Josh, Tiger, and Wolf go on a mission to find their TTD and take down the Pointed Circle. Josh discovers he is not the only Josh in 2162, but Athena escapes with the TTD. Tiger vows to hunt her down – alone. A wedge between Tiger and Wolf grows.

star 7.32
821 votes
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