The BEST episodes directed by Jonathan Lemkin

Funeral for a Door Nail
111 votes

#1 - Funeral for a Door Nail

Moonlighting - Season 2 - Episode 17

A depressed man hires a hit man to kill him after his wife dies, then desperately seeks Dave and Maddie's help to call him off when he sees his supposedly dead wife alive.

Meeting Mr. Pony
122 votes

#2 - Meeting Mr. Pony

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 2 - Episode 25

The gang stays at the Peach Pit after hours to study for midterms. Brenda is left alone while Brandon and Dylan take out the recycling. A gunman enters through the unlocked door, holds a rifle to her head, and forces her to empty the cash register. Brenda puts on a brave front for family and friends, but suffers nightmares and behaves erratically. She has a flashback during a midterm, screams, and runs out of the classroom. A psychiatrist helps her begin to deal with her fears. Brenda reluctantly views a police line-up, resulting in the arrest of the 17-year-old gunman. Music: 'Let the Good Times Roll' by Shirley and Lee, 'Mountain of Love' by Johnny Rivers.

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