The Best Episodes Directed by Jonathan Krisel

One Moore Episode

#1 - One Moore Episode

Portlandia Season 2 - Episode 2

Doug and Claire become a bit obsessed with "Battlestar Galactica" and it begins to take over their lives.

star 8.50
472 votes
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Spyke Drives

#2 - Spyke Drives

Portlandia Season 4 - Episode 5

Peter drives Nance to the emergency room. Spyke gets a car. Ghavin has some questions for a singer whose band is touring through Portland. Fred and Carrie have a garage sale. Dinner party guests are held hostage by a story that won’t end. Claire and Doug improve their relationship by treating each other like dogs. Guest starring Annie Clark, Kumail Nanjiani and Kyle MacLachlan.

star 8.42
291 votes
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#3 - Squiggleman

Portlandia Season 3 - Episode 5

Concerned parents Brendan and Michelle start a band that makes kids music; The Portland Nerd Council issues a Public Service Announcement; Malcom and Kris have an uncomfortable lunch at a vegan restaurant. The Feminist Bookstore hosts a comedy night.

star 8.32
383 votes
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Brunch Village

#4 - Brunch Village

Portlandia Season 2 - Episode 10

New brunch hotspot Fisherman’s Porch gets a write-up in the local paper, prompting Peter and Nance to give it a try – only to find hundreds of others had the same idea. Portland’s Mayor offers to take Fred and Carrie to brunch, but when the bridge is blocked he is forced to find alternate routes. Feminist bookstore owners Toni and Candace take physical measures to remove unwanted pedestrians in line for brunch in front of their store. Nance has Peter hold her spot while she gets her jacket, only to return to accusations that she is cutting the line. Two bouncers escort her to a crazed man who metes out punishment for line cutters – and it is up to Peter to save her.

star 8.32
317 votes
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Late in Life Drug Use

#5 - Late in Life Drug Use

Portlandia Season 4 - Episode 8

Mr. Mayor plans a Pride Parade. Brendan and Michelle decide it’s finally time to try recreational drugs. The Punslingers name some new businesses. Carrie’s brother comes to visit with his new boyfriend. The cops visit Toni and Candace. Spyke and Iris have dinner at a suspiciously bad Thai restaurant. Guest starring Kyle MacLachlan, Dan Savage and Josh Homme.

star 8.23
290 votes
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#6 - #CanadianSafeSex

Kroll Show Season 2 - Episode 2

Mikey considers losing his virginity; Tunes goes into labor; Bobby Bottleservice becomes an unenthusiastic gigolo.

star 8.16
106 votes
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Oh Armond

#7 - Oh Armond

Kroll Show Season 2 - Episode 3

Armond is under house arrest for his wife's murder; Rich Dicks must deliver the eulogy at Grandpa Goobie's funeral or risk losing their inheritance; geologist R. Schrift explains rocks.

star 8.15
103 votes
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#8 - Ecoterrorists

Portlandia Season 4 - Episode 2

Ecoterrorists protest animal testing at a makeup company; Bryce and Lisa Rent it Out!; Toni and Candace have a car wash; Fred misses hip hop; Dave helps Kath get a good night's sleep.

star 8.08
272 votes
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#9 - Motorcycle

Portlandia Season 2 - Episode 7

An idyllic music gathering becomes tense when they face the logistics of loading a harp into a sedan; A middle-aged couple attempts to reclaim the ideals of being young, rebellious and sexy by getting motorcycles; Second-hand clothing store workers scrutinize a woman’s fashion sense when she attempts to sell her used clothes; Nina attempts to convince her boyfriend Lance to join Facebook; Claire goes out for an evening and gets a sitter for her husband, Doug.

star 8.08
345 votes
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#10 - Grover

Portlandia Season 2 - Episode 4

Michelle and Brendan pull out all the stops to see that their son gains admittance to a prestigious preschool.

star 8.04
407 votes
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Trail Blazers

#11 - Trail Blazers

Portlandia Season 4 - Episode 7

Joaquin makes a smoothie. Kickstarter videos compete at the Cant’s Film. Sandra visits a tattoo removal parlor. Malcolm and Kris make their own clothing. Toni and Candace coach the Portland Trail Blazers’ dance team. Guest starring Gus Van Sant, Paul Allen and The Portland Trail Blazers.

star 8.04
342 votes
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Sponsored by Stamps

#12 - Sponsored by Stamps

Kroll Show Season 2 - Episode 4

80s rocker Nash Rickey tries to get the band back together; Ref Jeff finally finds a friend; the Wheels Ontario kids visit the USA.

star 8.04
128 votes
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Soaked in Success

#13 - Soaked in Success

Kroll Show Season 1 - Episode 2

Rich Dicks go to Mexico, Dr. Armond gets a spin-off show, successful moments are celebrated in traditional football-fashion.

star 8.04
195 votes
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Dead Pets

#14 - Dead Pets

Portlandia Season 5 - Episode 10

Police start profiling people that are considered odd after arsonists burn down a taxidermy shop.

star 8.03
189 votes
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The Story of Toni and Candace

#15 - The Story of Toni and Candace

Portlandia Season 5 - Episode 1

In 1991, a merger between two corporate book retailers pits young, sexy, shoulder-pad wearing Toni and Candace against one another in fierce competition to oversee the Chick Lit Department.

star 8.02
209 votes
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Cat Nap

#16 - Cat Nap

Portlandia Season 2 - Episode 6

In a boutique clothing store “Two Girls Two Shirts,” the owners are momentarily tempted by the idea of having customers; A struggling band finds itself with an all too enthusiastic fan; Jayde from “jayde speaks Sevyn” and director Gahvin Quin make a video plea to help raise money in the name of art. When an innovative intern suggests improvements at the feminist bookstore, shopkeepers Toni and Candace defend their way of doing business; Carrie’s sister begins making jewelry, prompting Fred to consider a new way to make a living; A houseowner’s move takes longer than she expects when she accidentally hires an eco-friendly moving crew.

star 7.98
378 votes
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Uncle Dad

#17 - Uncle Dad

Baskets Season 1 - Episode 5

Dale, sick of getting screwed out of a good deal on hutches, leaves his daughters in the care of Chip, consequences be damned.

star 7.98
670 votes
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Bahama Knights

#18 - Bahama Knights

Portlandia Season 4 - Episode 6

Fred has an idea for a music documentary. Peter is reunited with his old band, The Bahama Knights, and his ex-wife is lead singer. Trudy and Craig produce a song. Carrie and Fred go home after a concert. Guest starring Maya Rudolph, Tuck & Patti and Jeff Tweedy.

star 7.97
305 votes
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Cool Wedding

#19 - Cool Wedding

Portlandia Season 2 - Episode 3

Militant bike messenger Spyke and his fiancée Iris strive for non-conformity in their upcoming nuptials; Carrie drops her beloved iPhone, and her life flashes before her eyes; Two overly-polite drivers come to a standstill at an intersection when neither wants to be the first to go; A grocery shopper (Jack McBrayer) finds scorn when he forgets his reusable shopping bag; A bestselling author (Shoreh Agadashloo) visits the feminist bookstore to do a book-reading.

star 7.96
422 votes
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Cops Redesign

#20 - Cops Redesign

Portlandia Season 2 - Episode 5

Nostalgia-loving Jason returns to LA from Portland and informs Melanie of another Portland throwback trend; the Mayor of Portland tasks Fred and Carrie with redesigning the Portland Police Department's uniforms and image; an excited donor donates his old music LPs to an elite preschool, but protective parents Brendan and Michelle question his sonic sensibilities; a team of salespeople at Bad Art Good Walls specialize in supplying new coffee shops with horrible art.

star 7.96
322 votes
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Sharing Finances

#21 - Sharing Finances

Portlandia Season 4 - Episode 1

A young woman is haunted by very smart ghosts; Doug and Claire make a big commitment to one another; Kath and Dave make the most of fifteen minutes; Sandra finally finds a soul mate; Fred is visited by a Date Fact Checker.

star 7.96
324 votes
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Secret Room

#22 - Secret Room

Kroll Show Season 1 - Episode 3

Bobby Bottleservice investigates paranormal activity, a couple builds a secret room, and Young Billy Joel goes on an adventure.

star 7.94
161 votes
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No Olympics

#23 - No Olympics

Portlandia Season 2 - Episode 9

A crying infant’s father escalates his attempts to soothe his thrill-seeking baby; Fred and Carrie get the Mayor of Portland’s blessing to create a grassroots campaign to prevent the Olympics from ever coming to Portland; A creative canoe dancer turns what seems to be a mistake in his routine into a triumphal finish; A pair of bike valets have trouble finding a disgruntled customer’s bike.

star 7.93
369 votes
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#24 - Fashion

Portlandia Season 5 - Episode 6

Portland’s Dollar Store recruits Quinn as the face for their rebranding campaign. Spyke faces trial for making unlicensed Bart Simpson merchandise.

star 7.93
215 votes
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#25 - Circus

Baskets Season 2 - Episode 10

Christine turns to Arby's when Chip joins the Russians.

star 7.93
437 votes
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3D Printer

#26 - 3D Printer

Portlandia Season 4 - Episode 9

A minister reminds us that church is an option. Art students makes anti-corporate paintings. Mr. Mayor unveils Portland’s official 3D printer. Santa is concerned about the future of Christmas. A TV commercial director struggles with his own creativity. Lance and Nina’s lizard dies. Guest starring Ed Begley Jr.

star 7.92
253 votes

#27 - Mixology

Portlandia Season 2 - Episode 1

Local artisan curators Lisa and Bryce realize that they can pickle everything; Fred helps Carrie chase a romantic mixologist (Andy Samberg) who forgets his roots when he moves from Portland to LA; Fred and Carrie stop to eat at a theme restaurant with a difficult waiter (Kumail Nanjiani); Kath and Dave's emergency signals are tested when they go river rafting; Feminist shopkeepers Toni and Candice teach an A/C repairman about the "phallus" and "opposite of a phallus" inside all of us.

star 7.89
497 votes
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#28 - Gavel

Man Seeking Woman Season 1 - Episode 6

Josh finds a new girlfriend who's great for him.

star 7.87
513 votes
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Pull-Out King

#29 - Pull-Out King

Portlandia Season 4 - Episode 4

A punk from the ‘80s wakes up from a coma. An e-mail goes neglected. Nina has surprising news for Lance. Malcolm and Kris tailgate a Prairie Home Companion live show. Carrie dates a tax lawyer. Guest starring Jello Biafra, Annie Clark, Jeff Goldblum, Duff McKagan and Mark Proksch.

star 7.82
387 votes
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4th of July

#30 - 4th of July

Portlandia Season 5 - Episode 5

Kath and Dave attempt the ultimate Independence Day BBQ. The Mayor and Sam search the deep web for truly spectacular fireworks.

star 7.82
153 votes
Celery Guy

#31 - Celery Guy

Portlandia Season 4 - Episode 3

A celery salesman goes to great lengths to get celery back on the table. 911 dispatchers assure callers that it’s beets. The Order Grill is open for lunch. Carrie declares social bankruptcy. A fed up office worker wants to become a gutterpunk. Guest starring Steve Buscemi, Jeff Goldblum, Silas Weir Mitchell and Kumail Nanjiani.

star 7.82
299 votes
Getting Away

#32 - Getting Away

Portlandia Season 4 - Episode 10

Portlandia gets away for the weekend to New Beavertown, Oregon. Toni and Candace lead a feminist retreat for women. Kath and Dave do their best to relax. Peter and Nance go on a walking tour of the town. Guest starring Jason Sudeikis, k.d. lang and Angel Bouchet.

star 7.81
210 votes
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#33 - Cowboys

Baskets Season 1 - Episode 7

Eddie drags Chip and Martha on a road trip to deliver some cowboy justice.

star 7.80
566 votes
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Too Much Tuna

#34 - Too Much Tuna

Kroll Show Season 1 - Episode 4

Liz and Liz promote yogurt water, Rich Dicks go shopping, and Oh Hello’s Gil & George play a prank.

star 7.80
95 votes
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#35 - Seaworld

Portlandia Season 5 - Episode 4

The Ecoterroists travel to San Diego to take down their next target: Seaworld.

star 7.80
220 votes
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Cake Train

#36 - Cake Train

Kroll Show Season 2 - Episode 1

C-Czar enrolls in Dad Academy; Pretty Liz's pregnancy creates tension on PubLizity; another unsuspecting victim is pranked with Too Much Tuna.

star 7.79
141 votes
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Yard Sale

#37 - Yard Sale

Baskets Season 2 - Episode 9

Martha learns to haggle.

star 7.78
470 votes
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DJ Twins

#38 - DJ Twins

Baskets Season 1 - Episode 6

All the free bottled water in the world can’t soften the sting of rejection during an evening with the family.

star 7.77
667 votes
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You Can Call Me Al

#39 - You Can Call Me Al

Portlandia Season 5 - Episode 9

Kath and Dave get a little frantic when they need to rehearse for a karaoke party.

star 7.74
203 votes
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Winter in Portlandia

#40 - Winter in Portlandia

Portlandia Season 3 - Episode 1

It's wintertime in Portlandia and Peter and Nance struggle to keep off winter weight by cutting pasta from their diets; Candace's son visits Women and Women First bookstore for the holidays; a couple tries to keep their food cart in business.

star 7.71
383 votes
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Sugar Pie

#41 - Sugar Pie

Baskets Season 1 - Episode 8

If you bring a sugar pie to book club, nobody will eat it. This day and age, almost everyone’s watching their sugar consumption.

star 7.70
609 votes
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Family Portrait

#42 - Family Portrait

Baskets Season 1 - Episode 10

Mom adjusts to her new life as a diabetic, Dale learns cacti only need to be watered once a year and Chip hits rock bottom. On the plus side, there are curly fries down there.

star 7.68
565 votes
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Easter in Bakersfield

#43 - Easter in Bakersfield

Baskets Season 1 - Episode 4

Family drama brews over Easter brunch in Bakersfield.

star 7.68
697 votes
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#44 - Reverie

Baskets Season 2 - Episode 2

Chip is given the opportunity to use the cowboy toilet.

star 7.66
607 votes
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New Year's Eve

#45 - New Year's Eve

Baskets Season 3 - Episode 10

A family game of Hungry Hungry Hippos ends in tragedy.

star 7.64
188 votes
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#46 - Strays

Baskets Season 1 - Episode 3

Martha adopts a dog and Chip tries to win back his wife's affections with a television.

star 7.64
794 votes
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#47 - Healthcare

Portlandia Season 5 - Episode 3

A rash of health issues lead to an emergency search for medical solutions.

star 7.63
167 votes
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The Fiancée

#48 - The Fiancée

Portlandia Season 5 - Episode 2

When his mother and her new boyfriend visit, Lance begins to feel pressure concerning his and Nina's relationship.

star 7.61
192 votes
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Feminist Bookstore's 10th Anniversary

#49 - Feminist Bookstore's 10th Anniversary

Portlandia Season 2 - Episode 8

"Sanitation Twins" Marcus and Madeline Harris take separating trash to a whole new level; Portland's feminist bookstore "Women & Women First" commemorates its 10th anniversary, but the celebrations are cut short; Uptight couple, Kath and Dave decide to go for a hike but get sidetracked as they prepare for every possible scenario; Peter and Nance go to their first Portland Timbers game and design a sign to root for the team; A risk-averse dance instructor ensures there is no chance of him being sued.

star 7.60
307 votes

#50 - Blunderbuss

Portlandia Season 1 - Episode 5

All of Portlandia is swept up in the excitement of a new music and film festival.

star 7.57
587 votes
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Please God

#51 - Please God

Kroll Show Season 1 - Episode 8

Bobby Bottleservice starts a new venture, Liz and Liz clash when Liz gets married, Ref Jeff runs a bounce house business.

star 7.56
112 votes
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Mayor Is Missing

#52 - Mayor Is Missing

Portlandia Season 1 - Episode 4

When the mayor goes missing, Fred and Carrie begin a frantic search for him.

star 7.55
653 votes
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#53 - Trainee

Baskets Season 1 - Episode 2

Chip takes a new clown under his wing at the rodeo.

star 7.55
904 votes
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A Song for Portland

#54 - A Song for Portland

Portlandia Season 1 - Episode 2

Fred and Carrie meet the Mayor of Portland who gives them a special assignment.

star 7.55
768 votes
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#55 - Picnic

Baskets Season 1 - Episode 9

Chip follows a turtle around Paris and meets Penelope.

star 7.53
532 votes
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Wild Horses

#56 - Wild Horses

Baskets Season 3 - Episode 1

Chip learns how to transfer a call.

star 7.50
262 votes
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Dine & Dash

#57 - Dine & Dash

Kroll Show Season 1 - Episode 6

Roman gets his spin-off show, Nick explores Dining and Dashing, and Oh Hello’s Gil & George play basketball, which leads to a serious injury.

star 7.50
109 votes
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Ice Dating

#58 - Ice Dating

Kroll Show Season 1 - Episode 7

Pretty Liz and C-Czar fall in love on Ice Dating, Rich Dicks crash their car, and radio host El Chupacabra talks a rock star out of suicide.

star 7.49
77 votes
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#59 - Farm

Portlandia Season 1 - Episode 1

A bohemian couple goes to great lengths to make sure that their restaurant order is ethical and humane.

star 7.49
1078 votes
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#60 - Baseball

Portlandia Season 1 - Episode 6

The Mayor turns to Fred and Carrie to help him put together a big league baseball team.

star 7.47
492 votes
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Can I Finish?

#61 - Can I Finish?

Kroll Show Season 1 - Episode 5

A look into the lives of men with pony tails, Fabrice Fabrice on the streets, and Dr. Armond is newly single and ready for love.

star 7.46
118 votes
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A Night at the Opera

#62 - A Night at the Opera

Baskets Season 3 - Episode 4

Chip incorporates a San Joaquin Valley earthiness into his clown routine.

star 7.44
218 votes
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#63 - Commercial

Baskets Season 3 - Episode 8

Chip sees a homeless person in a library.

star 7.40
208 votes
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#64 - Renoir

Baskets Season 1 - Episode 1

A strong command of French is needed to really excel in French Clown School, which Chip Baskets finds out the hard way.

star 7.39
1217 votes
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#65 - Thanksgiving

Baskets Season 3 - Episode 6

Martha serves tilapia for Thanksgiving.

star 7.38
204 votes
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Finding Eddie

#66 - Finding Eddie

Baskets Season 3 - Episode 2

Christine eats a carrot.

star 7.33
234 votes
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#67 - Crash

Baskets Season 3 - Episode 3

Christine brings the celery.

star 7.32
219 votes
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Sweat Equity

#68 - Sweat Equity

Baskets Season 3 - Episode 5

Bakersfield gets a frozen yogurt machine.

star 7.31
206 votes
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#69 - Hair

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 4 - Episode 8

Cinco introduces the C-Bund as a "great alternative to pants", Tim graduates from barber school, "Live With my Dad" song, J.J. Pepper's Videography ad(guest starring Will Forte), Afternoon Review, Eric ruins Tim's graduation party, "Reasonable Shirts", Cinco Musical Tapes presents "Groban sings Casey" ad.

star 7.30
69 votes
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Brothers Cinco

#70 - Brothers Cinco

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 4 - Episode 9

A short film featuring the brothers Cinco; Mark (Tim) & Terry (Eric). During CincoCon, Terry is officially charged with the murder of his wife Lynn. The company rolls out their "E-Trial" software, which takes the place of an actual trial.

star 7.30
76 votes
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San Diego Diet

#71 - San Diego Diet

Kroll Show Season 1 - Episode 1

Ref Jeff tries to lock down plans, Liz and Liz throw a benefit for canine cancer in the series premiere of Kroll Show.

star 7.29
246 votes
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#72 - Origins

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 4 - Episode 6

Tim and Eric's origins, The Cinco Mouth Decorator, Dr Steve Brule with a tip on eggs.

star 7.29
73 votes
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#73 - Aimee

Portlandia Season 1 - Episode 3

Fred and Carrie discover that their maid is none other than their favorite singer-songwriter Aimee Mann. They also find that their new gardner is none other than singer songwriter Sara McLaughlin.

star 7.26
706 votes
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#74 - Basque-ets

Baskets Season 3 - Episode 9

Chip laments becoming a fake Christmas tree person.

star 7.24
185 votes
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#75 - Tennis

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 4 - Episode 10

Tim and Eric engage in a high stakes game of tennis, while Richard Dunn presides. Meanwhile, Glen Tennis sits down with Grum to discuss the release of their latest film.

star 7.23
70 votes
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Road Trip

#76 - Road Trip

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 4 - Episode 4

Tim and Eric embark on a road trip. James Quall goes Back to Squall.

star 7.23
75 votes
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#77 - Tommy

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 4 - Episode 5

Tim and Eric hire Tommy Wiseau to direct a "Pig Man" sketch for them. Features clips from The Room. Cinco introduces the Mancierge service.

star 7.21
78 votes
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#78 - Presidents

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season 4 - Episode 7

Ben Hur hosts The Ben Hur Show Awesome. Includes a commercial for, a Kid Break about bloody nipples, Channel 5 Presents The Human Body with Dr. Steve Brule, Tim and Eric both want to be President during a press conference, "White Boys", Michael Ian Black Focus on Comedy with guests Tim and Eric, and an ad for The Best of Pusswhip Banggang album.

star 7.15
72 votes
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Women's Conference

#79 - Women's Conference

Baskets Season 3 - Episode 7

Christine and Martha listen to harp music at brunch.

star 7.14
200 votes
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#80 - Pilot

Ghosted Season 1 - Episode 1

When a key member of The Bureau Underground - a top secret government agency - goes missing, LEROY a cynical former detective, and MAX a genius "true believer" in the paranormal, are recruited to find him. The two polar opposites must work together to find the agent, while uncovering possible alien activity and chilling "unexplained" paranormal events in their own city of Los Angeles.

star 7.01
1982 votes
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#81 - Dry

Moonbase 8 Season 1 - Episode 1

Stationed at NASA’s Moon Base Simulator in Winslow, Arizona, three dedicated astronauts (and one football champion) attempt to qualify for their first lunar mission. When the team is faced with a water shortage, an unorthodox solution leads to unintended consequences.

star 6.60
350 votes
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