The Best Episodes Directed by John Stroud

Big Wednesday

#1 - Big Wednesday

Game On Season 1 - Episode 1

Matt has spent hours waxing his surfboard that will probably never see the sea again! Martin is desperate for a girlfriend, Mandy is dating a boxer, Matt reckons he could have him in a fight, but it's obvious Matt is intimidated by him.

star 8.13
54 votes
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#2 - Big

My Hero Season 4 - Episode 7

ollies half human half ultron body has unexpected results when he grows from a baby to an 18 year old with a serious girlfreind in just 24 hours

star 7.85
40 votes
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My Hero

#3 - My Hero

My Hero Season 1 - Episode 1

Janet does not realize that the Irish hypochondriac who's come to see her at the health centre is actually the famed superhero Thermoman, who saved her life while she was vacationing in Arizona.

star 7.56
83 votes
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Big Brother

#4 - Big Brother

My Hero Season 5 - Episode 9

George's family discover the joys of reality TV.

star 7.56
36 votes
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The Older Man

#5 - The Older Man

My Hero Season 3 - Episode 4

It's George's 327th birthday, Arnie asks George if he told Janet about what happens to Ultronians after their 327th birthday. Janet soon finds out, George starts to age ! It seems his body is worn out & he needs a new one. George selects 3 replacements (handsome, young,masculine) but Janet doesn't want these, She wants the body she fell in love with & married. George continues to age & Janet's parents visit. She tells them he's George's Grandfather & when they leave George & Janet kiss but Janet's Mum returns & catches them kissing.! Janet tells them she's left George & taken up with his Grandfather. When George is so old he can hardly walk he decides to try the time tunnel of youth that Ultronian woman sometimes use. However he goes to far & ends up as a baby.! Janet takes him to the bathroom & he goes to find the body in the reject room & surprises Janet with an old model body of his usual self.

star 7.55
42 votes
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Episode 2

#6 - Episode 2

Harry Enfield and Chums Season 1 - Episode 2

Mr You-Don't-Wanna-Do-It-Like-That commentates a football match with Jimmy Hill. The Lovely Wobbly Randy Old Ladies get excited when the gas man comes to visit. Kevin the Teenager has dinner with his parents, but wants to eat baked beans in the bedroom when Perry arrives. Tim Nice But Dim hosts a dinner party, and life goes downhill from there.

star 7.32
114 votes
Thermoman's Greatest Challenge

#7 - Thermoman's Greatest Challenge

My Hero Season 1 - Episode 4

George and his dashing alter-ego (Thermoman) are invited to the same charity fundraiser.

star 7.27
100 votes
A Sporting Chance

#8 - A Sporting Chance

My Hero Season 4 - Episode 1

George has some initial trouble getting to grips with the notion of sport when he is asked to join a cricket team, to help Piers out. Mrs. Raven gets intimate with Tyler after becoming convinced that he is her hero Thermoman. Ella belittles Thermoman - when he fixes her house after an incident and other people's houses as well - as not doing a perfect job. But Thermoman gets his revenge.

star 7.21
39 votes
The Mayor of Northolt

#9 - The Mayor of Northolt

My Hero Season 4 - Episode 6

George is standing for mayor - his policy - to fix Stan and Ella's broken street light. His opponent is Piers. Piers sticks it to George by treating him as a joke in the hope that George can't possibly win. Janet is so incensed by George's attitude of becoming mayor, with him secretly being Thermoman; she leaves home taking Ollie with him. Piers hatches a plan to disgrace George, now that Janet is out of the way, but the broken street light has a way of interfering when Stanley comes to get some much needed sleep and Pier's setup deos not go according to plan.

star 7.20
10 votes
Baby Talk

#10 - Baby Talk

My Hero Season 3 - Episode 1

The arrival of a little bundle of joy with superhuman powers has made life even more stressful for George and Janet. Meanwhile, Dr Piers's TV career appears to be on the up after he appoints a new agent

star 7.18
38 votes
Space Virus

#11 - Space Virus

My Hero Season 4 - Episode 5

Termoman - space virus - George - passing it onto those closest to him. Now he has to fix it.

star 7.17
36 votes
Mission Impossible

#12 - Mission Impossible

My Hero Season 1 - Episode 3

Thermoman faces his biggest challenge yet. After Janet washes his superhero outfit in biological detergent which make him itch, an book from his home planet says that he mustn't have sex more than once a month. But worst of all, Piers knows George's secret.

star 7.16
101 votes

#13 - Nemesis

My Hero Season 2 - Episode 4

George has to contend with an old school rival who takes over Piers' body, to create an Earth-born superhero who will put him out of business. "Miracle Man" manages to ruin George's life, taking away all of his clients, and even attempting to seduce his girlfriend. Arnie realises that there is only one way that George can regain his crown - and that is to challenge Miracle Man to to the ancient rite of 'Chong-Ching' - known here on Earth as rock-paper-scissors - to force him to leave Earth. But will his plan go off without a hitch?

star 7.15
67 votes
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#14 - Pregnant

My Hero Season 2 - Episode 5

When Janet discovers that she is pregnant, George is over the moon - and gives her special powers to protect herself and the unborn baby. However, he begins to regret his decision when Janet's enthusiasm with her new powers changes her into a woman he barely recognises. In an attempt to change Janet back into the woman she once was, George revokes her powers - but not before Mrs. Raven accidentally lets slip to Janet's mother Ella that she is pregnant. Janet forceably denies that she is pregnant, until a growth spurt reveals a surprising large baby bump.

star 7.14
37 votes
Guess Who's Coming to Lunch

#15 - Guess Who's Coming to Lunch

My Hero Season 1 - Episode 2

As George and Janet are now an item, things move on for them and it's time to meet Janet's parents. But Janet's mother knows what she wants for her daughter - smooth, oily Dr. Piers, not weird George. Janet is a bag of nerves and even more so that George says and does the oddest things, sometimes at the worst moment imaginable.

star 7.13
101 votes
Taking the Credit

#16 - Taking the Credit

My Hero Season 4 - Episode 3

Its spend, spend, spend, as George finds out about credit cards. Janet to the rescue, as she uses baby Ollie's powers to predict future lottery numbers to pay for George's spending habit,

star 7.11
37 votes
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Old Man Riverdance

#17 - Old Man Riverdance

My Hero Season 1 - Episode 5

Thermoman's father comes to visit and starts interfering with his son's love life.

star 7.09
98 votes

#18 - Car

My Hero Season 2 - Episode 3

George takes time out from his superhero duties to continue working hard in the health shop, to save up some money to buy Janet a much-needed car. Thus, he arranges for Arnie to be given his powers back, to help out with his superhero work. But when Arnie steals the crown jewels on his first day at work, George realises that he can't be trusted. Can he save his cousin from certain imprisonment? Meanwhile, Mrs. Raven realises that she is attracted to the American hunk, and attempts to ask Arnie out on date. But things don't quite go to plan.

star 7.06
94 votes
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#19 - Parents

My Hero Season 2 - Episode 1

When George's actions ruin an amateur dramatics production, held by the Northolt Amateur Dramatic Society, that Janet's parents, Stanley and Ella, are participating in, Janet finally snaps, and in an attempt to deflect their anger, admits to them that George is Thermoman. Although George enjoys his new relationship with the in-laws, their inability to keep his secret results in him being forced to erase the memories of most of their friends, culminating in Mrs. Raven attempting to seduce him, dressed as Marilyn Monroe.

star 7.06
95 votes
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Time and Time Again

#20 - Time and Time Again

My Hero Season 4 - Episode 10

When going to an Ultronian Court Meeting because of Arnie supposedly getting Mrs Raven pregnant, George and Arnie run into a time field and get launched 7 years into the future. Things have changed, so, they go back to the year 2003. George realises he can use this to his advantage, and can change history to make things better... However, things don't go to plan when he is trying to stop Janet from breaking her arm, and he turns her bald. Turns out, she had cronic scalp problems, so when she broke her arm, the doctors fixed her hair. Then, George goes back again and fixes the problem. However, when trying to sort it out fully and properly, he messes things up, saving her from breaking her arm and leaving a note for her to go to a doctor about her scalp. However, she and the doctor fall in love, and in 2003, she is married with Piers and they have 10 children! No one knows who Arnie or George are, Mrs Raven is nice, and Tyler actually has a girlfriend! So, in the end, it turns out Piers

star 7.06
36 votes
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Illegal Aliens

#21 - Illegal Aliens

My Hero Season 5 - Episode 2

George and Arnie become the subject of an investigation by the Immigration Department.

star 7.05
37 votes
The Living Dead

#22 - The Living Dead

My Hero Season 4 - Episode 2

George gets himself a new life insurance policy and then kills himself to claim the cash. Now he has to figure out how to come back from the dead with Janet's help, or at least, Janet has to help him sort out another mess - yet again! This is easier said than done, as Janet has to fend off colleagues and family trying to get her married off again and with things like Tyler on the loose and George spread out in a coffin in the room, things are not going to be easy to solve, until a plan is hatched for the funeral.

star 7.05
39 votes
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It's All in the Mind

#23 - It's All in the Mind

My Hero Season 4 - Episode 4

George looks into the mind's of people and discovers what they are really thinking. He is not at all happy about it and Janet gets him out of it once again and none too gently.

star 7.03
38 votes
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Zero Tolerance

#24 - Zero Tolerance

My Hero Season 3 - Episode 2

George takes the law into his own hands when he joins a neighbourhood watch scheme

star 6.97
40 votes
Fear and Clothing

#25 - Fear and Clothing

My Hero Season 5 - Episode 7

George starts doubting his invincibility, and starts disapperaing.

star 6.97
34 votes
How Green Was My Ollie?

#26 - How Green Was My Ollie?

My Hero Season 5 - Episode 8

As an attempt to get Ollie to eat his vegetables, George gets Ultroneon GM vegetables, with unfortunate side-effects. He then makes the minke whale extinct by using it to plug a volcano! Piers decides that Thermoman has gone too far, and makes a campaign against Thermoman abusing nature, thus getting him a TV show. George's attempts to be environmentally friendly backfire until he gets so angry that he has a temper tantrum and moves the Earth away from the sun... Meanwhile, Mrs. Raven tries to get the Triplets into a Christian School...and has to rely on Ella, who has recently eaten the Ultronean GM fruit!

star 6.92
36 votes
The Consultant

#27 - The Consultant

My Hero Season 4 - Episode 8

Arnie put the hard word on George, being Thermoman and the consequences of his actions. George therefore retires as Thermoman.

star 6.91
35 votes
The Family Way

#28 - The Family Way

My Hero Season 4 - Episode 9

george becomes pregnant with a surrogate baby for a childless couple on ultron

star 6.88
34 votes
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The Foresight Saga

#29 - The Foresight Saga

My Hero Season 5 - Episode 1

George and Janet have a new addition to the family: Cassie. She can see into the future. However, shortly after birth, she has horrible premonitions that everyone on the Northern hemisphere is going to die! Meanwhile, Piers enters for ""I'm A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here!""

star 6.86
36 votes
Episode 1

#30 - Episode 1

Harry Enfield and Chums Season 1 - Episode 1

Tim Nice But Dim takes over an antiques shop, the lovely wobbly randy old ladies go to the launderette. Kevin turns 13 and transforms into Kevin the Teenager, losing the power of speech and hating his parents. A man with a high voice gets confused by everyday occurrences, Ben Elton becomes a feminist version of Benny Hill, and Waynetta kicks Wayne out because she wants a brown baby like all the other mums in the estate.

star 6.85
122 votes

#31 - Girlfriend

My Hero Season 2 - Episode 2

George is horrified when a woman from Ultron, claiming to be his fiancée, turns up at the flat. Little does Janet know that her would-be boyfriend is already engaged - to a six-foot warrior princess back on Ultron, Xil. When she arrives to claim him as her rightful husband, Janet, who had just been complaining things were getting predictable, is mortified - and extremely upset. Her mother, Ella, misinformed that the newcomer is from Ireland, and is ecstatic when she realises that her daughter will at last be free of George.

star 6.84
97 votes
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Episode 3

#32 - Episode 3

Harry Enfield and Chums Season 1 - Episode 3

Kevin the Teenager is visited by the attractive Lucy takes her to the bedroom. One of The Old Gits is dying in hospital. The Scousers hold up a petrol station without masks. Mr. Cholmondley-Warner explains self defence techniques. Wayne & Waynetta Slob give up smoking and go crazy in their apartment.

star 6.71
106 votes
Episode 6

#33 - Episode 6

Harry Enfield and Chums Season 1 - Episode 6

Tim goes to a school reunion, one-off character "Mr. Got Out of the Wrong Side of the Bed This Morning" has a day full of mishaps. Waynetta Slob tries to convince Wayne to have it off. Kevin and Perry try to organize a party.

star 6.67
101 votes
Episode 5

#34 - Episode 5

Harry Enfield and Chums Season 1 - Episode 5

Mr. You Don't Want to Do it like That dispenses his advice to the locals. The Lovely Wobbly Randy Old Ladies ask for a fill up from the petrol station attendant. Tim Nice But Dim goes sailing. Kevin the Teenager goes clothes shopping with his auntie, and finds Perry is working there. Mr. Cholmondley-Warner explains conjugal rights with the help of Grayson. The Scousers take a trip down south to get a job.

star 6.05
73 votes