The Best Episodes Directed by John Rice

Goodes Gone Wild

#1 - Goodes Gone Wild

The Goode Family Season 1 - Episode 3

Helen sees a way to win Charlie's approval when he takes a shine to one of the rescues at her pet adoption. Unfortunately, it's a disgusting animal of unknown origin named Gutterball who has to stay with the Goodes because Charlie's "home" doesn't allow pets. While Helen copes with Gutterball, Che gives Gerald a hand with the college's squirrel problem.

star 8.26
46 votes
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Livin' on Reds, Vitamin C, and Propane

#2 - Livin' on Reds, Vitamin C, and Propane

King of the Hill Season 8 - Episode 7

Hank needs to take some antique furniture to his mother in Arizona, so he rents an 18-wheeler and takes Bobby on a road trip (with Dale, Bill and Boomhauer stowing away). At a truck stop, they meet several tough truckers who scoff at Hank for trying to "play trucker." Meanwhile, Peggy and Luanne try to write a Christmas novelty song.

star 8.21
206 votes
Something Ricked This Way Comes

#3 - Something Ricked This Way Comes

Rick and Morty Season 1 - Episode 9

Rick battles the devil and upsets Summer. Meanwhile, Jerry and Morty hang out.

star 8.11
7048 votes
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Lawnmower Dog

#4 - Lawnmower Dog

Rick and Morty Season 1 - Episode 2

Rick and Morty try to incept Morty's math teacher into giving Morty an 'A'. Meanwhile, Rick gives Jerry a device to train their dog, Snuffles.

star 7.95
8766 votes
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Anatomy Park

#5 - Anatomy Park

Rick and Morty Season 1 - Episode 3

Christmas day, Rick's friend, Reuben, comes over for his annual medical checkup. Meanwhile Jerry learns his parents have a new friend.

star 7.87
8040 votes
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Keeping Up With Our Joneses

#6 - Keeping Up With Our Joneses

King of the Hill Season 1 - Episode 10

Hank catches Bobby smoking, and punishes him by making him smoke a whole carton of cigarettes. The plan backfires when not only does Bobby get addicted to cigarettes, but Hank and Peggy get re-addicted. They enlist many ways to help them quit as a family. Luanne saves the day, when she becomes "fed-up" with the addiction.

star 7.82
440 votes
Mutiny on the Windbreaker

#7 - Mutiny on the Windbreaker

Bob's Burgers Season 3 - Episode 4

Bob does a tour of duty as a private chef on a docked cruise ship and brings along the family to witness his true culinary skills, but the special occasion is scuttled when the kooky captain shanghais the whole family.

star 7.62
1312 votes

#8 - Hilloween

King of the Hill Season 2 - Episode 4

Junie Harper, a conservative church member, declares that Halloween is a Satanic holiday, and gets the school to shut down Hank's "Haunted House" on the grounds that it violates the separation of church and state. Luanne and even Bobby start to believe Junie when she says that Hank is a Satanist, and Hank has to fight against Junie's attempt to cancel Halloween for the whole town.

star 7.58
320 votes

#9 - Freeganomics

The Goode Family Season 1 - Episode 6

Helen gets the support of 'Freegan' Heinrich in order to get more people to come to the Eco Festival. After realising what sort of person he is, they have difficulty getting him to leave their home.

star 7.17
40 votes
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