The Best Episodes Directed by John Michael Phillips

Long Odds

#1 - Long Odds

The Bill Season 1 - Episode 4

P.C. Litten recognises a photo of a wanted armed robber, but takes the information to D.I. Galloway instead of Sgt. Cryer, and gets into trouble with both men. Meanwhile, a gang of thugs is robbing local shopkeepers, and P.C. Edwards purses a mugger into a derelict building and is trapped when the floor collapses beneath him.

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Home Beat

#2 - Home Beat

The Bill Season 2 - Episode 4

Brownlow wants to start a Neighbourhood watch scheme with the support of Smith and Carver. After a rather heated meeting that got hijacked by interlopers, he discovers his petrol was nicked. The Ahmeds are having problems as racist language has been graffitied upon their house, soon after a protest erupts and their house is later firebombed. CID raid a modern day 'Fagin' who has been using a youth group as cover.

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The Sweet Smell of Failure

#3 - The Sweet Smell of Failure

The Bill Season 1 - Episode 11

A tip in a counterfeit perfume case pulls in two very old aged pensioners who appear to have been pinching things since WWII. But after leading Carver and Ackland in a merry chase it turns out they aren't the real culprits.

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Loan Shark

#4 - Loan Shark

The Bill Season 2 - Episode 9

A young mother caught shoplifting at a supermarket confesses to Sgt Cryer that she is in debt to local loan shark 'Aunty' Peg Miller. PC Edwards checks cases of fly tipping (unauthorised dumping of rubble) in the area and discovers some disaffected Welsh miners may be responsible. A Mrs Taylor makes a complaint about a noisy neighbour, but when WPC Ackland investigates, she finds the neighbour dead.

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Michael Runs The Family Now

#5 - Michael Runs The Family Now

The Bill Season 6 - Episode 10

Burnside talks to his snout about the robbery of a video shop that was owned by the son of a dead villain who has taken over the family. An incident at a pub is thought of as being retribution of the robbery. Burnside's snout's wife is having an affair with the villain. A lady, who had been to self-defense classes run by Stamp, breaks a man's arm. Sgt. Cryer thinks she used excessive force but she tells Stamp she was being 'felt up'. Man has form for previous indecent assaults.

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Something To Hide

#6 - Something To Hide

The Bill Season 6 - Episode 14

Melvin is chasing a suspect and pulls his tracksuit top. The suspect had caused a disturbance after being caught fishing for something in a pond - a wrapped up gun shape but when the wrapping is removed it turns out to be a diamond necklace instead. Turnham talks to Norika on the way to a break-in although there are no signs of forced entry and the only thing missing is a ring. Tosh investigates and ties together both jewelry thefts. Turnham and Norika get involved in a fight in a pub.

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