The Best Episodes Directed by John Mckay

Episode 2

#1 - Episode 2

Lip Service Season 1 - Episode 2

Emotions run high for Frankie at her beloved aunt Carol's funeral, and things get worse when her uncle Cameron treats her like an outsider. Meanwhile, an encounter with a teenage thief gives Cat a second chance to woo Sam at the police station, and Tess tries to coax Lou out of the closet by inviting her to dinner.

star 8.41
144 votes
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Episode 4

#2 - Episode 4

Life on Mars Season 1 - Episode 4

Sam arrests the henchman of Stephen Warren, a local Mr Big, when he learns the whole of CID are on his payroll. Sam also visits his childhood home to interact with his mother (using name of "Bolan", a reference to the glam rock star Marc Bolan), who was being threatened by the landlord, one of Warren's men. Sam tries to help her by giving her some money and she mis-understands his gesture. When Sam tries to go all out after Warren, he finds himself in fix when Warren sets him up in a honey trap. The girl involved in the honey trap sees the error of her ways only to be murdered by Warren. Gene disagrees with Ray who says that if they don't play the game people get hurt and helps Sam bring down Warren finally putting his guilty conscience to rest. Sam also attempts to persuade Gene to swap his Red Rum for Tyler's Proud Percy in the Grand National sweepstakes.

star 8.08
530 votes
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As Good As It Gets

#3 - As Good As It Gets

Hustle Season 7 - Episode 1

Mickey and his team have a wealth of potential marks lined up, but when Eddie's niece gets scammed by ruthless modelling agent Wendy Stanton, they put all that on hold to come to the rescue. Wendy is the ultimate ice-queen, and the team will need an ambitious plan to get her to pay out. With modelling shoots, lifestyle coaches and even a meeting at the Diplomatic Office of America, could this be the gang's toughest con yet?

star 8.03
606 votes
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Episode 1

#4 - Episode 1

Lip Service Season 1 - Episode 1

Spirited photographer Frankie returns home from America for the funeral of a beloved aunt, but her reappearance throws the lives of her friends and former lovers into disarray.

star 7.96
210 votes
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Episode 3

#5 - Episode 3

Life on Mars Season 1 - Episode 3

Sam is called to a murder at a textile mill, the site of his bachelor flat in 2006. DCI Hunt suspects an outspoken union rep, but Sam tries to use his knowledge of forensic science to find the killer.

star 7.79
647 votes
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Raven Black - Part 2

#6 - Raven Black - Part 2

Shetland Season 2 - Episode 2

Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez believes he and his team are finally closing in on the killer as they discover what 17-year-old Catherine Ross was hiding from everyone in the hours before her death.

star 7.77
420 votes
Old Sparks Come New

#7 - Old Sparks Come New

Hustle Season 7 - Episode 2

When Emma finds out that ex-boyfriend Joe Ryan is facing eviction, the team find themselves travelling to Birmingham to take on Georgina Althorp, owner of an unscrupulous moneylending firm. Mickey and the gang set about the ambitious task of selling Georgina a castle and a title - but will she bite? Meanwhile, it seems love is blossoming once more for Emma; are they about to lose one of the team for good?

star 7.72
524 votes
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Raven Black - Part 1

#8 - Raven Black - Part 1

Shetland Season 2 - Episode 1

Old wounds are painfully reopened for the shocked residents of Ravenswick, as Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez and his team look to a past crime to solve the present day murder of a young teenage girl.

star 7.62
431 votes
Will You Tolerate This?

#9 - Will You Tolerate This?

Robin Hood (2006) Season 1 - Episode 1

Robin, Earl of Locksley, returns home after five years fighting the Crusades to discover his England is not the same England he once knew. He must make a choice to compromise his values of honour and justice and adapt to the new order or make a stand to save four innocent lives.

star 7.35
634 votes
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Episode 1

#10 - Episode 1

Ordinary Lies Season 1 - Episode 1

In a desperate bid to save his job, Marty tells an unforgivable lie about his wife.

star 7.32
88 votes
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Sheriff Got Your Tongue?

#11 - Sheriff Got Your Tongue?

Robin Hood (2006) Season 1 - Episode 2

Little John and his band of outlaws are proving a difficult problem to overcome for Robin and his men. The Sherrif retaliates against the Robin's defection by threatening the people of Locksley. Robin is given a choice: Surrender or allow the people of Locksley to suffer.

star 6.99
606 votes
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