The BEST episodes directed by John Maccarthy

The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo
3704 votes

#1 - The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo

Supernatural - Season 7 - Episode 20

Dick Roman acquires Frank's hard drive that contains sensitive information about the Winchesters and gives it to an unsuspecting brilliant hacker named Charlie telling her she has 3 days to crack the encryptionl or she is fired. Sam and Dean are tipped off that Dick has the hard drive and race to get to Charlie before she breaks the code. Meanwhile, Bobby tries to help the brothers, but his rage towards Dick for killing him starts to get in the way.

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The Raid
3409 votes

#2 - The Raid

Supernatural - Season 12 - Episode 14

A chance to take out a nest of vampires backfires when the alpha-vamp shows up and turns the tables on Mary and The British Men of Letters, who are doing their best to recruit Sam and Dean.

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Rock and a Hard Place
3090 votes

#3 - Rock and a Hard Place

Supernatural - Season 9 - Episode 8

Sheriff Mills calls Sam and Dean for help investigating multiple murders in her small town. Discovering all four victims belonged to the same church chastity group, Sam and Dean decide to infiltrate by joining the group themselves. When Dean disappears, Sam and Sheriff Mills realize whatever they are hunting has taken Dean too and team up to rescue him.

Ask Jeeves
2475 votes

#4 - Ask Jeeves

Supernatural - Season 10 - Episode 6

Dean is surprised when he checks Bobby’s cell phone and hears a message that says Bobby or his next of kin have been named as a beneficiary in an heiress’ will. Hoping that means extra money, Dean talks Sam into hitting the road to claim their fortune. However, what they encounter at the house is far from a treasure chest.