The BEST episodes directed by John Francis Moore

Shroud of Death
483 votes

#1 - Shroud of Death

The Flash - Season 1 - Episode 8

A judge is killed, the killer sends the victim a part of a medal before he dies. When a former DA is killed, Barry finds a connection. Garfield was the arresting officer on the case, when his girlfriend/fiancée is shot, Garfield takes it personally. Flash must stop him before he crosses the line. Tina gets a job offer that would send her to California.

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Honor Among Thieves
599 votes

#2 - Honor Among Thieves

The Flash - Season 1 - Episode 4

Central City Museum prepares to receive a valuable historical object. A group of specialists try to steal it.

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Roads Not Taken (2)
6 votes

#3 - Roads Not Taken (2)

The Adventures of Superboy (1988) - Season 3 - Episode 6

Superboy jumps through the portal to escape the kryptonite assault. This time he ends up on a world where his alternate self has taken the name ""Sovereign"" and is the dictator of earth, ruling his people with fear. Superboy encounters the Lana of this world, who is fighting, along with her lover Lex Luthor, to take down the Sovereign. Superboy joins the resistance. Meanwhile, the Sovereign learns of the ""imposter"" who has all of his powers. He sends troops to attack the resistance fighters, and in the assault Luthor is killed. Superboy vows to stop the Sovereign. He manages to get into the Sovereign's headquarters and confronts his alternate face to face. They struggle briefly before Lana arrives with a chunk of kryptonite and a bomb strapped to her body. She backs the Sovereign into a corner and detonates her kryptonite bomb, sending a wall of kryptonite-laced flame directly toward Superboy! WIll Superboy escape this world alive, recover Luthor, and return home?

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Roads Not Taken (1)
5 votes

#4 - Roads Not Taken (1)

The Adventures of Superboy (1988) - Season 3 - Episode 5

Luthor steps into an interdimensional portal created by a Dr. Winger and is whisked away to an alternate earth. Darla kidnaps Lana in order to lure Superboy to the lab where Luthor vanished. She tells Superboy that if he doesn't go through the portal to save Lex, Lana will die. Naturally, he goes through and is transported to an alternate earth where his alternate self killed Luthor's alternate years ago. Now the world is in chaos. Lana is homeless, everyone hates Superboy, and ""our"" Luthor, claiming to be that world's Luthor resurrected, is quickly taking over. Superboy finds Luthor, but is held at bay by kryptonite. He travels to the Bureau for extra-normal Matters and there encounters his other self, a Superboy who wears leather and dark glasses and just doesn't care anymore. He explains how he killed Luthor in a fit of rage by cutting him in two with heat vision. After the discussion is over, the Superboy of earth-1 heads to Dr. Winger's lab looking for a way back home.

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