The Best Episodes Directed by John F. Showalter


#1 - Volcano

Without a Trace Season 3 - Episode 13

When Ian Norville disappears on a field trip to a museum in Manhattan, the team gets involved, but it isn't long before Jack turns his suspicion to his father, Daniel, who soon admits that he didn't take the necessary precautions with his son, who happens to be autistic.

star 8.61
95 votes
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Inherit the Earth

#2 - Inherit the Earth

Supernatural Season 15 - Episode 19

Everything is on the line as the battle against God continues. A familiar face returns to join the fight.

star 8.28
890 votes
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Two Families

#3 - Two Families

Without a Trace Season 2 - Episode 21

When a father who goes missing while trying to prove that his son a death-row inmate who is scheduled to die in two days is innocence, The past 11 years of the missing Mans life have been devoted to proving that his son, was wrongly convicted of killing a young married couple in front of their daughter during a convenience story robbery. While the team does not rule out that the despondent man could have brought harm upon himself, the team members find themselves wondering if the man is right about his son innocence.

star 8.28
120 votes
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Push Comes to Shove

#4 - Push Comes to Shove

Without a Trace Season 7 - Episode 9

The team must decide whether or not a doctor's past is a factor in her disappearance.

star 8.26
161 votes
Body of Evidence

#5 - Body of Evidence

Memphis Beat Season 2 - Episode 7

Dwight and Whitehead search for a body that goes missing from a funeral.

star 8.21
165 votes
Friends and Neighbors

#6 - Friends and Neighbors

Without a Trace Season 7 - Episode 14

The team tries to hunt down the person who kidnapped two neighbors from a suburban home. The case takes a surprising turn when the agents discover the identity of the abductor.

star 8.20
164 votes
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Fire and Brimstone

#7 - Fire and Brimstone

The Mentalist Season 6 - Episode 6

With the final clue in hand, Jane attempts to gather the remaining Red John suspects in one place in hopes of finally revealing his identity.

star 8.17
2871 votes
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Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy

#8 - Nevada v. Donnie The Numbers Guy

The Defenders (2010) Season 1 - Episode 13

Seventeen years after disappearing on the eve of his wife's murder trial, a man from Nick's past returns to Vegas looking to prove his innocence by relying on new technological tools.

star 8.10
418 votes
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I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

#9 - I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Supernatural Season 9 - Episode 1

Dean is frantic after Sam collapses and the doctor tells Dean his brother won't make it. Desperate, Dean sends out an all points bulletin via prayer to every angel in the area, asking them to help his brother. In exchange, Dean will owe that angel a favor. Numerous angry angels race to find and kill Dean, but one, Ezekiel, gets to him first. Meanwhile, Sam fights for his life and must face some familiar demons to do so. Castiel struggles to survive without powers.

star 8.05
3218 votes
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Nickel and Dimed (2)

#10 - Nickel and Dimed (2)

Without a Trace Season 3 - Episode 7

To find a missing young mother who was recruited as a drug mule, Samantha goes undercover to lure the drug trafficker who recruited the young woman.

star 8.04
160 votes
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Who We Are

#11 - Who We Are

Supernatural Season 12 - Episode 22

Caught in a dangerous situation, Sam and Dean only have each other to rely on. Meanwhile, the fight between the American Hunters and the British Hunters comes to a head.

star 8.03
3206 votes
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#12 - Spacewalker

The 100 Season 2 - Episode 8

Clarke returns to Camp Jaha with devastating news. Finn struggles with the aftermath of his actions. Abby gathers information from an unlikely source and prepares for a fight. Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal Finn and Raven’s relationship on the Ark.

star 8.01
5236 votes
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The General

#13 - The General

Timeless (2016) Season 2 - Episode 9

When the Mothership jumps to South Carolina in 1863, the Time Team partners up with a courageous Union spy and military leader, Harriet Tubman - AKA "The General" - to thwart Rittenhouse's plan to alter the outcome of the Civil War. Back in the present, Rittenhouse hits the team where it hurts the most.

star 7.99
1405 votes
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Advanced Thanatology

#14 - Advanced Thanatology

Supernatural Season 13 - Episode 5

While working on a case involving the ghost of a demented doctor, Sam and Dean get assistance from an unexpected source - Billie. Castiel finds his way back to the Winchesters.

star 7.97
2465 votes
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The Miracle of Christmas (2)

#15 - The Miracle of Christmas (2)

Timeless (2016) Season 2 - Episode 12

As Christmas arrives in the Bunker, the Time Team is inspired by a visit from their future selves to find a way to try to save Rufus. But when the Mothership jumps to 1848 California, they're forced to put those plans on hold and chase Rittenhouse back to the Gold Rush, where they encounter one of the era's most dangerous villains. Then chasing the Mothership to Korea in the winter of 1950, our team helps a stranded, pregnant refugee attempt to escape a tragic fate. Stuck with no way out, our team faces its toughest challenge yet, and in the process, come to terms with their feelings for each other.

star 7.94
890 votes
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#16 - Requiem

Without a Trace Season 4 - Episode 22

The team searches for Ted Jordano and his teenage children after the three turn up missing and their house is a veritable bloodbath.

star 7.92
142 votes
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#17 - Benched

Fairly Legal Season 1 - Episode 3

Kate’s nemesis Judge Nicastro assigns her to mediate a case between a high school football coach and the angry parents who claim his old school methods border on abuse. When the videotaped evidence doesn’t make sense to her, Kate unearths the real reason for the coach’s controversial actions.

star 7.92
924 votes
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#18 - Vigilante

Threshold Season 1 - Episode 12

When a number of infectees and seemingly innocent people are killed, it becomes apparent that someone is going after people affected by the alien signal, and is locating them via their heightened brain waves. How is the killer linked to Bighorn crewman Manning, and does his method of finding his victims mean that Molly, Cavennaugh or Lucas could be next on his list?

star 7.91
276 votes
Mommy Dearest

#19 - Mommy Dearest

Supernatural Season 6 - Episode 19

Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel track Eve to a small town in Oregon. The guys discover the townspeople have been converted to demons, but surprisingly, they all appear to be dying. When they finally do meet Eve, she decides to torture the brothers by bringing back their mother.

star 7.89
4019 votes
Red Rover, Red Rover

#20 - Red Rover, Red Rover

The Mentalist Season 4 - Episode 23

Red John taunts Jane on the ninth anniversary of his wife and daughter's death. With Jane's attention diverted and his concentration wavering, the current investigation and his CBI career are put at risk.

star 7.87
3932 votes
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#21 - Primed

Without a Trace Season 5 - Episode 14

When a young artist disappears, the team is concerned that one of her subjects may have been unhappy with her work.

star 7.85
167 votes
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Inclement Weather

#22 - Inclement Weather

The 100 Season 2 - Episode 2

A suspicious Clarke confronts President Dante Wallace and demands answers. Kane interrogates one of The 100, and Abby performs emergency surgery. Meanwhile, Octavia resorts to violence to find Lincoln.

star 7.84
5697 votes
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Slash Fiction

#23 - Slash Fiction

Supernatural Season 7 - Episode 6

Sam and Dean are once again on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list when two Leviathans clone the brothers and go on a killing spree. The subject of a nationwide manhunt, Sam and Dean need to drop off the grid so Bobby sends them to Frank Deveraux, a quirky surveillance expert, for help. Meanwhile, Bobby continues to search for a way to kill the Levianthans, or at least slow them down, so the real Winchesters can stop their evil doppelgangers.

star 7.84
3681 votes

#24 - Distress

Criminal Minds Season 2 - Episode 17

The BAU travels to Houston to investigate a series of murders that have occurred near construction sites and abandoned buildings. Because the murders appear to be random, the team believes the killer could be a homeless person. Meanwhile, everyone is noticing an apparent change in Reid's behavior.

star 7.83
1568 votes
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The British Invasion

#25 - The British Invasion

Supernatural Season 12 - Episode 17

Sam and Dean get a lead on Kelly Kline’s whereabouts. Mick drops by the bunker unexpectedly and decides to join the hunt.

star 7.83
3192 votes
Punk is Dead

#26 - Punk is Dead

Forever (2014) Season 1 - Episode 19

While Jo and Isaac are at a punk rock club, a mummified body is found in the wall.

star 7.82
1451 votes
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Freaks and Geeks

#27 - Freaks and Geeks

Supernatural Season 8 - Episode 18

Sam and Dean investigate some recent vampire kills and are surprised to learn Krissy Chambers is involved. They find Krissy and learn her father was killed and she’s been taken in by a man named Victor, who has taken in a group of orphan kids to teach them how to hunt. Victor is helping the teenagers find the vampires who took their parents so they can get revenge. Sam is intrigued by Victor’s method of giving the teenagers a home life as well as a hunting life, but Dean is suspicious of Victor’s motives.

star 7.82
3061 votes
The Thing

#28 - The Thing

Supernatural Season 13 - Episode 17

Sam and Dean continue to collect the pieces necessary to open a rift to the other world in order to save their family. Their latest quest leads them to a Men of Letters bunker from the 1920s and a hungry God from another dimension. Meanwhile, Ketch makes a shocking decision about Gabriel after an unruly encounter with Asmodeus.

star 7.82
1901 votes
House vs. God

#29 - House vs. God

House Season 2 - Episode 19

House treats a 15 year old faith healer, while Wilson feels left out when he finds out House has a weekly poker game.

star 7.81
2717 votes
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Live to Regret

#30 - Live to Regret

Without a Trace Season 7 - Episode 6

The team finds a secret to a bank manager's past after she vanishes, which may just hold a clue to her disappearance. Meanwhile, Jack is named head of the department once again.

star 7.81
169 votes
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Family of Rogues

#31 - Family of Rogues

The Flash (2014) Season 2 - Episode 3

When Barry and the team find out Captain Cold has been kidnapped, they form an uneasy alliance with his sister, Lisa. However, Barry feels double-crossed when he finds out Snart is working with his father, Lewis Snart on a heist. Meanwhile, Joe is faced with a difficult decision.

star 7.81
5352 votes
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Sharp Teeth

#32 - Sharp Teeth

Supernatural Season 9 - Episode 12

After finding out that Garth is in the hospital, Sam and Dean go to check on him. Still carrying the guilt over Kevin, Dean lays into Garth about disappearing and demands to know where he's been. Garth makes an excuse and then hightails it away from the guys. Confused as to why Garth would run from them, Sam and Dean do some investigating and are stunned by what they find.

star 7.80
2795 votes
What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

#33 - What's Up, Tiger Mommy?

Supernatural Season 8 - Episode 2

Kevin talks Sam and Dean into checking in on his mother. When they arrive, they see that Crowley has surrounded her with demons so they rescue her and take her along on their quest to find the tablet. However, they soon discover Kevin wasn’t kidding when he said his mother was a strong-willed woman after she tries to take on Crowley.

star 7.79
3564 votes
American Nightmare

#34 - American Nightmare

Supernatural Season 12 - Episode 4

Sam and Dean investigate a case that leads them to a devout religious family that lives off the grid. The brothers realize that the parents are hiding a huge secret that could destroy them all. Meanwhile, Dean struggles to accept Mary’s latest decision.

star 7.79
3435 votes
A Feast of Friends

#35 - A Feast of Friends

Constantine Season 1 - Episode 4

When Constantine's old friend Gary Lester accidentally releases a powerful demon in Atlanta, John is forced to determine exactly what he is prepared to sacrifice in his battle with the underworld.

star 7.78
2450 votes
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The Woman of His Dreams

#36 - The Woman of His Dreams

Ghost Whisperer Season 2 - Episode 6

Jim has a ghost who died during surgery come to his dreams. Melinda and Jim find that the ghost, a supermodel, cannot cross-over as she wants to save her little sister from suffering the same destiny. Jim's friends are frightened by the crazy events that occur at his house.

star 7.76
355 votes
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Back and to the Future

#37 - Back and to the Future

Supernatural Season 15 - Episode 1

Picking up here we left off last season, Sam, Dean and Castiel are left to defend the world after all the souls in hell have been released and are back on Earth and free to kill again.

star 7.76
1397 votes
Gray Line

#38 - Gray Line

Frequency Season 1 - Episode 9

Raimy and Frank make a startling discovery about the Nightingale killer. Meanwhile, Frank is blindsided by a shocking betrayal.

star 7.75
1613 votes
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The Capture of Benedict Arnold

#39 - The Capture of Benedict Arnold

Timeless (2016) Season 1 - Episode 10

A stunning turn during the American Revolution prompts Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus to question whether they've been fighting on the wrong side this whole time. While Agent Christopher prepares for the worst back in present day, the team encounters the Father of the Country, makes a dubious pact, and confronts the possibility they may not be a trio for long.

star 7.74
3701 votes
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Unhuman Nature

#40 - Unhuman Nature

Supernatural Season 14 - Episode 7

Sam and Castiel track down a Shaman, who may be able to help a friend. Nick continues to spiral down a dark path as he looks for answers surrounding the deaths of his wife and son. Jack turns to Dean for help enjoying the human experience.

star 7.74
1457 votes
The Miracle of Christmas (1)

#41 - The Miracle of Christmas (1)

Timeless (2016) Season 2 - Episode 11

As Christmas arrives in the Bunker, the Time Team is inspired by a visit from their future selves to find a way to try to save Rufus. But when the Mothership jumps to 1848 California, they're forced to put those plans on hold and chase Rittenhouse back to the Gold Rush, where they encounter one of the era's most dangerous villains. Then chasing the Mothership to Korea in the winter of 1950, our team helps a stranded, pregnant refugee attempt to escape a tragic fate. Stuck with no way out, our team faces its toughest challenge yet, and in the process, come to terms with their feelings for each other.

star 7.74
955 votes
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If It Bleeds, It Leads

#42 - If It Bleeds, It Leads

The Mentalist Season 5 - Episode 7

The team investigates the murder of a reporter who may have become too close to her story, while Jane insists on pursuing his own leads to find Lorelei.

star 7.74
3322 votes
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The Tinder Box

#43 - The Tinder Box

The 100 Season 4 - Episode 5

Clarke makes a desperate plea with a former allied force in an attempt to avoid a war and ensure the survival of her people.

star 7.74
6102 votes
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Jolly Red Elf

#44 - Jolly Red Elf

The Mentalist Season 3 - Episode 10

The CBI pursues two lines of investigation when a Santa is murdered: Patrick Jane goes undercover in an AA group; and Rigsby and Van Pelt question members of an authentic Santa society. Meanwhile, following the demise of a person in custody at the CBI, J.J. LaRoche is brought in to question the team when it appears to be an inside job.

star 7.73
4437 votes
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Contents Under Pressure

#45 - Contents Under Pressure

The 100 Season 1 - Episode 7

Clarke and Raven make contact with the Ark, and Abby guides Clarke through a dangerous procedure in a desperate move to save one of their own. Meanwhile, on the Ark, Abby is removed from the council, and former Chancellor Diana Sydney takes her place. Jaha reveals to Abby that there are not enough drop ships for everyone on the Ark to go down to Earth, and Kane begins to deal with his guilt over his recent decision.

star 7.72
6461 votes
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#46 - Hollywoodland

Timeless (2016) Season 2 - Episode 3

When a Rittenhouse sleeper agent in 1941 Hollywood steals the only copy of Citizen Kane, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus team up with Hedy Lamarr to get it back. Hedy Lamarr turns out to be not only a glamorous movie star but also a scientific wizard whose discoveries led to the invention of Wi-Fi.

star 7.71
1746 votes
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Left Behind

#47 - Left Behind

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 - Episode 9

Ray, Sara and Kendra are shocked after they watch the Waverider fly off without them, leaving them stranded in the ’50s. After waiting months for their teammates to come back, the three realize they must move on with their lives. Ray and Kendra bond as a couple but Sara decides to return to the League of Assassins and Ra’s al Ghul.

star 7.71
4183 votes
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Two of Us

#48 - Two of Us

Without a Trace Season 5 - Episode 23

A high school student goes missing after leaving her prom early to get some rest in her hotel room, leaving behind a bloody dress and a lot of questions about what may have happened to her.

star 7.71
163 votes
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The Murder of Jesse James

#49 - The Murder of Jesse James

Timeless (2016) Season 1 - Episode 12

Flynn teams up with legendary outlaw, Jesse James. Together they cut a bloody swath across the American frontier. Hot on Flynn's trail, Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus enlist the help of an iconic Marshal to help bring the fugitives to justice.

star 7.70
3314 votes
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The Heroes' Journey

#50 - The Heroes' Journey

Supernatural Season 15 - Episode 10

Sam and Dean hit the road to help an old friend, but it appears that their luck may have finally run out and they are the ones who may be in need of rescue.

star 7.69
1036 votes
Gasoline Drum

#51 - Gasoline Drum

S.W.A.T. (2017) Season 2 - Episode 2

The SWAT team works together with their former member Jim Street to find a woman and her son who are running from an international drug cartel. Also, Hondo makes a distressing discovery about his incarcerated friend’s teen son, and Luca mulls over a government program that allows officers to buy homes in the at-risk neighborhoods they police.

star 7.69
1053 votes
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#52 - Homecoming

S.W.A.T. (2017) Season 1 - Episode 7

When Hondo’s imprisoned childhood friend asks him to protect his son from gang violence, the favor brings SWAT into contact with a new local crime outfit. Also, when Luca’s grandfather, a SWAT legend, passes away, he struggles with his grief and a painful family secret.

star 7.68
1682 votes
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Terms and Conditions

#53 - Terms and Conditions

The 100 Season 3 - Episode 8

Kane searches for a peaceful way to handle things but soon realizes he may be forced to resort to drastic measures. Pike suspects that there may be a leak within the walls of Arkadia. Raven has a plan and reaches out to Jasper for help.

star 7.67
5297 votes
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For the Triumph of Evil

#54 - For the Triumph of Evil

Sleepy Hollow Season 1 - Episode 3

Another soldier in the army of evil, the Sandman, seeps into the dreams of the residents of Sleepy Hollow. By infiltrating their minds at night, he tortures them to the brink - all because they, at one time, turned a blind eye to justice. When the Sandman seemingly sets his sights on Abbie, she is forced to begin to face her past - and her institutionalized sister Jenny. With Ichabod by her side, and her life at stake, the duo must try to defeat the Sandman and continue their fight against evil.

star 7.67
3804 votes
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Out With the Old

#55 - Out With the Old

Supernatural Season 7 - Episode 16

After a ballerina is found dead from dancing herself to death, Sam and Dean look into the case and discover the ballet slippers she wore were cursed. When Dean accidentally touches the shoes the power of the curse starts to take hold of him.

star 7.67
3634 votes
Cherry Picked

#56 - Cherry Picked

The Mentalist Season 5 - Episode 6

The team investigates the kidnapping of a couple that may be the victim of mistaken identity, while Jane continues his investigation into Lorelei's whereabouts.

star 7.66
3521 votes
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Back to Normal

#57 - Back to Normal

The Flash (2014) Season 2 - Episode 19

A meta-human with super strength named Griffin Grey mistakes Harry for Earth-1 Harrison Wells and kidnaps him, demanding that Wells cure him from his current condition. Realizing another brilliant Wells could help track Griffin’s location, Barry asks Jesse to help. Meanwhile, Wally corners Joe about The Flash.

star 7.66
6714 votes
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Our Little World

#58 - Our Little World

Supernatural Season 11 - Episode 6

Castiel seeks out Metatron’s help to stop the Darkness. However, Metatron is pretty happy with his new life as a freelance videographer for the local news and isn’t inclined to help the Winchesters or Castiel. Meanwhile, Crowley is losing his hold on Amara.

star 7.66
2356 votes

#59 - Ghosts

S.W.A.T. (2017) Season 1 - Episode 14

Hondo and the team go on the hunt for a serial killer who escaped justice two years prior by faking his death. Also, Hondo worries that Buck Spivey, the team’s former leader, is spiraling into depression in the aftermath of being fired from the department, on S.W.A.T.

star 7.66
1353 votes
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Pretty Red Balloon

#60 - Pretty Red Balloon

The Mentalist Season 4 - Episode 3

A former client, who still believes that Jane was a psychic, asks for help when her son is kidnapped.

star 7.65
4469 votes
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The Sound and the Fury

#61 - The Sound and the Fury

The Flash (2014) Season 1 - Episode 11

Dr. Wells’ former protégée, Hartley Rathaway, returns to seek revenge on his mentor after being affected by the particle accelerator explosion. Now able to manipulate sound waves, the brilliant Rathaway is a dangerous threat to both Wells and The Flash. Meanwhile, Iris is thrilled when she’s hired by the Central City Picture News as their newest cub reporter. Unfortunately, her editor pairs her with a veteran reporter, Mason Bridge, who wants nothing to do with her. Cisco recalls his first day on the job at S.T.A.R. Labs when he met Hartley and Caitlin. Joe asks Eddie for a favor but asks him to keep it a secret from Barry.

star 7.65
4468 votes
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Lost Things

#62 - Lost Things

Unforgettable Season 1 - Episode 8

Carrie and Al investigate the death of a public defender, only to discover that the killer has a larger plan which may lead to a second murder.

star 7.64
1510 votes
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Memorial Day

#63 - Memorial Day

Revolution Season 2 - Episode 21

United by their desire to take the Patriots down, Neville and Monroe form an uneasy alliance. As Rachel comes face-to-face with the nano-tech while searching for Aaron, things don't go according to plan for Miles, Charlie and Gene when they try to steal the Patriots' supply of mustard gas.

star 7.64
2380 votes
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#64 - Showdown

Without a Trace Season 4 - Episode 1

Martin and Danny are ambushed by Emil Dornvald, who ends up killing the prisoner they are transoprting. Martin is in serious condition, and a barely wounded Danny is at the end of his rope as he tries to find the man who put Martin in the hospital in critical condition. Jack has his hands full with keeping Danny in check and hunting down Emil Dornvald, the mercenary who had previously worked for General Gamba. Things get sticky when Victor Fitzgerald and Tom Banes of Homeland Security get involved, determined to make a deal with Nuru, whom Jack believes isn't the friendly that Homeland Security believes he is.

star 7.63
182 votes
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A Short Time in Paradise

#65 - A Short Time in Paradise

Alphas Season 1 - Episode 8

Hicks and Nina are entranced by a deadly cult leader named Jonas.

star 7.62
3267 votes
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Man's Best Friend with Benefits

#66 - Man's Best Friend with Benefits

Supernatural Season 8 - Episode 15

A police officer named James, who turned to witchcraft after working a case with Sam and Dean, is plagued by nightmares in which he murders innocent people. However, when the murders actually happen, Sam and Dean are called in by James’s "familiar" to help -- but the brothers aren’t sure they want to save a witch.

star 7.61
3269 votes
S#!& Happens

#67 - S#!& Happens

Revolution Season 2 - Episode 19

As Miles, Monroe, Charlie and Connor rush to escape Austin, a confrontation with Texas Rangers separates Miles from the group. While out searching for Miles, Charlie is confronted by Neville who demands information on Jason’s whereabouts. As a wounded Miles faces increasingly hopeless circumstances, Aaron learns that the nanotech has been busy.

star 7.60
2518 votes
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Clap Your Hands If You Believe...

#68 - Clap Your Hands If You Believe...

Supernatural Season 6 - Episode 9

While Sam and Dean are investigating a UFO sighting, Dean is abducted from a crop circle. However, when he awakens, he discovers he isn't dealing with aliens, but fairies! Unfortunately, only Dean can see the fairy that keeps attacking him which makes tracing and stopping them difficult. The brothers become even more perplexed when Sam's investigation leads them to a world full of elves, gnomes and a leprechaun.

star 7.59
4078 votes
The Song Remains the Same

#69 - The Song Remains the Same

Revolution Season 1 - Episode 13

Neville faces danger and hard choices as Monroe doubts his loyalty, he disowns his son Jason and gets captured by Miles. Rachel and Charlie begin slowly patching their relationship only to be pulled apart again as Rachel suddenly embarks on a quest to restore the power and her self-respect. She must make a dangerous journey to the mysterious Tower as it holds her only chance at redemption.

star 7.59
3685 votes
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Survival Instincts

#70 - Survival Instincts

Nikita Season 3 - Episode 9

Ray (Matt Bushell), a rogue agent, kidnaps his girlfriend Kate (Anna Hopkins), so Ryan dispatches the team to rescue her. Nikita is confused when Michael sends Owen into the field with her instead of going himself. Meanwhile, Sean makes a decision about Alex.

star 7.58
1508 votes
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Always Bet on Red

#71 - Always Bet on Red

The Mentalist Season 4 - Episode 11

Jane and the CBI team narrow down the long list of suspects after a high-end divorce attorney, with many enemies, is killed on his speed boat. Meanwhile, Jane is questioned by Agent Darcy about whether Red John was responsible for Panzer's murder.

star 7.57
4305 votes
Dr. Feelbad

#72 - Dr. Feelbad

Shark Season 1 - Episode 3

A heart surgeon is accused of murdering his missing wife. The fact that Stark doesn't have any proof, or even a body, doesn't stop him. He asks his team to find creative means to secure evidence from Dr. Mitchell Sterling's home and obtain testimony from his eight-year-old son, Ethan.

star 7.57
92 votes
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Code Red

#73 - Code Red

The Mentalist Season 2 - Episode 16

When Dr. Alicia Seberg, a government research scientist, is exposed to a deadly toxin while at work and has only hours to live, she calls Patrick Jane and the CBI to find her murderer.

star 7.56
4283 votes

#74 - Bizarro

Supergirl Season 1 - Episode 12

Kara faces off against her mirror image when Bizarro, a twisted version of Supergirl, sets out to destroy her. Also, Kara grows closer with Cat’s son, Adam.

star 7.56
3806 votes
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Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

#75 - Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Supernatural Season 5 - Episode 15

Sam and Dean investigate Bobby's home town where the dead are rising from the grave but instead of attacking humans, they are happily reuniting with their families. The brothers turn to Bobby for help but he tells them not to worry about it and to leave town. Suspicious, Dean investigates and comes face to face with Bobby's dead wife, who has no memory of what happened to her. Once the zombies start turning evil, the boys tell Bobby he has to kill his wife but he refuses.

star 7.54
4005 votes
Two and a Half Men

#76 - Two and a Half Men

Supernatural Season 6 - Episode 2

Sam investigates a case about missing babies whose parents are being murdered. At one of the crime scenes, he discovers a baby that was left behind and calls Dean for help. Reluctant to leave Lisa and Ben, Dean finally agrees to meet Sam and surprises his brother with how parental he has become. The brothers take the baby to Samuel, who decides to raise it as a hunter, which infuriates Dean. However, before they can decide the baby's future, a shape-shifter breaks in and attempts to kidnap the baby.

star 7.48
4118 votes
Pas de Deux

#77 - Pas de Deux

Reverie Season 1 - Episode 6

Mara tries to save a young dancer whose recent tragedy has sent her spiraling into deep despair. The case leads Mara to a surprising reunion with Chris, the love she left when her life fell apart.

star 7.47
540 votes
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The Red Ponies

#78 - The Red Ponies

The Mentalist Season 3 - Episode 5

Patrick Jane and the CBI team hit the horse track when a jockey is found murdered and suspects abound.

star 7.45
4552 votes

#79 - Soul

Cold Case Season 7 - Episode 4

The 1970 murder of a musician who was instrumental in creating the Philadelphia soul sound is reinvestigated. The victim tried to keep his involvement in the music scene from his strict minister father. Meanwhile, Lilly meets her teen stepbrother, Finn.

star 7.45
430 votes
Halt & Catch Fire

#80 - Halt & Catch Fire

Supernatural Season 10 - Episode 13

A ghost starts killing people through various electronic devices. Sam and Dean discover who was killed and why this ghost is seeking revenge on a group of college students but what they can’t figure out is how he’s doing it. With three dead, the brothers must stop the ghost before he claims his next victim.

star 7.44
2048 votes
Paint It Black

#81 - Paint It Black

Supernatural Season 10 - Episode 16

Sam and Dean investigate a string of suicides committed by people with little in common other than the identical, grisly method of death – slow, self-administered disembowlment. All of the victims were members of a Catholic church and had recently given confession, leading the brothers to suspect the priest is somehow involved. Meanwhile, when Crowley captures Olivette, the leader of the Grand Coven, Rowena pleads her case to be allowed to practice magic freely again.

star 7.38
2202 votes
Broken Hearts

#82 - Broken Hearts

Arrow Season 4 - Episode 16

A heartbroken Cupid returns to Star City with one goal — to destroy anyone in love. The team learns she’s killing couples on their wedding day so Oliver and Felicity decide to pose as bait.

star 7.38
4866 votes
Red Letter

#83 - Red Letter

The Mentalist Season 2 - Episode 22

Romantic sparks begin to fly when Patrick Jane and supposed psychic Kristina Frye cross paths again during the CBI investigation into the murder of a charismatic head of a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking.

star 7.37
4502 votes
Toy Soldiers

#84 - Toy Soldiers

E-Ring Season 1 - Episode 6

When JT challenges his superiors' reasons for unexpectedly placing a known terrorist on the capture/kill list, he learns that politics in the Pentagon can be deadly.

star 7.31
163 votes
Bullet (2)

#85 - Bullet (2)

Cold Case Season 7 - Episode 19

A serial killer is identified, and Lilly and the FBI attempt to protect his likely future targets while tracking him down.

star 7.28
562 votes
Life Rules

#86 - Life Rules

Without a Trace Season 2 - Episode 13

The team Search for a missing motivational speaker only to find that there is an abundance of suspects,The find out that they man is no who he appears to be.

star 7.28
118 votes
Love Triangle

#87 - Love Triangle

Shark Season 1 - Episode 8

A 16-year-old black girl is run down by a car and killed just after she left a party. The school the victim went to is mostly attended by rich, white kids, including Stark's daughter, Julie. Stark fears a racial war could break out over the crime but when the investigation is completed, it reveals a totally different story.

star 7.23
31 votes
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The Burning

#88 - The Burning

Threshold Season 1 - Episode 4

A patient at an psychiatric hospital in Ohio escapes and Molly believes he may have been infected by the alien signal after paintings of glass trees are found in his cell. After further investigation, it is suspected one of the missing Big Horn crew might be involved.

star 7.22
258 votes
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#89 - Freefall

Without a Trace Season 4 - Episode 9

Max Cassidy vanishes after leaving a message on his wife's voicemail, with both Jack and Ann frantic to find him. While investigating, Jack realises that Max was having an affair, and that he's gotten much deeper into a case than he should have following the murder of his partner, Jimmy, a man Max had felt was too green for undercover work. Both Jack and Ann fear the worst as the team tries to hunt down Max.

star 7.16
174 votes
The Stranger

#90 - The Stranger

Without a Trace Season 4 - Episode 15

When Leah Robinson goes missing after a confrontation with a young man at an art gallery, the team mvoes in to investigate and soon become suspicious of Leah, suspecting her of murdering young women that she believed to be involved with her husband, Ken. Ann isn't quite ready to take her romance with Jack public, and their relationship gets rocky when their different methods of handling the case tip off the suspect.

star 7.11
176 votes
Off the Tracks

#91 - Off the Tracks

Without a Trace Season 3 - Episode 21

Danny is skeptical when the pregnant girlfriend of his missing estranged brother, Rafael "Rafi" Alvarez, and mother of their 9-year-old son, tells him that Rafi has transformed himself into a responsible family man, who recently obtained a loan to open his own body shop. But Danny's investigation uncovers that Rafi has been seen with a convicted car thief, and the large sum of cash he'd been flaunting for his purchase of a body shop didn't come from the bank. Though Jack makes the point that Rafi may have legitimate explanations for the suspicious circumstances, Danny braces himself for the very real possibility that his brother may have put himself in harm's way.

star 7.09
123 votes
Don of the Dead

#92 - Don of the Dead

In Plain Sight Season 1 - Episode 8

A member of the Program under Mary's watch is in a car accident and Mary has to find out if it was an accident or related to his former life.

star 7.05
365 votes
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