The Best Episodes Directed by Jodi Binstock


#1 - Resurrection

Boy Meets World Season 6 - Episode 17

While everyone anxiously awaits news about newly born Joshua Matthews, Cory's continued self-absorption alienates Topanga, who now considers herself a member of the Matthews family. Even Eric's little friend Tommy views Joshua as his new "brother." It's only when Shawn returns and is accepted by the elder Matthews as "family" does Cory realize where his true values lie. (And, of course, the baby turns out to be fine, though the anxiety of the other parents of premature infants is not minimized.)

star 8.45
65 votes
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The Honeymoon Is Over

#2 - The Honeymoon Is Over

Boy Meets World Season 7 - Episode 9

The honeymoon is over for Cory and Topanga: the newlyweds realize they have no home to call their own, after Shawn moves into the girls' apartment and the Matthews refuse to take them in.

star 8.13
61 votes
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What a Drag!

#3 - What a Drag!

Boy Meets World Season 7 - Episode 11

Jack and Eric find life a drag when they pose as women-ugly women-to escape the clutches of a campus goon. Meanwhile, Topanga can't paint over her horror when Cory redecorates the apartment.

star 8.03
62 votes
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Welcome to Murphytown

#4 - Welcome to Murphytown

Z Nation Season 3 - Episode 7

The Man discovers Lucy's existence; 10K reunites with the gang and he tells them about Murphy's growing army.

star 7.72
1541 votes
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#5 - Pacifica

Z Nation Season 5 - Episode 4

Warren and George search for Lt. Dante, who may be part of an underground network helping Talkers flee human vigilantes.

star 7.54
559 votes
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