The BEST episodes directed by Joan Tewkesbury

Chinese Wall
55 votes

#1 - Chinese Wall

The Guardian - Season 1 - Episode 21

Burtton turns his law firm over to Sen. Nathan Calldwell, he gets ready to be a federal Judge.

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187 votes

#2 - Paternity

The Guardian - Season 1 - Episode 3

Nick is given the case of a wheelchair-bound boy who is about to be placed in a group home while his mother does time for prostitution. The boy, Lawrence, wants to live with his stepfather, but the man has a criminal record. The state wants him to live at St. Riley's, but Lawrence doesn't want to live among the mentally disabled. Nick thinks the only chance for him is to track down the father, a former customer of the mother's, and sue for child support. But, when the father wants to have more of a relationship with the boy, everyone is caught off guard. Meanwhile, Burton and Nick help out an old friend when his daughter, Rebecca, tries to take over his business.

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The Snake Lady
12 votes

#3 - The Snake Lady

Picket Fences - Season 1 - Episode 10

Jimmy, Max and Kenny investigate the mysterious death of a woman who may or may not have committed suicide. Suspects in her death are her snake-raising sister and her own husband, who gets involved with Max.

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62 votes

#4 - Spooked

Felicity - Season 1 - Episode 5

En route to a study date, Ben and Felicity are robbed at gunpoint in his loft. Ben has trouble sleeping, and begins hanging out with Felicity in the middle of the night. They are drawn closer by the experience, as he confides in her about his abusive father. They decide to dress as Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein for a Halloween party at the loft. Ben forgets about their costume plans, and completely ignores Felicity during the party. She tells him off and accuses him of pushing her away because he felt awkward after sharing such personal recollections with her. He says that he is tired of having to live up to her expectations. He later apologizes and gives her a necklace to replace the one stolen during the robbery. Julie and Zach bond during a Halloween showing of ""The Exorcist."" Julie feels awkward after Zach kisses her, but later decides to begin seeing him. Elena sleeps with Blair, a guy she met at the party. Felicity takes a job at Dean & DeLuca, a coffee shop.

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The Line
78 votes

#5 - The Line

The Guardian - Season 3 - Episode 3

Alvin is having to take James Mooney's caseload & trying to stop Lulu from leaving for new job. Nick meets Sharon Diamond who was arrested for solicitation. Nick asks for help in what to recommend for Sharon (A.K.A.: Tiffany Skovich) who was working at a restaurant. Nick tells Tiffany Skovich to talk to the police about Mason and go to a shelter. Alvin tries to get Mason to stop using girls for money. Alvin goes to far looking for Tiffany before police get to the scene, leaving Nick to wonder why he isn't at LSP. Alvin fights Roger over pictures he took outside the restaurant where Mason worked. Roger & other LSP board members feel Alvin went to far. Lulu is the new Director Legal Services of Pittsburgh.

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The Next Life
60 votes

#6 - The Next Life

The Guardian - Season 2 - Episode 4

After deciding to work together, Nick and Burton Fallin return to the old offices of Fallin & Associates to create a new firm, Fallin & Fallin. Finally working on equal ground, Nick and Burton's first big client turns out to be Allegheny County Hospital, which is under scrutiny as one of the nurses is arrested and confesses to killing patients in the oncology department during his shifts. The hospital faces several potential lawsuits from the family members of the patients who died. To assemble a strong team of attorneys, Nick and Burton bring in James Mooney to help with the case but soon discover that his grandmother died in that very hospital just a few months earlier. James immediately removes himself from the case but he eventually gives into his desire to fight for the underdogs and tries to find representation for the family members. Meanwhile, Nick is also thrown into a case as a favor to Laurie Solt, where he must defend a child's right to attend an adoption party. This is a concept that Alvin Masterson finds reprehensible, as he believes it treats the children as though they are cattle to be sold at market.

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Sensitive Jackals
24 votes

#7 - Sensitive Jackals

The Guardian - Season 2 - Episode 22

Nick hands the case file of Taliek to James, who goes before Judge Rebecca Damsen for custody, James and Nick help a young dad try and trying to get his son back but due to the dad's temper may lose his son. Meanwhile over at Fallin & Fallin Nick wants to have a criminal defense attorney to the team because Nick feels Burton needs to worry about the firm and less about Shannon. Nick worries that James may be to close to Taliek Allen because James believes that Taliek may have killed Levi (who was a nephew of James.) Lulu could soon leave LSP for a job in California. Nick thinks Lulu's job move is bad because he may lose her love.

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Roommate with a View
9 votes

#8 - Roommate with a View

Doogie Howser, M.D. - Season 4 - Episode 13

Doogie learns a lesson about trusting the unknown from a free-spirited model sharing his loft, as does a kidney-transplant candidate.

On Your Own
165 votes

#9 - On Your Own

Northern Exposure - Season 4 - Episode 6

The ever-quiet Bob returns to Cicely, with "The New Perception Players" and still hopes to win Marilyn's affection. Maurice receives a package from his son and it reminds him that he needs to adjust his will to cover his Korean offspring. Maggie tries to develop her relationship with Mike, by helping him with the revisions to Maurice's will. Ed is suffering from a creativity block and finds a ring with the initials F.F. engraved on the inside, and then he begins to have Fellini-like visions.

The Canary Sedan
35 votes

#10 - The Canary Sedan

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985) - Season 1 - Episode 15

A woman goes to Hong Kong to be with her husband.

Drawing the Line (2)
90 votes

#11 - Drawing the Line (2)

Felicity - Season 1 - Episode 8

Felicity tells Noel about the rape in the hopes that he will have some idea of how to help Julie. Felicity offers Julie her support and accompanies her to the hospital for an exam. The police ask Julie to file a report, but she declines for the time being. She claims to be fine and shuts down emotionally. Zach approaches her about another date, and has no idea that Julie is even upset with him. Felicity and Noel seek advice at the university health center. They learn that it is unlikely the case could be prosecuted by the police because it is a date-rape case involving alcohol. However, Julie can still file charges through the university. Noel reports Zach to his R.A., Darryl. Felicity is upset, but Noel points out that he has a responsibility for the safety of other students. After Darryl lays into him, Zach confronts Julie and insists that he did not rape her. Julie is angry with Felicity for interfering, and refuses her help. She believes that she is to blame for the rap

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