The Best Episodes Directed by Jinkichi Iwatsuki

Writing on the Wall

#1 - Writing on the Wall

Kuromukuro Season 1 - Episode 21

The Kuromukuro and Medusa Glongurs return to Earth assisted by the Demon but Muetta is arrested. Zeru the Demon explains that Yukihime died 450 years ago, and that Muetta is a copy based on her genetic information. He says the Efy Dolgh create clones of the lifeforms they conquer and implant false memories in them to be loyal Efy Dolgh vanguards - only by uniting can they defeat the Efy Dolgh invasion. He tells Yukina that her father Takehito was a close friend. While people are evacuating, the Efy Dolgh mothership starts launching multiple geoframes including the Spider and Rock Head piloted by Yoruba and Imusa, The Demon flies the Kuromukuro to confront them while the three single pilot GAUS units engage the headless geoframes on the ground. The battle is fierce, and the UN facility is breached. The Efy Dolgh mothership drops hundreds of cactus units which release electronic parasites that take control of the staff. Sophie gets others to help rescue Muetta while Sebastian in his GAUS unit sacrifices himself to destroy Mirasa's Spider geoframe, while the woman manages to survive instead. Kennosuke in the Kuromukuro picks up Tom Borden in the remaining GAUS unit and they depart the overrun UN Kurobe facility.

star 7.98
46 votes
A Clash of Wills

#2 - A Clash of Wills

Kuromukuro Season 1 - Episode 14

Before Muetta can kill Kennosuke, she is stopped by a tall masked figure. Kennosuke is alive but badly wounded. Muetta escapes the attack by the stranger and calls for her Medusa geoframe, which launches from the mothership. Muetta enters the geoframe and is immediately attacked by the two GAUS units, but manages to escape. Kennosuke recovers enough to pilot the Kuromukuro and confronts Muetta in her Medusa geoframe who he still believes is Princess Yukihime. Mirasa in the Spider geoframe arrives and joins the fight. The two GAUS units also arrive and engage Mirasa’s Spider geoframe. The GAUS units and Kuromukuro fight as a team and damage Mirasa’s Spider geoframe, prompting Muetta and Mirasa to retreat back to the Efy Dolgh mothership.

star 6.75
77 votes