The BEST episodes directed by Jim O'doherty

Kickin' It In The Office
21 votes

#1 - Kickin' It In The Office

Kickin' It - Season 4 - Episode 15

A documentary crew comes to film the dojo for a day, and Rudy takes advantage to make himself look good. Jack, angry that Rudy won't give him the sensei test, retaliates by convincing Rudy's grandmaster to fake being a fraud, demoting Rudy back to white belt. But Jack discovers that running the dojo is hard work. Meanwhile, after Jerry pranks him one time too many, Milton goes too far with pranks, not only on Jerry, but on the camera crew as well.

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A Slip Down Memory Lane
22 votes

#2 - A Slip Down Memory Lane

Kickin' It - Season 2 - Episode 15

Jack is about to break the record of most boards broken by a person under the age of 15, when he slips and loses his memory.

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How Bobby Got His Groove Back
43 votes

#3 - How Bobby Got His Groove Back

Kickin' It - Season 3 - Episode 20

Bobby Wasabi moves into the dojo. Milton dates a new girl.

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