The Best Episodes Directed by Jim Jinkins

Doug Gets His Wish

#1 - Doug Gets His Wish

Doug Season 5 - Episode 14

Doug complains that Miss. Kristal gives too much homework, and wishes she wouldn't. After Willy tells his dad that Miss. Kristal is a bad teacher, Principal White fires her. So Principal White becomes their new teacher and brings an end to homework. The class is happy that there is no more homework, but soon Willy is the teacher and when he goes overboard, the entire class realize how good Miss. Kristal was.

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Doug's Great Opportoonity

#2 - Doug's Great Opportoonity

Doug Season 5 - Episode 17

It's student counsil elections at the middle school and Beebe, roger and Chalky are all running. Doug meets eighth-grader Guy Graham who gives him a job on the school newspaper as the cartoonist. Guy tells Doug to create a cartoon on the school student coucil election and draw who he thinks should win. When Roger and Beebe get word, they bribe Doug to make him draw the cartoon about them. Meanwhile, Chad Mayonnaise becomes the middle school's new history teacher and Patti now attends school full day.

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2 votes
Doug Gets Booked

#3 - Doug Gets Booked

Doug Season 5 - Episode 19

Miss. Kristal assigns a book report with no rules, she tells the class to use thier imagination. At the same time, Beebe is being filmed for a documentary sponsored by her Dad. This means the book reports will be shown on TV, which makes everyone in the class want to have the biggest and best report in the entire class. Doug decides to show some drawings he drew, but he realizes that it's not exciting enough, so he goes on a search to find a book where he can make a more exciting report. But when he doesn't have an exciting report the night it's due, he either has to present his drawings or nothing at all.

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2 votes
Doug's Mural Mania

#4 - Doug's Mural Mania

Doug Season 5 - Episode 25

Doug enters a school contest to paint a mural on a new school wall. But when he has to share the mural design with Roger, he's not sure he can do it with him because he thinks Roger can't really draw. Also, Bluffington is in a heat wave and the Sleech twins think it is their fault, so they set out to change the hot weather.

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2 votes
Doug Grows Up

#5 - Doug Grows Up

Doug Season 5 - Episode 3

Doug and Skeeter wear their Bluffscout uniforms to school to prepare for the upcoming Shindiggarama. But Doug gets laughed at and concludes the Bluffscouts are "kids stuff," so he quits. Doug then tries to live a more grown up life by talking and dressing like a grown up. A mature party at Roger's house makes him realize he's not having fun as an adult because he cared too much about what people think. Doug then goes back to Bluffscouts and has a great time at the Shindiggarama.

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4 votes
Doug's Bloody Buddy

#6 - Doug's Bloody Buddy

Doug Season 5 - Episode 8

After Connie starts a rumour, the students of Beebe Bluff Middle School get into an uproar that Skeeter is really a vampire. Doug and Roger investigate the rumour and soon everyone becomes scared of Skeeter after they see him hanging out with bats. Soon all of his friends avoid him and on the night of his Halloween party, Doug feels guilty for not going to his party without even knowing what Skeeter thinks about the rumour.

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2 votes
Doug's Hairy Situation

#7 - Doug's Hairy Situation

Doug Season 5 - Episode 22

Doug finds hair in his comb and fears he's going bald, and figures Patti won't want to hang out with him anymore. The gang also is going to meet at the new water park when it opens and Doug doesn't want to go because of his hair. Meanwhile, Patti gets her first pimple. Beebe gets her first nose job and Roger may have gotten his first whisker. Doug lets all these things get in the way of his fun, and later realizes he shouldn't have. Also, Skeeter gets his first failing grade in shop class when his coat rack assignment isn't simple enough, so he is given a second chance to make another simple object.

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2 votes