The BEST episodes directed by Jeremiah Crowell

The Prince of Fraud
21 votes

#1 - The Prince of Fraud

Generation Hustle - Season 1 - Episode 8

An orphan born in Colombia and raised by his adoptive parents in Michigan, Anthony Gignac developed a taste for the finer things – and to get them he assumes the persona of a Saudi Royal prince. Whether flying high with real-estate moguls or convincing banks to extend him lines of credit, Gignac earns his reputation through a combination of wit and bravado… but how long can he sustain the delusion before the authorities catch on?

The 23 Lives of Jeremy Wilson
28 votes

#2 - The 23 Lives of Jeremy Wilson

Generation Hustle - Season 1 - Episode 3

Jeremy Wilson channels his good looks and effortless charisma to assume many identities: a decorated Special Forces Captain, a swanky Scottish music journalist, the love child of an infamous IRA bomber, and more. While this master of deception travels the country seducing, manipulating, and cheating friends and family, he manages to evade law enforcement for decades – until he’s finally outsmarted by a New York City cop.