The BEST episodes directed by Jennifer Derwingson

Into the Woods
231 votes

#1 - Into the Woods

Legacies - Season 4 - Episode 17

Landon finds his groove in limbo, he is faced with yet another surprise. Hope does some deep soul searching. As Ethan continues to struggle and Lizzie steps in to help. MG finally divulges a long-kept secret. Meanwhile, Alaric debates putting into action a precarious plan.

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Trust Me
498 votes

#2 - Trust Me

NCIS: New Orleans - Season 5 - Episode 21

Tammy is convinced that a con man committed the hit-and-run murder of a Navy doctor, even though the evidence shows otherwise. Also, unbeknownst to Hannah, her husband, Ryan Porter, approaches Pride with new intel on Apollyon, the underground spy network responsible for murdering his father.

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1494 votes

#3 - Duel

Z Nation - Season 3 - Episode 13

Addy is being pummeled with whatever The Man can throw at her, and Lucy does the same to The Man.

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Water Keepers
497 votes

#4 - Water Keepers

Z Nation - Season 5 - Episode 9

Doc must spirit walk again to help save the Chief of the Water Keepers and get the water flowing to Newmerica.

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