The Best Episodes Directed by Jennifer Celotta


#1 - Promos

The Office (US) Season 9 - Episode 18

Everyone in the office is excited when promos start running on TV for the documentary. Dwight makes Angela jealous when he starts dating a brussel sprout farmer. Meanwhile Jim has a big meeting with Major League baseball player, Ryan Howard.

star 7.86
2176 votes
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Crime Aid

#2 - Crime Aid

The Office (US) Season 5 - Episode 4

Michael and Holly have sex for the first time, and Michael holds a fund-raiser for the office after it is burglarized. Dwight confides in Phyllis after Andy and Angela set a wedding date, and Jim runs into Pam's ex-fiancé Roy.

star 7.74
2443 votes
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Glory of Love

#3 - Glory of Love

Cobra Kai Season 2 - Episode 8

Daniel works to make amends with Amanda, while Johnny is introduced to the world of dating apps. Complications arise when Miguel, Samantha, Robby and Tory cross paths.

star 7.73
1320 votes
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Cobra Kai Never Dies

#4 - Cobra Kai Never Dies

Cobra Kai Season 1 - Episode 4

When Daniel’s car dealership billboard is sprayed with lewd graffiti, it consumes Daniel and escalates tensions against a rival. Robby, Johnny’s delinquent son, is embarrassed about his father and his new dojo. The bullying escalates against Miguel and motivates Johnny in a surprising way.

star 7.73
2102 votes
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#5 - Esqueleto

Cobra Kai Season 1 - Episode 3

Johnny tries to recruit more students to join the dojo. Troubled by his daughter’s friends, Daniel chaperones her high school costume dance. Johnny takes Miguel’s training seriously and starts creating a badass.

star 7.71
2241 votes
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#6 - Lull

Cobra Kai Season 2 - Episode 7

To prepare his students, Daniel gives some new training methods a shot. Miguel puts a new lesson into practice. Johnny makes a tough but pivotal decision that affects Cobra Kai.

star 7.71
1314 votes
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Why Can't We Be Friends?

#7 - Why Can't We Be Friends?

People of Earth Season 2 - Episode 5

Ozzie confronts Walsh about being an alien. Richard gets fired from his job and joins Agent Foster on her search for Walsh.

star 7.68
740 votes
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An Unwelcome Distraction

#8 - An Unwelcome Distraction

Trial & Error Season 1 - Episode 4

When the new suspect turns up in a coma, Josh becomes sidetracked trying to solve this crime, eventually becoming a suspect himself. Meanwhile, prosecutor Carol Anne Keane presents the autopsy report, which reveals Larry's wife was struck by a blunt object, leading to a frantic search for the murder weapon.

star 7.63
591 votes
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The Promotion

#9 - The Promotion

The Office (US) Season 6 - Episode 3

David Wallace comes bearing the news that not all the staffers will receive a raise this year. Jim pushes Dwight to the limit and causes him to form office alliances. And Pam decides she wants only cash as a wedding gift.

star 7.56
2561 votes
Always a Day Away

#10 - Always a Day Away

People of Earth Season 2 - Episode 4

Gina uses her birthday party to distract Agent Foster so that Ozzie can sneak out to meet Walsh; The Cube pressures Jeff to clean up the ship; Don wants to tell Kelly a secret; Father Doug and Chelsea face difficulty.

star 7.50
757 votes
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