The Best Episodes Directed by Jeffrey Nachmanoff


#1 - Crossfire

Homeland Season 1 - Episode 9

After his attempt to sever ties with Abu Nazir, Brody finds himself reliving his captivity and recommits to his mission; Carrie finds herself in the middle of a public relations nightmare on the heels of the mosque shooting.

star 7.92
2897 votes
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#2 - Pilot

Hostages Season 1 - Episode 1

After Dr. Ellen Sanders, a prominent Washington D.C. surgeon, is handpicked to operate on the President of the United States, rogue FBI agent Duncan Carlisle and armed intruders suddenly take her and her family hostage. Scared and bewildered, Ellen soon learns the reason: unless she assassinates the President during surgery, her captors will kill them all.

star 7.84
676 votes
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#3 - Pilot

Chicago Fire Season 1 - Episode 1

When a fire claims one of their own, there's plenty of guilt and blame to go around. Lt. Matthew Casey, in charge of the Truck, tries to carry on, but butts heads with the brash Lt. Kelly Severide of the Rescue Squad - and each blames the other for their fallen team member. The firehouse also includes: Battalion Chief Wallace Boden, a fireman's fireman who is confronted by important personal decisions; paramedics Gabriela Dawson and Leslie Shay, who share a close bond and team together to face some of the most harrowing situations imaginable; Peter Mills, an academy graduate who is the latest generation in a family of firefighters; and Christopher Herrmann, a seasoned veteran who loses his home to foreclosure and now must uproot his family to move in with his in-laws.

star 7.83
1411 votes
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How You Gonna Outrun the End of the World?

#4 - How You Gonna Outrun the End of the World?

The Passage Season 1 - Episode 5

With the sudden arrival of a high ranking official to Project NOAH, Brad and Amy begin to strategize a possible escape plan with the help of an unlikely accomplice. Sykes and Richards begin to question each other's motives. A shaky past between Lear, Elizabeth and Fanning is revealed.

star 7.71
972 votes
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Semper I

#5 - Semper I

Homeland Season 1 - Episode 4

The political powers that be make big plans for national hero Brody, but his increasingly erratic behavior threatens his media darling status; Carrie grows desperate for evidence linking Brody with Abu Nazir, as Saul directs her to focus on Nazir's money trail.

star 7.69
3179 votes
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Tipping Point

#6 - Tipping Point

Allegiance Season 1 - Episode 5

Alex is confronted with the reality of his family's past just as his integrity is questioned at work. The FBI suspects a mole in the organization and brings in Special Agent Faber to investigate. Faced with testifying under oath and submitting to a polygraph test, Alex must for the first time fight against his own moral standards. Meanwhile, Victor (Morgan Spector) finds a new way to keep tabs on the O'Connors, and Natalie makes a critical mistake while tracking down a lead.

star 7.66
215 votes
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#7 - Pilot

Detroit 1-8-7 Season 1 - Episode 1

Washington and Fitch investigate a double homicide at a pharmacy; Longford and Mahajan try to track down the killer of an attorney who had many enemies; the investigations culminate in a high-speed pursuit.

star 7.46
60 votes
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