The BEST episodes directed by Jeff King

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#1 - Stopwatch

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High - Season 2 - Episode 13

BHH curfew is five minutes away and Josie is nowhere to be found. Corrine worries because Josie will break curfew by being late and Lucas is aggravated because Josie forgot that they have a science project to finish. And where exactly is Josie? Her first date with Vaughn! But at the very moment they almost kiss, she hears the BHH curfew bell. And she quickly enters BHH where she runs into Durst as she tries to beat curfew and then discovers that her watch can stop time. Actually, from Josie's point of view, time appears to stop for everyone except her. What happens next? Will Josie be suspended in time forever or rescued just in time?

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Master Plan
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#2 - Master Plan

White Collar - Season 5 - Episode 5

Neal goes undercover as a butler to help expose an imposter hoping to cash in on a wealthy family's fortune.

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Power Play
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#3 - Power Play

White Collar - Season 2 - Episode 15

Peter and Neal must assume each others' identities to uncover a collusion scheme that is causing blackouts in New York.

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