The Best Episodes Directed by Janicza Bravo


#1 - Houston

Mrs. America Season 1 - Episode 8

Alice, Rosemary and Pamela cross into enemy territory at the National Women's Conference in Houston, where they come face-to-face with Feminist leaders.

star 8.31
225 votes
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Chapter IX

#2 - Chapter IX

Dear White People Season 2 - Episode 9

A family emergency draws Sam home, where she wrestles with feelings of guilt and stumbles across a piece of Winchester history.

star 8.12
152 votes
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#3 - Juneteenth

Atlanta Season 1 - Episode 9

Why my Auntie trying to make me go to one of these bougie Junteenth parties again? I don't like them sadity people and I'm gonna miss my shows. Le sigh.

star 8.02
2284 votes
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Colin - Week 4

#4 - Colin - Week 4

In Treatment Season 4 - Episode 14

In their fourth and final court-ordered session together, Brooke mines the extent of Colin's evasiveness – and struggles to form a comprehensive picture of her patient.

star 7.93
27 votes
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Bertie's Birthday

#5 - Bertie's Birthday

Love Season 3 - Episode 5

After a disappointing start to her first birthday in America, Bertie winds up on an action-packed LA adventure with a kindred spirit.

star 7.82
247 votes
Laila - Week 4

#6 - Laila - Week 4

In Treatment Season 4 - Episode 15

Concerned over her patient's disclosure at the end of their last session, Brooke presses Laila to open up about her complicated understanding of love, sex, and the future.

star 7.65
23 votes
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Them Season 1 - Episode 5

Helen goes to work. The Emorys leave North Carolina.

star 7.65
230 votes
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Eladio - Week 4

#8 - Eladio - Week 4

In Treatment Season 4 - Episode 13

Brooke tempers mixed reactions from Eladio after sharing an unexpected analysis. While her patient processes the news, Brooke and Adam discuss their future.

star 7.62
29 votes
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#9 - Yes

Here and Now (2018) Season 1 - Episode 8

Rebuffed by Ramon, Farid finds his growing obsessions disrupting his career and his marriage. After Audrey turns the tables on her husband, Greg makes a vivid point about life's meaning during a lecture. Ramon and Duc turn to Carmen for clarity during difficult times. Ashley is unsettled by a boutique interloper. Kristen and Navid plot their revenge on Madison and her pals.

star 7.60
164 votes
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Brooke - Week 4

#10 - Brooke - Week 4

In Treatment Season 4 - Episode 16

Despite throwing a serious wrench in their plans, Brooke gains unexpected clarity on her relationship with Rita.

star 7.36
25 votes
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The Lake House

#11 - The Lake House

Forever Season 1 - Episode 3

June and Oscar visit the lake house.

star 7.00
125 votes
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#12 - Kase

Forever Season 1 - Episode 4

Oscar and June meet their new neighbor.

star 6.93
115 votes
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