The BEST episodes directed by James Eckhouse

Truth and Consequences
99 votes

#1 - Truth and Consequences

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 4 - Episode 29

Brenda wins the lead, much to the amazement of those who saw her audition. Steve starts a rumor that Brenda slept with Roy. Dylan is the only person who completely believes Brenda's denial. Laura causes Brenda to miss a rehearsal in an attempt to get her fired. When this fails, she asks Steve to injure Brenda. Roy kicks Laura out of the play. Steve and Brenda race to stop Laura from killing herself in the auditorium. Suzanne and Kevin get engaged, and Dylan learns more about Kevin's research. Kevin quits his job and decides to pitch the project to independent investors. Clare tries to tag along on Brandon's trip to Berkeley. Brandon tells the chancellor the truth about his daughter's behavior. Music: 'Free Ride' by The Edgar Winter Group, 'Lightning Strikes' by Lou Christie.

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Chaos Theory
6 votes

#2 - Chaos Theory

Once And Again - Season 3 - Episode 7

Lily and Karen both have unrealistic expectations for Thanksgiving celebrations. So naturally, nothing goes as planned. The lighting board at the theater goes out, so rehearsal is postponed. Lily does all the cooking herself after the kids are all busy. The pipes underneath the sink rust out, so that messes things up further. Judy doesn't want to be at dinner if Sam is coming (via Rick's invitation). Disagreement over building plans leads to Rick and Sam working on Thanksgiving, which upsets Lily even more. Karen is depressed about not having anyone to celebrate Thanksgiving with. She cancels her dinner plans with friends and stays at home in her nightgown all day. In a moment of reflection, she wonders if she's ever been happy, or just making sure everyone else is happy. The theater janitor kicks them out, so the play rehearsal is moved to Lily's house. She even fills in for one of the students. Jesse ends up walking home from the theater. Not realizing his mom was still ho

5 votes

#3 - Suspicion

Once And Again - Season 2 - Episode 12

Jesse doesn't want to go to a dance by herself, which frustrates Karen because they bought a dress for it. Christie and Graham continue to clash at work. Karen's worried that her relationship with Leo isn't building towards something. Lily is uncomfortable with Graham's flirting and when she goes to establish that their relationship is purely a working one, he confesses his feelings for her. Rick interrupts him before anything else can happen. When she tells Christie, Christie basically tells her it's no big deal. Later, Graham kisses Lily unexpectedly. When Leo shows up late for a museum trip with Jesse, Karen is really upset with Leo because she knows that Leo means a lot to Jesse. She finally decides to break up with him. Lily angrily confronts Graham about it, with Christie present.

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Scribbling Rivalry
3 votes

#4 - Scribbling Rivalry

Once And Again - Season 2 - Episode 9

Layoffs at her workplace make Lily even uneasier there. But the new management consultant reverses those firings, putting Christie on edge and making Lily look foolish for speaking up at a staff meeting. Christie fires Lily for meeting with Graham behind her back. Judy accuses Lily of taking her BookLovers idea and using it for the magazine at work. Zoe feels abandoned because Grace doesn't want to baby-sit and stay home all of the time. In the end, the investors liked Graham's presentation, and Grace and Zoe (and Lily and Judy) make peace with each other.

Strangers in the Night
91 votes

#5 - Strangers in the Night

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 4 - Episode 6

Dylan's Porsche is experiencing severe wear and tear, so he must buy a new car. He plans to just get a working vehicle, but instead splurges on a new Porsche. Kelly realizes that she and Dylan have vastly different interests, and recommends that they see other people. As Dylan drives home after the break-up, he is carjacked. Andrea loses her virginity to Dan. She feels uncomfortable in English class and decides to transfer to another section. Jim sets up Brenda on a blind date with Stuart Carson, the son of a client. He is handsome and dashing, and the two stay out until 2 AM. Exhausted from his overnight radio show, David skips classes and lies around the apartment all day. Kelly and Donna complain that he has become a pig, and he makes an on-air apology. Howard offers David caffeine pills, and suggests that he could get him "something stronger." Music: 'Crossfire' by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble; 'Man on the Moon' by R.E.M.; 'Fire and Rain' / 'Something in the Way She Moves' by James Taylor.

Little Monsters
119 votes

#6 - Little Monsters

Beverly Hills, 90210 - Season 5 - Episode 19

Kelly alienates her friends as she becomes more deeply involved with Finley's cause. Brandon writes an editorial supporting Finley in the hopes of getting back into Kelly's good graces. The university elects to oust Finley, who vows to continue his teachings elsewhere. He urges Kelly to break it off with Brandon, as he feels that Brandon distracts her from the "evolution." A record company pursues Ray, and Ariel is the A&R representative who must seal the deal. Donna and David warn Ray to stay away from Ariel, but he insists that their relationship will remain strictly business. Ray rejects the contract because it would require him to surrender his publishing rights. After a visit to Hawaii to ensure that the two get along, Dylan decides to leave Erica with Iris. Valerie demands compensation for her role in retrieving Erica and the money, and finds Dylan's $10,000 offer unsatisfactory. Jonesy agrees to a much larger payoff if she promises to work with him again. Andrea worries about Hannah's health as Jesse prepares to leave town for an interview. He suggests that she call Peter for reassurance. Andrea winds up going on a date with Peter, where they share a public kiss. Music: 'Why' / 'I Know the Game' by Jamie Walters, 'Every Day of the Week by Jade, 'My Guy' by Mary Wells, 'One' by Three Dog Night.