The Best Episodes Directed by Jaime Reynoso

That'll Be the Day

#1 - That'll Be the Day

Shooter Season 2 - Episode 8

Season Finale. Bob Lee tries to draw out Solotov, but realizes he holds the upper hand; flashbacks reveal the origin of Solotov; Isaac is courted by his creator.

star 7.82
2079 votes
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#2 - Backroads

Shooter Season 3 - Episode 1

Julie and Isaac team up to save Bob Lee after he is kidnapped by Solotov; Nadine confronts Hayes about Atlas; new information about Bob Lee's father, Earl Swagger, sets off a new mission.

star 7.73
1207 votes
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Don't Mess with Texas

#3 - Don't Mess with Texas

Shooter Season 2 - Episode 3

Bob Lee finds Isaac Johnson in Texas after an attempt on his life. Nadine discovers just how much influence Patricia Gregson wields. A traumatized Julie fights to stay strong for her family.

star 7.63
2526 votes
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