The BEST episodes directed by Ippei Yokota

Salt Fish
69 votes

#1 - Salt Fish

Galilei Donna - Season 1 - Episode 7

The sisters figure out that the hourglass pendant is the Galileo Tesoro that Adnimoon is after. They also figure out that Anna has connections to Adnimoon as she is revealed to be secretly working for Roberto. However she disagrees with Roberto over the way the Galileo Tesoro should be used. The next clue sends the sisters to the Caspian Sea with Adnimoon hot on their trail. Unable to engage in underwater combat, the Galileo is forced to surface. The sisters are immobilized when the Galileo is badly damaged by Roberto. Outside the Galileo, the sisters confront Roberto daring him to take the pendant, and after Hazuki is beaten up, Kazuki surrenders the Galileo Tesoro to Roberto. Despite having lost the Gailieo Tesoro, the sisters continue their search for the sketches, finding the next sketch hidden inside a nearby stone monument. The next clue leads them to Japan.

Nine Schools Competition Part VI
133 votes

#2 - Nine Schools Competition Part VI

The Irregular at Magic High School - Season 1 - Episode 13

Thanks to Tatsuya's engineering skills, First High School players finish on the podium. Third High School students know that the success of First High is due to Tatsuya's skills. What will they do to beat First High School?

Yokohama Disturbance Part VIII
137 votes

#3 - Yokohama Disturbance Part VIII

The Irregular at Magic High School - Season 1 - Episode 26

Miyuki reveals the price her brother has to pay in order to use his extraordinary power. Tatsuya, meanwhile, makes use of a destructive weapon. All battles come to a head.

Yokohama Disturbance Part II
117 votes

#4 - Yokohama Disturbance Part II

The Irregular at Magic High School - Season 1 - Episode 20

Tatsuya's computer is hacked. He starts investigating the identity of the attackers and suspects that it has to do with the upcoming Thesis Competition. First High students sense that they are being watched. Will they be able to find out what is going on?

In a Fog
17 votes

#5 - In a Fog

Chaos Dragon - Season 1 - Episode 5

Trusting in Red Dragon's message, Ibuki heads to Ogani Volcano where there is rumor of the dead rising. There, Ibuki meets General Gakusho, but...

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